Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 9 – Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~

Moment 9/9

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Like releasing albums and performing, holding concerts for the first time as a duo would be as much a test as it was a matter of pride. By January 2012, the nagging though anticipatory question was, what would a concert be like with just the two of them? I think Yunho and Changmin were more than ready to prove that a concert was a feat they not only desired but could pull off spectacularly. TONE would become the tour that did exactly that, bringing Yunho and Changmin’s restoration of TVXQ to completion.


TONE Tour was every bit about restoring TVXQ, the musical act as it was restoring Yunho and Changmin as persons. If Yunho crying was any indication, I think we could tell just how emotional the tour was. Going through those emotions was what Yunho and Changmin very badly needed. It was a healing process that brought back the confidence I had missed so much in them. I cannot be more grateful to the fans who attended the concerts which helped Yunho and Changmin believe in themselves again. Of course, I must not leave out how precious it was to see Yunho and Changmin’s trust in each other skyrocket — even higher than Smtown 2010 and Keep Your Head Down 2011 T_T.

We Are T!

*I’m embarrassed that I didn’t finish this series last year. Regardless, these ‘moments’ are what I see as defining points in DBSK’s timeline, worth revisiting during the anniversary.


Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 8 – Keep Your Head Down

Moment 8/9

The comeback wasn’t real to me until this photo. I had suspended my excitement because by that point I was a very wary fan. In my heart of hearts though, I always knew believed Yunho and Changmin would keep DBSK alive. I was just afraid another unpredictable lawsuit equivalent would delay the comeback. But there they finally were, my 2 survivors in the rebirth of DBSK.

Having kept their dignified silence, it was stage demeanor that revealed how they approached the comeback. Yes, Keep Your Head Down was all sorts of fierce with Yunho and Changmin performing a DBSK x SMP title track exactly the way it should be done–not to mention the well suited combative sound of the song itself! But what really gave me chills was how visibly focused and determined they both were. After almost losing everything, it was for lack of better word, do or die. Keep Your Head Down was Yunho and Changmin choosing “do”. It was their moment of reclamation and they weren’t taking it lightly. This is why Keep Your Head Down has a meaning no other DBSK comeback or song can ever hold. It’s also why Keep Your Head Down is my DBSK anthem!

[Official lyrics] Gold Dust – Changmin’s solo @ ‘The Mission II’

*8/18/2014 — This post was originally my ‘amateur transcription’ using a fancam of Changmin. To my surprise, Christopher Wortley, the songwriter of Gold Dust left a comment with the correct lyrics. I therefore deleted my transcription.

Please be respectful: do not redistribute without properly crediting Christopher Wortley. I would prefer you link back to this post as Mr. Wortley took the time to personally leave a reply here.

Gold Dust

Stay and make it right again
Stay and make it right again
Yes I know I hurt you, Baby
Witness one careless kiss
But stay tonight and make it right again

[Pre-chorus 1]
Used to end each day
Safely gathered in
And I was sure
Now I’m left standing by the door
Crying for the time when I
Was yours

In the dark, by an open fire
We shone like gold dust
Gone, Gone, Gone
Gone, Gone, Gone
Now, I’ve lost it all
Slipped through my fingers
Shone, Shone, Shone
Gone, Gone, Gone
Beneath the stones

[Verse 2]
Tears between the silences
But tears can’t make it right again
Got some friends to take me places
Lately I’m smiling more
‘Cause tears will never make it right again

[Pre-chorus 2]
But I sometimes hear your key
Or dream that you’re asleep
Beside my touch
Because I can’t let go of love
And I can never say goodbye

[Repeat Chorus]

[Middle Section]
Silent dream
Set me free

[Repeat Chorus]

Christopher Wortley, Songwriter/Lyricist

I can’t get enough of Gold Dust! It totally exploits my weakness being Changmin’s innately soft manner in song and as a person. Lyrics for Yunho’s lovely solo: “Tethered Ship”.


Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 7 – SMTown Live 2010

Moment 7/9

162 94

“After chaos, we stuck it out through the hard times. We’re still standing here. 

The way Yunho and Changmin floated from above with the epic intro music and message was absolutely chilling. Every element of this intro was carefully crafted to fit the circumstances. Even as of the 9th Anniversary, when I watch the intro, it still gives me goosebumps.

I don’t think I had ever felt so much hope before in my entire fandom life. As I sobbed along to the fancams, I also felt this incredible wave of adrenaline. It was like flying because Yunho and Changmin were suddenly there on stage again after the darkest uncertainty, resilient as ever.

Yunho and Changmin showed that they could get up again after falling. That they were ready to conquer what was rightfully theirs. It was Yunho and Changmin’s declaration of will.

Passion. Glory. Pride. DBSK.

Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 6 – 2009 or The beginning of the end

Moment 6/9

2009 was the beginning of the end; I can accept it as that now.

I just couldn’t (didn’t want to) let myself reevaluate my entire DBSK world. It had been six beautiful years and then I was blindsided within 10 seconds of reading the lawsuit headlines. I wasn’t even asking ‘why’ at that point, I was stuck at ‘how’.

How could a year that started off so high suddenly hit standstill? How did the boys go through with 2 concert tours? How could the boys not agree on this life altering decision?

How could we all have been so happy? Even upon the 9th Anniversary, this question has never stopped haunting (taunting) me.