The Time to Respect TVXQ is Now

Even as the 6th TVXQ comeback “Catch Me” arrives, there are still fans who have not accepted that this is Yunho and Changmin’s chosen path. I’m not referring to antis but to fans who claim to actively support TVXQ, Yunho and Changmin – namely, ‘ot5 fans’. Instead of fragmenting, de-emphasizing or disregarding their decisions (which includes staying with SM), Yunho and Changmin deserve our respect.

The Dong Bang Shin Ki Path

A good place to start is to acknowledge that Yunho and Changmin made decisions in 2009 too. I’ve seen fans avoid it as if Yunho and Changmin’s choices are taboo. Isn’t it disrespectful to treat Yunho and Changmin like things we’re ashamed to speak of? Acknowledge and be proud of the two and their decisions:

  1. Yunho and Changmin chose not to file the lawsuit.
  2. Yunho and Changmin chose to stay with SM.
  3. Most importantly, Yunho and Changmin chose to continue as TVXQ.

“Decision making” is almost always associated with JYJ but rarely with Yunho and Changmin. I wish that these fans would look at Yunho and Changmin with the same lens. Isn’t it only fair to treat both sides with the same respect?


I’ve also seen fans suggest Yunho and Changmin have not actually made decisions at all:

  • “Yunho and Changmin were forced into staying with SM and using the TVXQ name.”
  • “Everything Yunho and Changmin have done or said is ‘scripted’ by SM.”
  • “Yunho and Changmin stayed with SM only because they were blackmailed due to familial debt.”

These fans deny Yunho and Changmin of having any intelligence, personal will or desires. This is just utterly insulting to two people who have dreamed and accomplished so much. I’m left to wonder, if they believe Yunho and Changmin are just lifeless pawns, then who are they even supposedly fans of?


Fans can’t truly accept Yunho and Changmin because they aren’t able to see past their personal judgments of SM. It’s sad these fans make it about SM when it’s really about Yunho and Changmin. They should treat it like any other decision Yunho and Changmin make. The basic act itself (to make a decision) is a right Yunho and Changmin have as people. Fans need to first and foremost respect that right.

The easiest way to make such fans understand, is to put it this way: JYJ making the choice to leave and Yunho & Changmin making the choice to stay, are inherently equal actions. Whether fans accept or approve of the actual choice is a separate issue.

Furthermore, even if fans don’t approve of the decision (no matter what it is), it doesn’t mean the decision didn’t happen.


What irritates me the most is when fans say, “I hope Homin leave SM …”. I’m sure these fans would never say, “I hope JYJ go back to SM …” – Because in all honesty, that is the equivalent of what they’re asking Homin to do. Yunho and Changmin deserve more respect than this, it needs to stop.

Lastly, why I respect and believe in Yunho, Changmin and the path they’ve chosen is best explained in their own words.

“…I think the current circumstances I’ve chosen for myself are absolutely not wrong. …having made this choice according to my personal values, I don’t have a single regret and I’m not uncertain at all. Even having said that, I don’t want to say “please understand me” and force anyone to do so. I’m going to continue on this path and change nothing. It would be great if the fans can believe in us like this from now on.” Changmin 2011  [El Sol Photobook Interview via hominfatale]

The moment that I will remember most happened recently at the Tokyo Dome, where we stood on stage once again. …If I were to go back in time, there is nothing I would do differently. Those were the decisions I made, and every moment I worked hard, so there are no regrets.” — Yunho 2012  [An Interview with TVXQ, ‘From Debut to World Stars’ via kpopstarz]


40 thoughts on “The Time to Respect TVXQ is Now

  1. You don’t have the balls to show this to your twitter gang. They would know what you really think and you can’t have that.

  2. Love every word you have said- Hypocrisy is the order of the day in the fandom-I have been a fan for two years and its so easy to see what Yunho and Changmin stand for-There is no double standard, they are completely transparent-Sometimes i feel like tearing my hair apart at either how juvenile or biased OT5 fandom is-They say they love all 5 but actions show otherwise-I absolutely love and respect you for how on the spot you are every time!! please continue to drill some sense into this fandom:-)

  3. I totally agree with everything you’ve said here and it’s great to see it in even better words than I could put it in! :”)

    i just think it’s quite a shame that some people are using this post to ridicule ot5s even more than we already are as if this is “the ot5 stance”…although there are people with these thoughts which of course are unfair to the boys, the generalisations lately have been going out of hand :| (not on your part)

    anyway thank you for yet again, a great read!

