Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 3 – Member Diaries & Superglue anti-fan

Moment 3/9


During O-Jung.Ban.Hap. promotions, the boys posted diary entries on the official site. I decided to share the entries from the week that Yunho was poisoned by the anti-fan. It’s a reminder of what DBSK endured so that DBSK could be here for the 9th Anniversary.

Yoochun, Junsu, Jaejoong and Changmin wrote their diaries before the superglue attack. Their entries were full of comeback stage excitement and happiness because of fans…so innocent T_T. It had been Yunho’s turn to post next but because of the anti-fan, he ended up posting his entry after he was in the hospital.

I warn everyone, Yunho’s words are hard to bear TT_TT. It still breaks my heart to read his plea for people to not hate DBSK; never blaming (the anti-fan) but gently defending who he and DBSK, genuinely were.

Junsu – October 11th, 2006

Hello, I am Junsu. Ah~ It’s been a long time, and it feels brand new.
Previously, I’ll leave a message here when I’m free, now I’m finally back here!!
After discussing with the other members, we’ve decided to have a project called <TVXQ Marathon Diary>
Starting with me today, in future, each and everyday.. you should be able to see a brand new entry of diary here.

Oh right, our 3rd album “O” – Jung. Ban. Hab.
We’ve put in a lot of effort for the preparation of this album so we’ve got new feelings towards it.
Thanks guys for your anticipation for the album.
In order to show you the best, we’ve really put in a lot of effort and prepared many things.
We, TVXQ and the staffs had worked hard for this album.
For the promotion activities, I hope that you can feel the different side of TVXQ after listening to the songs.
Besides, we would let to show you our effort and please support us.
And, we really hope to get closer to the fans.
I hope that we’ll be able to show you the happy side of us… we’ve became a world-wide fan club right??
Will all the love and support from Cassiopeia to us, TVXQ.
We hope that you’ll guard us with warm hearts.

While recording for the 3rd album together with the members,
I’ve had some activities with Jang Ri-in.
I can even feel the love although I’m standing on a different stage as TVXQ.
I’ll take this opportunity to thank all of you for this.
I’m the same, my first time on stage was with BoA singing ‘O Holy Night’
Although I was shivering, I kept telling myself to sing properly and not to make any mistakes.
Many thoughts appeared on my mind.
And now I, as the senior of Jang Ri-in,
Just like BoA as the senior to me previously.
I hope through me, you guys can feel the shine of <Timeless>.
And I hope she’ll gain many chances through this.
I hope everyone will show her love and support.
I kept thinking that we can have the achievement because we’d received lots of love.
So, from today onwards, I’ll keep supporting Jang Ri-in.

Now I, TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu will begin all the activities.
I’ll try my best in all the album activities.
I hope the results of this album will be better than the previous album.
Those who show their support all the time and those who are there for us no matter when,
Especially when I’m on stage seeing Cassiopeians’ red balloons wave,
I can’t state the reason why but it gives me the strength!!
We’ll try harder. Please support us.

I, Xiah Junsu as TVXQ’s member,
Will work hard and show you a better side.
So please show your love and support.
Please support our 3rd album’s activities.

