Happy 9th Anniversary TVXQ! [9 for IX with TVXQ]: Moment 1 – HUG

I’m commemorating Dong Bang Shin Gi’s 9th Anniversary with a special series named: “9 for IX with TVXQ”. In essence, it’s 9 moments for each of the IX years with TVXQ. I’ll be posting in the nine days leading up to the anniversary date: 12/26. Countdown and celebrate with me! *O*

Moment 1/9

In March 2004, I watched the HUG music video and it changed my life. It sounds quite dramatic but I’m sure all DBSK fans can pinpoint that moment when they became a fan. I remember smiling like an idiot and squealing because I had never found boys so cute before ^^;;;. The song itself was also bubbly and oh-so-charming to me!

Do I describe it as addiction at first sight? Fan at first music video? It was definitely love at first-prettiest-boy-I’d-ever-seen (Jaejoong); love at first-adorable-trying-hard-to-not-smile-and-be-serious-pout (Junsu); love at first-football-captain-with-large-butterfly-eyes (Yunho); love at first-no-hair-on-face-but-has-suave-shaving-skills (Yoochun); and love at first-round-eyes-round-chin-cuteness-radiating-milky-boy (Changmin).

It’s a time that I treasure most and it’s undeniable that without HUG, I wouldn’t be here and neither would any of the boys!



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