    1. I can see what you mean too…I mean our reputation isn’t the best right now and there are a few people using this to make us look even worse and strengthen their anti ot5ness fed by generalisations.
      Not that I disagree with this post in the slightest becuase there are people I would show this to wishing they’d understand and respect cm/yh more (so thank you so much as always!) but I feel as if less and less people are seeing the good side of being an ot5 these days :| That’s not directed to the author though, just that people have/will see(n) this and think “ohh so THIS is what all ot5s are like” :/

    1. actually, OP is,

      there is 2 types of OT5s. the 1st type are the ones who happily support each one in whatever they do, together and most importantly even when apart. 1st type OT5s do not judge and accepts each individual member for their own choices.
      OP is the 1st type.

      and then there is the 2nd type of “OT5s”. the type who proclaim loudly aktf and that they are “OT5s”, but more often than not are very biased towards one side when it matters (usually against TVXQ) these sorts you would see passive-aggressively deemphasising and demeaning TVXQ’s achievements and every little thing they do. worst part is they don’t even realize it.
      this 2nd type of OT5s are who OP has an issue with.

      1st type >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. 2nd type
      therefore, again, OP is better than who OP is talking about.

      maybe you should read the above piece again and really objectively reflect on what OP had said. even if you may not like the frankness of the words, you cannot deny it isn’t true. you don’t have to go far anyway to find the evidence of 2nd type of “OT5s”. just go onto any TVXQ youtube clips and you will see the annoying evidence there.

  4. These are /exactly/ the same things that have frustrated me to no end with the fandom as well, thanks so much for putting it in words. And so clearly too. Skimmed through some of the comments above, and it’s funny how to some people it does not matter how logically you explain something if it’s contrary to what they want to believe. Again with the “oh well that just means you chose SM’s side,” and what is with the “do you hate OT5s”…. aren’t you an OT5?

    (and @tvxqcatchme – I’m not and have never been an OT5, got into the group via Yunho shortly after the lawsuit was filed. But I don’t begrudge real OT5s, and why would I? As long as they are true and equal in their support for all five boys, then they are fans just like you and me. They simply chose not to choose sides, and thank god for that. Because fans that did choose sides are the ones who tore the fandom apart and effectively became antis of 2/3s of the group they claimed to love ‘always’. (or to be fair, 3/5… although I really haven’t seen much of that). Those are not OT5s, and it’s easy to tell the real ones from the fake.)

    Ok, digression aside…. I love that you put Yunho and Changmin’s own words at the end. You’d think their own words more than anything would convince fans that they are full grown men making their own decisions in their own lives… *shrugs*. I hope this spreads and at the very least gets some people thinking. Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Sorry, I’m a bit confused. So you’re saying that we should get over the fact that they chose different paths, and be conformed that we’ll never see them together again(and for togheter, I mean at least like friends)? Because the only way for this to happen, in my view, would be if TVXQ leaves SM so… x-x I don’t know what to think anymore… (sorry for my english >-<).

    1. @Riz: No. I was only talking about accepting and respecting Yunho and Changmin’s 1) path as TVXQ 2) decision to stay with SM.

      I hope that although in your view: “TVXQ would leave SM so they could be friends again”, you respect Yunho & Changmin like I wrote ^^. Even if you think that’s the solution, we have to respect what Yunho and Changmin want too.

  6. First of all, this article sums up., possibly the first ever thing for Yunho and Changmin’s “fans” to ever do before the ‘everything else’–> (eg; supporting your oppa by helping them see the light?)..for me, yeah it was devastating at first because i just love them so freakin’ much and I WAS shamelessly declaring myself as an OT5 fan who are dying for them to get back together..but as time passes by, I realized that the only thing that I cared enough for to ‘die’ is them 5 individually, their each success makes me jealous and help me to strive harder in life..I really hope my fellow ‘riders’ in this fandom agreed with me in this and started to really enjoy the ride because referring to, as ‘someone special’ touchingly cute said, there might not be any stops in this journey FOREVER, phew right but it’s true, at least for me^^.
    p/s: and I do hope we could find the real unified meaning of the word ‘OT5’ so that I can shamelessly proud to call myself as one again^^

  7. It’s very well written dear. Really love it. I struggle with this issue every day lately. Trying to be what I was when coming into the fandom yet respecting decisions that I may not always understand initially. I think that if we really love them, we will let them fly, even if it’s painful to go through all of these changes. Reblogging now :)

  8. I LOVE YOU. I feel the same way, but I can’t put it into words like this. Yes, I do wish fans would respect the duo, too. :( And the words by the boys wrapping up the whole post just made me teary-eyed because I’m emotional like that. Thank you, thank you.

