Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 2 – MKMF 2005

Moment 2/9

The 2005 MKMF Daesang (Artist of the Year) was DBSK’s first award of such grander. It also glorified Rising Sun as the epic song that it continues to be.

I think winning such an overwhelming title ‘Artist of the Year’ felt incredibly satisfying for the boys. It gave the boys the acknowledgement that they were indeed on the right path. I also believe the taste of triumph at MKMF 2005 was a turning point for DBSK. It led them to realize and embrace their DBSK identity and motivated them more than ever to continue pursuing the dream.

Of course I sobbed along with Yoochun. And I couldn’t just tear prettily like Junsu or swell with tears like Jaejoong and Changmin. I definitely couldn’t hold it all in like dear Yunho. I was too happy and beyond proud. For me, and I’m sure for DBSK as well, it’s a kind of happiness and pride that is Unforgettable.



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One thought on “Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 2 – MKMF 2005

  1. could definitely feel their humility with grateful hearts and proud all rolled into one. that’s just one of the things i have always loved about them. they are grateful for all things.

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