[Fanaccount] 121019 TVXQ Guerilla Date

(by @Reeny721)

OMG OMG so I had the best weekend ever with TVXQ this weekend. First of all, there was Guerrilla Date. The original shooting time was scheduled to be on October 12 which is my birthday! So I was so excited! But then it got canceled :( but I still got to see them up close that day so I was happy. Changmin noticed me when they walked up to the camera to talk to the fans. Hehe. 

Anyway, the next week, the 19th they decided to shoot for Guerrilla Date again. I missed the morning one because I was waiting for KBS Music Bank and most fans didn’t really know about it T^T so I was sad. But the staff at KBS told us where the filming location is for the night. So of course we went there. The location was Haneul Park (Sky Park) and it’s a mountain. My friends and I climbed to the top of the mountain and waited and waited and finally they arrived! They were so amazingly handsome omg. I was standing right next to them, it actually felt like too close for comfort tbh. Even though the location was supposed to be a secret it was extremely crowded and dangerous again.

Ok so fast forward, the MC was picking people and everyone was raising their hands. I figured I’ll give it a try so I shyly raised my hand. The MC ended up picking me and I was so lskdflsjfdlsdfj. When I walked towards the boys they were like OHHHH in recognition. I guess they know me by now because I went to every American concertand was at the front and see them every weekend here from close up as well. Andbecause I’m not an East Asian fan it’s kind of obvious OTL.

I was so nervous. I can’t even begin to describe. I looked at them as I walked towards them and had to look away. Yunho was smiling so sweetly T_T I could calm down a bit because of his gentle and warm eyes. The MC asked me in English where I’m from but I decided to make it easy for him and answer in Korean. He asked my why I’m in Korea and which song I like. I said I like Catch Me and he told me to sing. And I was like “no!” Haha. Too embarrassing. He asked to do a different song and I was like “keep your head dooown” lol! YH and CM were like AH, OH at everything I said, maybe to encourage my about to die self. They repeated Keep Your Head Down to the camera and did the hand motion which I did with them awkwardly.

After that the MC asked me something about their dreams or something but I was out of it and didn’t catch what he said exactly. So I was like… “I don’t know Korean too well T^T” So he told the boys to ask me in English. They looked at each other and CM looked at me and was like… “What is your question?” *scream* His english is SO SEXY! I asked them when they will come to America. Yunho answered professionally, “We are starting are world tour this year. Next year we will make a stop to America.” *flail*

American Cassies get ready! The MC asked if I would go and I said “Yep!” The boys were smiley about that. Then MC said shake their hands and my face was literally O_OI looked at Yunho’s hand and then his face to see if it’s ok. His face is just so kind so I reached for his hand. His hands are soooo soft. I didn’t want just a handshake tho so I kind of leaned in for a hug but was embarrassed and didn’t fully hug lol. Then I went over to Changmin and he had that shy smile of his. Omg I will never get over that “trying not to smile” smile of his. I shook his hand too and leaned in a bit for a half hug thing and he laughed. It was even more embarrassing with Min because he’s always embarrassed and shy. After that I kind of ran off because I was so lksdjflksdjflkj over the experience.

Changmin was really attentive towards fans on this day. He saw me raise my hand before I was picked and he also saw me earlier moving a bit because security was yelling at everyone. He also looked so worried when some girls next to me fell a few times. He’s really the sweetest boy T_T And Yunho… so caring. If he hadn’t looked at me in that “You can do it” way I would have just not breathed and fainted on the spot lol!

My friends keep asking me how they smell. I can’t really describe how they smell because that’s hard to do but… they do smell good. Manly. Sweet. I’m not sure. And their hands are really soft! Like really, really soft! They are slender as well. Their hands are feminine in a good way. And yeah when I hugged them… their chests… well… I’m dead.


[DON’T STEAL. This is Reeny’s precious fanaccount. Credit properly!]

Thank you so much to Reeny for sharing her experience and letting me post it on my blog! As I read it, I was squealing like crazy TT_TT.


9 thoughts on “[Fanaccount] 121019 TVXQ Guerilla Date

  1. omg omg omg omg………………omg omg omg omg


    You should write a novel about this moment it!

    you touched, hugged, smelled them….

    i am sure they were happy to find a fan from the US there xD thanks for sharing.

  2. @Reeny721 this is an amazingly cute account, girl.

    Thank you Yunho oppa, I am waiting in L.A. for TVXQ!

  3. Proud of you girl! You’ve been supporting with all your heart since forever, spent a lot of money on travelling to where they are and entered so many contests. I wish for every fan to get to this point in their fan lives someday, I know it will happen to more fans. Thanks so much babyredocean for posting.

  4. so happy for you! this is a dream for so many of us-to meet them and hug them and talk to them! precious memories for you! :}

  5. OMG!! I was squealing all the way and banged my desk repeatedly!!
    This is awesome! XD Thank you for sharing your experience~ ♥

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