Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 4 – Bonjour Paris

Moment 4/9

We’re up to the year 2007.

DBSK had never been separated; literally, physically together since debut. The only remotely “solo” activity was when Junsu performed Timeless. Even then, the members were with him at the broadcast stations. So when Junsu left for Brazil (Anycall CF), it was everyone’s first taste of actual separation. The moment when Junsu arrived to rejoin the members truly showed just how relieved and happy the 5 were; in a sense, returning to normalcy.

Upon the 9th Anniversary, I am realizing just how unhealthy it was for the boys and fandom to have so little experience with separation. It took until now for me to see such a shortcoming and how crippling it turned out to be. But I have too many fond memories and accept this double-edged sword.


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Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 3 – Member Diaries & Superglue anti-fan

Moment 3/9


During O-Jung.Ban.Hap. promotions, the boys posted diary entries on the official site. I decided to share the entries from the week that Yunho was poisoned by the anti-fan. It’s a reminder of what DBSK endured so that DBSK could be here for the 9th Anniversary.

Yoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong and Changmin wrote their diaries before the superglue attack. Their entries were full of comeback stage excitement and happiness because of fans…so innocent T_T. It had been Yunho’s turn to post next but because of the anti-fan, he ended up posting his entry after he was in the hospital.

I warn everyone, Yunho’s words are hard to bear TT_TT. It still breaks my heart to read his plea for people to not hate DBSK; never blaming (the anti-fan) but gently defending who he and DBSK, genuinely were. Continue reading “Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 3 – Member Diaries & Superglue anti-fan”

Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 2 – MKMF 2005

Moment 2/9

The 2005 MKMF Daesang (Artist of the Year) was DBSK’s first award of such grander. It also glorified Rising Sun as the epic song that it continues to be.

I think winning such an overwhelming title ‘Artist of the Year’ felt incredibly satisfying for the boys. It gave the boys the acknowledgement that they were indeed on the right path. I also believe the taste of triumph at MKMF 2005 was a turning point for DBSK. It led them to realize and embrace their DBSK identity and motivated them more than ever to continue pursuing the dream.

Of course I sobbed along with Yoochun. And I couldn’t just tear prettily like Junsu or swell with tears like Jaejoong and Changmin. I definitely couldn’t hold it all in like dear Yunho. I was too happy and beyond proud. For me, and I’m sure for DBSK as well, it’s a kind of happiness and pride that is Unforgettable.



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f0005138_15358 (1) Continue reading “Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 2 – MKMF 2005”

Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 1 – HUG

I’m commemorating Dong Bang Shin Gi’s 9th Anniversary with a special series named: “9 for IX with TVXQ”. In essence, it’s 9 moments for each of the IX years with TVXQ. I’ll be posting in the nine days leading up to the anniversary date: 12/26. Countdown and celebrate with me! *O*

Moment 1/9

In March 2004, I watched the HUG music video and it changed my life. It sounds quite dramatic but I’m sure all DBSK fans can pinpoint that moment when they became a fan. I remember smiling like an idiot and squealing because I had never found boys so cute before ^^;;;. The song itself was also bubbly and oh-so-charming to me!

Do I describe it as addiction at first sight? Fan at first music video? It was definitely love at first-prettiest-boy-I’d-ever-seen (Jaejoong); love at first-adorable-trying-hard-to-not-smile-and-be-serious-pout (Junsu); love at first-football-captain-with-large-butterfly-eyes (Yunho); love at first-no-hair-on-face-but-has-suave-shaving-skills (Yoochun); and love at first-round-eyes-round-chin-cuteness-radiating-milky-boy (Changmin).

It’s a time that I treasure most and it’s undeniable that without HUG, I wouldn’t be here and neither would any of the boys!


[Fanaccount] 121206 Gangnam Hottracks TVXQ Fansign +with pics

(by @Reeny721)

So I won fansign again today :) I was a bit disappointed we couldn’t sit and watch them though. We had to leave after we got the signature -_- I met a middle school girl while waiting. She was right after me haha and really cute. I noticed she’s wearing a blue dumbo ring too. She ended up giving that ring to Yunho who wore it the rest of the fansign. Isn’t that cute? <3

Anyway when it was my turn I was like dying. But today I was determined to actually say stuff compared to last time OTL

First was Yunho~ His eyes got big and cute haha.

