[Fanaccount] 121206 Gangnam Hottracks TVXQ Fansign +with pics

(by @Reeny721)

So I won fansign again today :) I was a bit disappointed we couldn’t sit and watch them though. We had to leave after we got the signature -_- I met a middle school girl while waiting. She was right after me haha and really cute. I noticed she’s wearing a blue dumbo ring too. She ended up giving that ring to Yunho who wore it the rest of the fansign. Isn’t that cute? <3

Anyway when it was my turn I was like dying. But today I was determined to actually say stuff compared to last time OTL

First was Yunho~ His eyes got big and cute haha.

~conversation in Korean~

YH: Oh!! You came again today?
Me: Yes~
YH: Wow you’re so good at Korean I was really surprised. *says this like a kid as usual*
Me: >_< … I don’t usually watch Korean dramas but I’ll watch oppa’s drama. Hwaiting!
YH: Ah thank you.
*finishes signing*
YH: But really you’re really, really good at Korean.
Me: Thank you~

/heart attack/

Next is Changmin:

CM: (in English) Long time no see.
Me: *laughs bc I’m so happy he said that*
~switch convo to Korean~
CM: So you’re studying Korean? (he must have heard my convo w/ YH)
Me: Yes for two years.
CM: Wow~~ Is this “w”? (checking to spell my name right D:)
Me: No it’s “u”.
Me: Your movie “Fly with the Gold (I said that in English orz) I want to see it. You’re so cool in it!!
CM: *chuckles* *finishes signing* Thank you~ *smiles*


And then I’m just stupidly smiling and holding eye contact as I inch away backwards bc it’s too much for me to take LOL

Changmin your smile is as bright as a thousand suns OTL OTL

Those two are so nice. And they remembered me ;~; Last time Changmin spoke English I nearly died because he said “we met yesterday” and today again I died from “long time no see.” Gosh… he is so smooth D: Please… become fluent in English so I can hear it all the time LOL Yunho is so nice like a father but also like a little kid too. Cute and sexy >< Man he was so so so adorable like a child today. His eyes get all big when he talks and gets all excited. *crying* I can’t handle them. They are too sweet and perfect ;~;


R_4 R_3

[DON’T STEAL. This is Reeny’s precious fanaccount and her pictures. Credit properly!]


I’m so happy again that Reeny shared a fanaccount of her latest personal encounter with TVXQ! I pretty much went to heaven while reading this, especially at Changmin’s english!! I still haven’t recovered yet TTTOTTT. And please just once in my life, I want to see Yunho’s big eyes up close. I WANT TO CRY.


8 thoughts on “[Fanaccount] 121206 Gangnam Hottracks TVXQ Fansign +with pics

  1. i am a bit, ok a lot jealous! i wish for such opportunities too but lol, i have to live it thru these accounts. its hard being an ifan for lots of reasons. i have become greedy and want so much more that just being able to buy and receive their music cds! the more accessible they make themselves to their fans, the more i want to be part of it too sigh big breath i love these accounts cause they make the events so much more real and i am really happy for the fans that get to experience it too~~~

  2. Yah omg! I really really want to see Yunho upclose, even if it’s just once! Wish i could fly there for the fan sign T.T the way he looks at the fans is so warm and those cute big eyes gahhhh!!! Sorry for spazzing here :/

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