Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 9 – Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~

Moment 9/9

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Like releasing albums and performing, holding concerts for the first time as a duo would be as much a test as it was a matter of pride. By January 2012, the nagging though anticipatory question was, what would a concert be like with just the two of them? I think Yunho and Changmin were more than ready to prove that a concert was a feat they not only desired but could pull off spectacularly. TONE would become the tour that did exactly that, bringing Yunho and Changmin’s restoration of TVXQ to completion.


TONE Tour was every bit about restoring TVXQ, the musical act as it was restoring Yunho and Changmin as persons. If Yunho crying was any indication, I think we could tell just how emotional the tour was. Going through those emotions was what Yunho and Changmin very badly needed. It was a healing process that brought back the confidence I had missed so much in them. I cannot be more grateful to the fans who attended the concerts which helped Yunho and Changmin believe in themselves again. Of course, I must not leave out how precious it was to see Yunho and Changmin’s trust in each other skyrocket — even higher than Smtown 2010 and Keep Your Head Down 2011 T_T.

We Are T!

*I’m embarrassed that I didn’t finish this series last year. Regardless, these ‘moments’ are what I see as defining points in DBSK’s timeline, worth revisiting during the anniversary.


The tears Yunho carried until TONE Tokyo Dome

For 8 years Yunho never let us see his tears but on Day 2 of Tone Tour at Tokyo Dome, he didn’t hold back.

4/15/2012 || *photo credit: @tvxqaki

It must have taken so much strength for Yunho to openly cry. Being at Tokyo Dome, surrounded by fans–living his dream while looking out to his familiar red ocean, I hope most of all that Yunho felt loved.  He said before that he promised his late grandfather he would not cry until he reached the top. But I think we all can imagine what life has been like for Yunho and why he finally cried.

I am relieved. I think it’s a sign that Yunho has accepted his own hard earned success. I also like to think he accepted that fans really do support him and DBSK. That, no, Yunho has not failed us or himself. That DBSK has succeeded once more, that he has kept DBSK alive and protected DBSK in all ways admirable. He will always try to improve but I really want Yunho to believe in himself as he is. I do not want him to doubt anymore. I want him to know that he is the Yunho so many fans support and respect; the one that has made it to the top repeatedly.

I can’t ignore that the tears Yunho shed very much have to do with the past 3 years, meaning the lawsuit and the consequent life changes that followed. Going from being DBSK to two years of uncertainty, and then getting back up again as DBSK has clearly scarred Yunho. It’s in the way Yunho thanks fans for waiting for DBSK–actually it’s that Yunho even thinks he has to thank fans for this at all. I confess the bitter part of me wants to scream that it shouldn’t be like this; fans should not have let Yunho down in the first place. Yunho shouldn’t be crying at Tokyo Dome because he had in part been waiting for this scale of reaffirmation. Yes, I’m referring to the chaos that surrounded Keep Your Head Down comeback. If only we could have upheld the fandom so that it would not have hurt Yunho or made him weary of our support. Are we even worthy of his tears?

Bitter fandom feelings aside, I hope this means that Yunho is learning to trust fandom again. I see his tears as tears of accomplishment, acceptance, hurt and determination. Yunho…to me, even before 4/15/2012 you were already the best.

Lastly, thank you Bigeast for the beautiful ‘white ocean’ during STILL. It touched Yunho and all of us.

Watch 120417 Zip TV – Yunho’s part starts @ 0:56

[I did not forget Changminnie T_T. Thank you to my Minnie who despite trolling (mimicking Yunho cry) looked at his hyung with so much admiration and love.]