Confessions of a Cassiopeia #46


There was a time in the DBSK fandom when no one judged you by the person in your profile picture. Your screen name was also a non-issue. That was a time when you didn’t have to specify what “kind” of fan you were or which member(s) you were a fan of. No one assumed your fandom views. And the way “bias” is ridiculously overused  these days to describe everything, was unheard of.

(I am heartbroken that anyone coming into fandom after 2009 can’t experience such a time.)


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cassiopeia #46

  1. yeah, it has become so politically correct and so judgmental now. i loved that time too and can’t understand to this day why it is so hard to just love and support who you love and leave the business antics out of it. i know we have to be aware and that leads to do we support/not support according to who is behind them but i wish we could go back to the easier time. i will always love dbsk, all 5 of them. i really hate what has happened but also see it as continued growth for each of them. they have taken the best of what they chose and tried to do their best every day. i love love love junsu’s solo cd as well as tvxq’s new cd. love the freedom JYJ has in areas other than music. could junsu have accomplished so much in musicals still bound to sm? don’t know but just look at what he has done. could homin have gotten so much stronger as singers if they hadn’t had to rely on each other and become a duo? life is a series of changes and it is what we do with them that determines the outcome.(along with a positive attitude.) we are blessed to have had that time together with dbsk and developed a love and deep appreciation for them such as ours when we were allowed freedom to do that. we are blessed~

    1. As usual, you left such a thoughtful reply. I completely share your frustration and we’ll probably never understand. It’s sad because although fans like us have had that carefree time with DBSK, I sometimes find myself unable to separate business antics just because it’s so embedded into our fandom now. Perhaps that’s why for ‘newer’ fans, it appears to be the norm.

    1. “after yesterday tweets”– meaning, you read my tweets about the lawsuit results? My header represents so much more than “ot5” and related fandom issues. I suggest you learn the significance of Rising Sun in respect to all 5 boys (which ever you’re a fan of) and what this song established for them so that they could be here today.

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