Confessions of a Cassiopeia #47 (or Fangirl, Year One)



I’m revealing what my very first DBSK video folder looked like. In lieu of conventional dates and even song titles, my favorite way to name performances was by outfit color. It also appears I thought stage lighting was particularly descriptive. But “Talk First Then Sing” definitely takes the cake! In fangirl theory it was supposed to make identifying videos easier. Now that it has been 10 years I can laugh at my file-naming ways. It’s funny because downloading was the only way I could watch videos back then, meaning I had a lot of practice naming files. Yet I continued with my special descriptions until about halfway though the Tri-Angle/Miduhyo comeback cycle. It finally hit me that DBSK would have an indefinite number of performances and I needed to find an organizational solution. Yes, I graduated to the trusty method of date + title! The 10th Anniversary is near so I’ve really been in a sappy mood. I keep trying to summarize 10 years into a singular picture in my mind. This screencap of my ancient DBSK folder is one of the many images there.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cassiopeia #47 (or Fangirl, Year One)

  1. XD I still think this is pretty impressive! I’ve always admired people who keep TVXQ folders of any kind because I’m too forgetful to even start one :p And I think ‘Talk First then Sing’ sounds like a good title for a song >///< (it would have to have parts where they talk ofc)

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  3. i can recall having that same realization yet it didn’t hit me til way later-that of they would have infinite number of videos and a better system must be found! hahaha! those of us who want to memorize and remember and recall every single moment of dbsk are in for a challenge, except of course the ones so buried in our thoughts and minds that they will forever remain as precious memories!

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