Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 7 – SMTown Live 2010

Moment 7/9

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“After chaos, we stuck it out through the hard times. We’re still standing here. 

The way Yunho and Changmin floated from above with the epic intro music and message was absolutely chilling. Every element of this intro was carefully crafted to fit the circumstances. Even as of the 9th Anniversary, when I watch the intro, it still gives me goosebumps.

I don’t think I had ever felt so much hope before in my entire fandom life. As I sobbed along to the fancams, I also felt this incredible wave of adrenaline. It was like flying because Yunho and Changmin were suddenly there on stage again after the darkest uncertainty, resilient as ever.

Yunho and Changmin showed that they could get up again after falling. That they were ready to conquer what was rightfully theirs. It was Yunho and Changmin’s declaration of will.

Passion. Glory. Pride. DBSK.