  9. [POINT] not all OT5’s are like this. Please NOTE this.
    “namely, ‘ot5 fans’.” –having this said, you are pointing ALL OT5’s are like this. Which is NOT TRUE.
    Yes, I consider myself as an OT5 fan, proud to be, yet I am lil ashamed after reading this because it viewed like ALL OT5’s are BAD.
    I know, some OT5 are like that, but don’t say it like ALL OT5 are like that.

    Some, or perhaps, most who will be reading this will think like “oh, OT5’s are like that? Shame shame..” What I mean is, they will think all of OT5 are bad and all are doing this…

    just saying my point about that..

    1. I think it’s obvious I was describing only a certain group/type of ot5 fans. It’s certainly not my responsibility via my blog to make sure ot5 fans in general have a good reputation. My post is a response to the actions/words of the ot5 fans I described.

      1. Anyways, I’ve read all your posts from your 4 categories (CONFESSIONS OF A CASSIOPEIA, DBSK, FANDOM EVENT, FANDOM TALK). I love your blog so much.

  10. I am glad people like you still exist!! I agree with everything you say. I hope you write more in the near future. I can actully read your blog without wanting to pull my hair out . Yunho and Changmin made their descision and we should respect them and support them. Not fight amongst ourselves.

  11. Hi there^^ I’m a new fan since last year and I must admit that I had a difficult time adjusting to the whole lawsuit thing lol. Now that it’s almost a year ever since I ‘confront’ the issue of lawsuit (bracing myself to read on that) have I just find for myself a position that I am comfortable with in this whole debacle. I can only imagine how long-time fans like you must’ve felt through the whole issue and I really admire your objectivity despite all the emotional things that you must’ve felt.
    I must also admit that at first I questioned Yunho and Changmin’s choice to stay in SM and I couldn’t understand it – I am very ashamed to say that there are moments where I dislike them both for choosing to stay in SM because I thought the most important thing is to stay together as 5. It also took me a while to accept TVXQ as being Yunho and Changmin, but once I have accepted it all, I felt a peace in my heart lol. As for JYJ, at first I sided with them, but since then I do find myself question them as well and there are times when I hated them for their decision to leave. It’s hard but I’m learning to respect their decisions – all five’s decisions – and although it can be hard sometimes, I do not want to end up bashing either sides because in the end I really do like all 5 of them. They do have their faults and are not perfect (personally, it is hard to see past this because I think they have been presented as ‘gods’ and hence ‘perfection’ is implied, well at least to me), but they just have this attraction that I cant help but feel attracted to – I think it’s what they all share and that is: sincerity, passion, hard work. I must admit that I was for some time part of the hypocritical ‘ot5’ fan because even though I admitted that I supported all five, I was still living in the past and refused to see their post-lawsuit activities. But I have since then, slowly, start to accept their activities and I’m still in the process of that now actually.. I have so many years’ worth to catch up on. In the past I’ve only looked back on their past, but I have now positioned myself to live in the present moment and appreciate (and adore and love) their past but at the same time looking ahead to the future… Okay lol this is turning to be an essay… I just want to say that I’m glad I actually found your blog~

    1. Hello there, it’s always a pleasure to meet ‘new’ fans and know the boys still got it! Thank you for relaying your journey as a fan. It’s my hope that all fans can come to respect TVXQ as Changmin and Yunho, so perhaps struggling fans can come across your story. I could feel your sense of relief as you processed the lawsuit issues and got to a place that is good for you. I’m also delighted you can now enjoy the present because taking in all the activities in real-time just can’t be replicated. Let it ease your heart that their lovely past as 5 (which I too appreciate, adore and love) will always be there to look upon even if we fully enjoy the present. ^^

      1. Thank you for your reply~^^ Well it’s a constant struggle because there are days where I’m more pessimistic or optimistic, days when I’m more emotional or rational. Even so, I am not regretting that I get to know them 5 (possibly…the only regret I have is not knowing them earlier). Even though I find it hard to believe, very surprising and personally somewhat ridiculous, getting to know them 5 (including the whole lawsuit thing) has changed me in different ways. Glad to have found some peace at least and to just enjoy their music and videos~ No matter what others may say, I’ll try my best to support them for a long time!^^

    1. So what? The point is many so called neutral fans never support all five boys equally, This is the stance neutral fans they should have. Yunho and Changmin’s choices matter as much as JYJ’s.

  12. yEs//FANS MOVE THE FREAK ON….YUNHO AND CHANGMIN ARE NOT DUMB..THEY WERE JUST NOT money driven or ambitious at the time…I agree with this blog…

    1. Yunho and Changmin are ambitious but for TVXQ not so much for solo activities. TVXQ has achieved so much as Tohoshinki because of their drive and ambition. Like all of us they like money but they weren’t weren’t going to risk their beloved TVXQ for a shady cosmetics business and they were absolutely right.

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