Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 6 – 2009 or The beginning of the end

Moment 6/9

2009 was the beginning of the end; I can accept it as that now.

I just couldn’t (didn’t want to) let myself reevaluate my entire DBSK world. It had been six beautiful years and then I was blindsided within 10 seconds of reading the lawsuit headlines. I wasn’t even asking ‘why’ at that point, I was stuck at ‘how’.

How could a year that started off so high suddenly hit standstill? How did the boys go through with 2 concert tours? How could the boys not agree on this life altering decision?

How could we all have been so happy? Even upon the 9th Anniversary, this question has never stopped haunting (taunting) me.


Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 5 – 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~

Moment 5/9

Recognizing Tohoshinki’s progress is a must when reminiscing the past 9 years. Their dream had always been a Dome concert. But to me, T Tour fulfilled my own goal for them. I wanted to see the boys able to express themselves to their hearts’ content. I can’t explain how painful it was to watch the boys struggle with the Japanese language barrier. It was so hard to watch them awkwardly laugh or be visibly unsatisfied with their replies. T Tour was at last that moment when I felt Tohoshinki’s sky had opened up.

Yoochun and Changmin’s “sexy counting” helps demonstrate what I’m talking about. Yoomin being able to do this gag indicated just how comfortable the boys were with the language and the Bigeast audience. Sure, it was a cheeky moment but a proud one because Tohoshinki could finally communicate fluidly.

080415 3rd Live Tour T @ Nagoya

*video: run99 + rminniew

Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 4 – Bonjour Paris

Moment 4/9

We’re up to the year 2007.

DBSK had never been separated; literally, physically together since debut. The only remotely “solo” activity was when Junsu performed Timeless. Even then, the members were with him at the broadcast stations. So when Junsu left for Brazil (Anycall CF), it was everyone’s first taste of actual separation. The moment when Junsu arrived to rejoin the members truly showed just how relieved and happy the 5 were; in a sense, returning to normalcy.

Upon the 9th Anniversary, I am realizing just how unhealthy it was for the boys and fandom to have so little experience with separation. It took until now for me to see such a shortcoming and how crippling it turned out to be. But I have too many fond memories and accept this double-edged sword.


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Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 3 – Member Diaries & Superglue anti-fan

Moment 3/9


During O-Jung.Ban.Hap. promotions, the boys posted diary entries on the official site. I decided to share the entries from the week that Yunho was poisoned by the anti-fan. It’s a reminder of what DBSK endured so that DBSK could be here for the 9th Anniversary.

Yoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong and Changmin wrote their diaries before the superglue attack. Their entries were full of comeback stage excitement and happiness because of fans…so innocent T_T. It had been Yunho’s turn to post next but because of the anti-fan, he ended up posting his entry after he was in the hospital.

I warn everyone, Yunho’s words are hard to bear TT_TT. It still breaks my heart to read his plea for people to not hate DBSK; never blaming (the anti-fan) but gently defending who he and DBSK, genuinely were. Continue reading “Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 3 – Member Diaries & Superglue anti-fan”

Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 2 – MKMF 2005

Moment 2/9

The 2005 MKMF Daesang (Artist of the Year) was DBSK’s first award of such grander. It also glorified Rising Sun as the epic song that it continues to be.

I think winning such an overwhelming title ‘Artist of the Year’ felt incredibly satisfying for the boys. It gave the boys the acknowledgement that they were indeed on the right path. I also believe the taste of triumph at MKMF 2005 was a turning point for DBSK. It led them to realize and embrace their DBSK identity and motivated them more than ever to continue pursuing the dream.

Of course I sobbed along with Yoochun. And I couldn’t just tear prettily like Junsu or swell with tears like Jaejoong and Changmin. I definitely couldn’t hold it all in like dear Yunho. I was too happy and beyond proud. For me, and I’m sure for DBSK as well, it’s a kind of happiness and pride that is Unforgettable.



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f0005138_15358 (1) Continue reading “Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 2 – MKMF 2005”