*Translated by: Amanda @ Cyxion

Jaejoong – October 12th, 2006

Relay Diary the 2nd!
Hello, this is Jaejoong.
Yesterday all Junsoo’s attempt was an arrangement for meeting you all.
The 2nd is me, Hero Jaejoong.
We are doing our best for promoting our 3rd album these days.
You all reading this diary are already bought our album and listening to it hard enough to memorize all the lyrics, aren’t you?
After showing you the song “O”-正.反.合 and all of us about this song,
our breath get a little bit faster, but the spot we train our eyes on is…!
In the midst of such a situation, we can definitely see the audience (Cassiopeia) cheering hardly for us.
Pearl Red is so to speak something giving us relief to our mind.
We feel relieved seeing the Pearl Red and get more power.
So we want to see the audience full of Pearl Red from the M Countdown stage.
Seeing the beautiful lovely Pearl Red audience from the sage
We want to show you (Cassiopeia) Dong Bang Shin Gi’s song with hard beating our heart.
After that, aren’t we having a surprise fan’s meeting? How do you like it?
Are you all ready?
We have to prepare something special for you. Haha.
Instead, we have to commit a thing.
Make the audience seats full of Pear Red!!
If you could do that, I’ll tell member to prepare something special for you.
I’m trying to be nice. We did commit, didn’t we?
Uum, and one more thing.
I don’t like downloading MP3.
If you love Dong Bang Shin Gi, you’d listen to the CD in which we poured entire of our bloody efforts.
How many of you now reading my diary bought our CD?
Please take the CD and listen to it.
Is there any who has not bought our CD? All of you bought, right?

We are having many schedules and having traveling time a lot,
I think you fans are also having busy days loving us and I really appreciate your interest and love for us.
What I said you in the drama Vacation fans meeting, do you remember?
Please don’t run after our car, it’s so dangerous.
Have you ever thought about how hard we’re feeling concern in the car about an accident.
Let’s stop doing like that and take care of oneselves.
Stop wasteful spending your money hanging around us needlessly,
Please love and support Dong Bang Shin Gi in your heart.
Like our senior artists selling million CDs,
I strongly hope our CD would also be loved by many people.
We are really doing our best to show our various faces in many TV programs using little spare time, aside from many music programs.
I’m always doing my best to show you new faces of Hero Jeajoong on the stages, so don’t forget to love and support me!
I’m speaking from my heart just for you here, I never do like this in TV programs…

I really need much love from you. Really.
Hahaha. Sorry. Sorry.
Instead I’ll definitely keep my word.

*Translated by: Ayaya @ soompi

Yoochun – October 13th, 2006

When we had our fanmeeting earlier
My mike’s condition wasn’t good
So when I said “I will write a diary entry today!!”
I’m not sure you guys will remember.
Hello. I’m Micky. ^_*~

First of all, today. No wait
-it’s early morning right now so I guess that would be yesterday-
At M.Countdown
I know many of you waited for a long time outside
Even though it was cold out.
I couldn’t help worrying a bit
That you guys would catch colds.

But on the stage
When I look around
It’s all pearl red – Wow!
That so many people decided to come out
Just to cheer for DongBangShinGi
Really meant a lot to me.
I’d like for every day to be like yesterday.
Getting to see everyone.

The wind was blowing a lot
But even at our radio schedule
We saw that a lot of people had come to see us
Thank you so much.

Because you like us,
Because you have a lot of interest in us,
That’s why you came out to cheer for us right?
I’ll believe that’s the truth. ^_*~

Oh yeah… Almost 1 year
I’m not sure whether it’s been a whole year, but
I think it’s been that long since we put out an album
And now we have our latest one.

That everyone
Could have forgotten about us a lot
Was something I thought about a few times,
And since so many new stars debuted in that time
And seemed to be more impressive than us
I worried “what if they all left to go over there?”
And there were a few times when I cried a bit about that.
I’m not sure that you guys will understand.
What kind of feeling that is.

So today, I. No wait, yesterday
When I saw every single person’s hands
Holding pearl red balloons and supporting us
It was really an impression for me.
I’d be so happy if every day could be that way.
Now, I wonder whether it was stupid to worry,
And so I think I’ll try to let go of those thoughts a bit.

If you guys do this for us every day.
I. As well as our other members.
Will really be strengthened and do our best.

Lately I’ve been feeling this a bit more.
I guess you could say that this isn’t a big deal,
That it’s always been the same way, but
Lately there have been a lot of rumors going around
But that they aren’t the truth
Is something that you guys have helped us to believe.
On that point,
We’re really really moved,
And knowing that even if we make a mistake
Or if something goes wrong,
You guys will understand
Is something that we’re thankful for.

