Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 8 – Keep Your Head Down

Moment 8/9

The comeback wasn’t real to me until this photo. I had suspended my excitement because by that point I was a very wary fan. In my heart of hearts though, I always knew believed Yunho and Changmin would keep DBSK alive. I was just afraid another unpredictable lawsuit equivalent would delay the comeback. But there they finally were, my 2 survivors in the rebirth of DBSK.

Having kept their dignified silence, it was stage demeanor that revealed how they approached the comeback. Yes, Keep Your Head Down was all sorts of fierce with Yunho and Changmin performing a DBSK x SMP title track exactly the way it should be done–not to mention the well suited combative sound of the song itself! But what really gave me chills was how visibly focused and determined they both were. After almost losing everything, it was for lack of better word, do or die. Keep Your Head Down was Yunho and Changmin choosing “do”. It was their moment of reclamation and they weren’t taking it lightly. This is why Keep Your Head Down has a meaning no other DBSK comeback or song can ever hold. It’s also why Keep Your Head Down is my DBSK anthem!


Keep Your Head Down #3, In Heaven #4 and “O”-正.反.合. at #98: Gaon Chart 2011

Courtesy of DBSKALWAYS [Info] Gaon 2011 Year End Chart – Physical Album

**screencaps taken from Gaon

Gaon Chart of Physical Album Sales

In Heaven and Keep Your Head Down are side by side. Despite all that has happened, I’m happy that fans (regardless of which group we’re fans of), did not lose momentum after the lawsuit.

At the 98th position, O-Jung.Ban.Hap. proudly sold 15,827 copies. I think it’s amazing that it charted so well despite being an album from 2006. It shows the mark DBSK has made and the resonating interest for DBSK’s legacy.


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DBSK Forever Relevant: 3 spots on Hanteo today!

Hanteo real time chart 4/25/2011 **credits to hanteo.com

#3 KYHD 

#4 Mirotic (3 years ago)

#5 Tri-Angle (7 years ago)

I’m elated right now!! Tri-Angle debuted in 2004 and Mirotic in 2008, yet today they have once again risen to the top with Keep Your Head Down. I’m so overwhelmed with happiness to see this spark of interest in Tri-Angle and Mirotic. I’m sure that if the boys hear of this, they too will feel a sense of pride. This is the power of DBSK. Still rising!