+Updated w/signature pics! — [Fanaccount] 121020 TVXQ Fansign at Megabox Sinchon

(by @Reeny721)

Here goes the second part of my amazing weekend~ I was so fortunate after my amazing Guerrilla date experience to find out I won the lottery for fansign as well! I started off the day buying some presents for the boys. I bought Changmin a really nice, soft purple scarf from Gap and Yunho a long sleeve shirt from Bean Pole. (So expensive D:) It would be so nice if they wore it *_* but there are so many fans who give gifts it might just get lost in the sea of gifts. 

Afterwards, I went to the fansign location and checked in. I went early because I was scared everyone would be lining up for their spots. But I ended up too early and got number 11 omg! My heart wasn’t prepared to go so early. I thought I’d get more time to think about what to say and calm down. But I guess no matter when I would go I would still feel that heart bursting feeling D:

So because I was number 11 I was sitting in the front row. The fansign was in a theater so we watched Catch Me MV on the big screen. Seeing the MV in HD so huge is actually a whole different experience than on youtube. The wait was so hard, I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I kept planning on what I should say, even wrote a note on my phone lol!

After waiting some more finally the boys came! I guess they were surprised to see me there again. Well I was sitting in the front like that so they noticed right away, since I just met them less than 24 hours ago lol. They started from my side so I actually was one of the first to get their signature. As I was waiting in line, of course, I took the chance to stare at them. Finally when it was my turn I walked towards them. First was Changmin. Yep, the dying feeling was on overload by now. We said hello to each other in Korean and he took my album and quickly started signing. I said, in Korean, “We met yesterday… I was scared in front of the camera.” I said it in kind of a whiny voice because that’s how I felt and I was also about to explode and Changmin laughed at me. Well what I said wasn’t very funny but he was laughing the whole time OTL. Then he said, in English!!!!, “Mmm… we met yesterday.” and then he looked up and said “Thank you for coming today.” *screams* He did the mismatched eye smile when he said it too *ded ded ded* I thanked him in Korean because I didn’t know how to react to his freaking cute smile and sexy English lsdjflkjdljdljdf.

Ok ok so then I stood in line for Yunho’s signature. Yunho is all about eye contact which is so sweet of him. He looked straight into my eyes and said hello in Korean. Then he looked at my name and said it out loud. He mispronounced but that’s ok… most Koreans can’t say my name right from the spelling even tho it’s an easy name haha. It was so cute though!! Anyway as he was signing his manager came to talk to him like wtf man go away so I can talk to my oppa jeez! This manager seriously… I’ve met him so many times in America, he’s just always there when I am -_- So I was pretty sad, I didn’t think I would be able to talk to Yunho and I’d just get the signature and have to leave. But then when the manager left Yunho looked up and started talking to me. I was zoning out a bit in my sadness so I didn’t catch what he said except Guerrilla Date *squeal* so I didn’t really have a response. So then he asked, “You don’t know Korean?” in Korean and then started in English, “Can you speak–” and I was answered in Korean, “I just know a little.” And he goes “Ah you know a little. Then, nice to meet you.” The way he said this was really cute, like he’s a Korean teacher keke. I nodded and bowed and thanked him and left. Phew. I know that meeting the boys is a dream but it’s so much easier to just watch them.

I was so happy that both of them brought up meeting me yesterday. They care about their fans so much and it’s so touching. Changmin is so shy and sweet and Yunho is so warm and kind. Both of them are so opposite in their interaction with fans but so so genuine at the same time. *dreamy sigh* *goes to heaven*

[DON’T STEAL. This is Reeny’s precious fanaccount & her pictures. Credit properly!]

Again, Thank you so much to Reeny for sharing and letting me post it on my blog! I don’t know how she survived Changmin’s cuteness and English skills! TT_TT or how she managed Yunho’s warm eye contact. I’m just going to read this again and cry.


9 thoughts on “+Updated w/signature pics! — [Fanaccount] 121020 TVXQ Fansign at Megabox Sinchon


    i need a moment to absorb my emotions…..TT_TT they recognized you and were so kind T_T let me die OTL

    i am so glad that you had this experience and thanks for sharing!

  2. How did you restrain yourself? Haha I imagine myself wild. It’s a cute fanaccount even though I’m with envy.

  3. OH MY GOSH. escumme but why are you & appa ho & baby min perfect???!!! TT_TT<333333 a thousand bows of gratitude for your sharing this min!grish moment of cuteness T_T i just can't even… you are sooo lucky girl! hehe [must have saved a thousand unicorns in your past lifetime <33].

  4. oh geez. i just saw this. wow. i didn’t think i’d be so emotionally distraught with jealousy and sadness that i’ll never see them irl. damn you even got yh’s “B” heart and everything. what’s underneath changmin’s sig? gawd if that’s a heart, i’ll have to flip some tables. T.T

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