~conversation in Korean~

YH: Oh!! You came again today?
Me: Yes~
YH: Wow you’re so good at Korean I was really surprised. *says this like a kid as usual*
Me: >_< … I don’t usually watch Korean dramas but I’ll watch oppa’s drama. Hwaiting!
YH: Ah thank you.
*finishes signing*
YH: But really you’re really, really good at Korean.
Me: Thank you~

/heart attack/

Next is Changmin:

CM: (in English) Long time no see.
Me: *laughs bc I’m so happy he said that*
~switch convo to Korean~
CM: So you’re studying Korean? (he must have heard my convo w/ YH)
Me: Yes for two years.
CM: Wow~~ Is this “w”? (checking to spell my name right D:)
Me: No it’s “u”.
Me: Your movie “Fly with the Gold (I said that in English orz) I want to see it. You’re so cool in it!!
CM: *chuckles* *finishes signing* Thank you~ *smiles*


And then I’m just stupidly smiling and holding eye contact as I inch away backwards bc it’s too much for me to take LOL

Changmin your smile is as bright as a thousand suns OTL OTL

Those two are so nice. And they remembered me ;~; Last time Changmin spoke English I nearly died because he said “we met yesterday” and today again I died from “long time no see.” Gosh… he is so smooth D: Please… become fluent in English so I can hear it all the time LOL Yunho is so nice like a father but also like a little kid too. Cute and sexy >< Man he was so so so adorable like a child today. His eyes get all big when he talks and gets all excited. *crying* I can’t handle them. They are too sweet and perfect ;~;


R_4 R_3

[DON’T STEAL. This is Reeny’s precious fanaccount and her pictures. Credit properly!]


I’m so happy again that Reeny shared a fanaccount of her latest personal encounter with TVXQ! I pretty much went to heaven while reading this, especially at Changmin’s english!! I still haven’t recovered yet TTTOTTT. And please just once in my life, I want to see Yunho’s big eyes up close. I WANT TO CRY.

同行 {withyoonho}: my fansite crush


This is my long overdue thanks of appreciation to withyoonho — the lovely Yunho fan community.

I admire withyoonho for their dedication (since 2004!) not only to Yunho but also to fans. We’re all pretty familiar with the withyoonho tag/watermark. Imagine what it takes to continuously provide fansupport projects, take photos, record fancams, maintain the website and provide fans with these firsthand updates. These are standard ‘duties’ for any serious fanbase but I love how withyoonho conducts their duties in a graceful style; providing a peaceful, gentle love for Yunho. To me, this says so much about their understanding of Yunho as a person and what Yunho would like his fans to reflect. Withyoonho also doesn’t try to be the loudest or jump into fandom drama and I think it’s because they’re simply committed to being ‘with Yunho’ ^^. Thus, no matter where Yunho has been in his career (in his life), withyoonho remains focused: to stay by his side in the respectful way they always have.

Now for a more shallow word of thanks: I confess that nearly my entire collection of 2004-2009 DBSK videos (aired performances/appearances) came from withyoonho. Especially in the time before youtube, withyoonho was my lifeline. Still clinging to withyoonho’s clubbox with my fangirl life because it’s like a super organized treasure chest of dongbang video goodness T_T. This is just one more reason why I’m inspired by and grateful to withyoonho.

Thank you so much 同行 for helping take care of Yunho and TVXQ over the years!

Visit and sign-up, as withyoonho offers membership to i-fans too.

Confessions of a Cassiopeia #46


There was a time in the DBSK fandom when no one judged you by the person in your profile picture. Your screen name was also a non-issue. That was a time when you didn’t have to specify what “kind” of fan you were or which member(s) you were a fan of. No one assumed your fandom views. And the way “bias” is ridiculously overused  these days to describe everything, was unheard of.

(I am heartbroken that anyone coming into fandom after 2009 can’t experience such a time.)