Because of this, we’ll work
To show you an always improving image

When I have time,
I like to read fanletters
When we first,
When I really, really debuted for the first time
This person became a fan, and
As we put out album after album
The time we spent working gradually passed
And with me, this person
Has suddenly grown into a college student.
This person says she has memories of times we passed together,
And she says that the things she has experienced with me
Are things she is so grateful for.

This album’s activities.
And then our 4th, 5th, 6th albums…
Even then, will I hear this kind of story?
There are times when I wonder about this.

I’m coming to realize that together,
We’re making a lot of memorable and happy stories
Because of this,
I’m always a happy person.

And that’s why I’m saying this.
Until we release about 100 albums
We’ll stay together
Making a lot of fun and good stories
Is something we’ll have to do, isn’t it?

I’ll do that much,
And our members will do that much as well.
I hope you guys will work hard with us, too.
Since I’ve written this down in my diary,
It’s not something I’ll forget.

After I finish writing this, I’m going to sleep
But as I was writing this, I was drinking something yummy.
One day, at some place with a nice atmosphere,
How about a glass together? Let’s do it~!
Heh heh.

Lately, our members and I
Have met and put our heads together
To try to think of events to hold for you guys
And we’ve really talked about this a lot.
So the things we’ve thought of
This thing right now-
Relay entries -diary- is something we have,
We’re going to have signing sessions,
And from this point forward
We’ll continue to think of things we haven’t done yet
On an ultra superexpress way (t/n: not sure, I think it’s half reverse konglish =X)
We’re trying to bring out more ideas
You guys will wait for them, right?

Oh yeah. And
I heard that you guys were losing sleep
Over waiting for our E-Book, and such
That kind of thing.
I’m sorry for putting you guys through that.
After making it a bit better,
If you’ll wait a while,
You’ll see the pictures we’ve had taken of us
The really special pictures
Will be revealed to you
So please wait.
Just the teensiest bit longer!

We’re always thankful for the warm impression
That Pearl Red pulls into our hearts
And because of this,
We keep wanting to give you guys more and more
DongBangShinGi is like that.
DongBangShinGi’s Micky Yoochun is me.
Heh heh. ^_*~V

With Pearl Red, always I
With all of you, we
Would like to meet all the time
Pearl Red’s balloons
To our DongBangShinGi
Give us so much strength onstage,
Like a battery or some kind of medicine
And because of this,
We’re thankful to you for supporting us
And above all else
We adore you and appreciate you
You know my heart, right?

I really want to write more
But I’m so sleepy I don’t think I can do it.
You guys stayed up to wait for me, right?
Since you’ve seen this all, hurry up and go to bed~
I’ll go to bed too.
Good dreams.
Marvelous dreams.
Dream about me, everyone. ^_*~

2007, the year when
You can pass 365 days with us
A calendar will be coming out sooner or later-
With pictures we really had fun taking, so
Please wait for it.

*Translated by: uponhisheart @ dbsg livejournal

Changmin – October 14th, 2006

This is Changmin.

I had a schedule in Daegu
yesterday. We took the bus to Daegu with a joyful feeling and after finishing our schedule,
we came back and practiced our live until dawn.

I have to write my diary but the computer was having problems.
So i made some time during my schedule and i am now writing it.

Today we had DBSK 3rd album “O”-Jung.Ban.Hab comeback at MBC Music Core.

This was our first live performance so i was very nervous and in anticipation.

After we started our activities we made some time in our busy schedule and practiced a lot.
How was our performance?

After hearing that our live performance was #1 on the search list, i was happy that many people watched us with interest. I will practice harder and do my best to show you good performances as DBSK.
I will also work harder and show you a improved me.

In this album activities, unlike other album activities we are not just appearing in music programs but also many variety shows. We are showing you new sides of us as well as new stories we never shown before. But our duty is to be a singer so we will show you a great live performance on stage as well as doing our best in singing. In other places i will show a honest Changmin.

We still have parts that are lacking but when we see Cassiopeia and others who love us, cheer for us we gain a lot of strength.

Ah. I will also look forward to the sea of pearl red at tommorow’s SBS Inkigayo.

Also I think i have already told you but i hope you will continue to show a well mannered Cassiopeia.

You guys will do good even though i don’t tell you in details what to do right?

We know well that you like us.
But i hope you guys will restrain from doing acts that will look bad in front of other people.

We DBSK gain a lot of strength when we are together.
You guys understand right?

Please make enjoyable memories at the fansigning tommorow with us.
Junsu Hyung, Jaejoong Hyung and I are attending so i will look forward to it!

This was Choikang Changmin.

Be careful not to catch a cold.

*Translated by: sanbi @soompi

Yunho – October 16th, 2006

i’m Yunho U-Know +)

its already in midnight
and i suddenly feel like writing relay diary.
looking back at the time when we debut,
the short comments that you guys left us
i wish that we could show your our earnest appearance.
all the memories ..

looking at everyone,
i could feel communication

till our 3rd album are out,
the time we spent together are a lot,
and i wanted to make conversation
with you guys.
we were very busy with our work
so couldn’t reply..
to become close to you guys,
the only way to communicate
was to start a relay diary.. so i did.

it started from xiah,then jaejoong,
micky, changmin till me.
sometimes because of the tight
schedule so please give us some

time passes so fast
first of all.
during the mbc live 1st show,
seeing so many of you guys came
to support us during the finale show.
it gave us a lot of strength and encouragement.
we were really happy.
being being to perform for you guys on stage
makes me really happy.

to cassiopeia fans who were always
there, spending time on us
really wanna thank you guys.
especially for our new album,
there were a lot of events planned and
all 5 of us really put a lot of effort into
making this album so please be waiting for it.

there’s is still a lot of secret events to be
spent with us so be sure to expect it.

people always wanted to show others
their confident side right?
when going out, regardless of meeting who,
for the sake of showing you guys a cool appearance
i put in a lot of effort, and those stars who was doing
activities with me too.
to show all this it really requires a lot of time and effort
in it.

during some program we were doing,
to sing live on stage we really spent
a lot of time for the best performance to show
during that time even thought we cannot show you our charms,
i wanted to say that a lot of effort were put in it.

we wanted to always show everyone our cool
performance, so its like an exam for us..
so to show our best side we have been always practising hard.

there are some things that i don’t want to remember, and things that i want to.
and sometimes i hope the time can stop at the part where i want to remember.

in future,i will forgot all this that happen.
slowly, bit by bit..
just forgot everything,
to others i may be always making alot of mistakes,
so i thought i’ll work harder to show a better side of me
for everyone.

everyone, please don’t hate us.
me, yunho, and the rest of our members really wanted just
to show you guys our pretty appearance

the time that i spent with you guys,
every minute i wanted to keep it.
always make enjoyable and happy memories
from the heart and live my life this way.

in future, seeing you guys makes me contented
love us with a side heart because we will put in effort
for you guys.
this is starting again!!!

*Translated by: violet-anne @ soompi


2 thoughts on “Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 3 – Member Diaries & Superglue anti-fan

  1. all i can say is thank you. their words are precious thoughts straight from their hearts, and i love them so much. grateful to them for all they have done and given to their fans, to me. not just their music, but pieces of their hearts, of who they are and stand for. i am grateful for others who love them too, like you.

  2. JS waahh :”)
    JJ hates downloading MP3.. Sorry JJ. iwill buy yout CDs of course. :)
    YC is always emotional.. :) Iwant to send them letters, but where to address?
    CM “honest Changmin and well mannered Cassiopeia” :”> ohh gees :”) the ever honest evil maknae kekeke, well mannered *tears*
    YH :( i hope this will not happen again in the future.

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