JYJ lawsuit is not the decider of ot5 reunion

Now that we’re 3 years into the JYJ vs. SM lawsuit, I expect everyone to understand that the results from the lawsuit don’t lead to a “ot5 reunion”. I don’t know why many fans have made such a strong connection between the “end” of the JYJ lawsuit and reunification of DBSK as 5. It’s foolish to not try and understand this.

It is what it is: a lawsuit between JYJ and SM. The lawsuit will not decide ‘if’ or ‘when’ the “ot5 reunion” will happen.

Whenever the lawsuit court dates are near, the overwhelming number of comments about it leading to a reunion is pitiful. Of course I can sympathize with the underlying sentiments but their self-made false hope is so tiring. These are the fans who seemingly want a reunion the most and vocalize their hardcore faith in a reunion which makes it ironic they place their hope  in lawsuit proceedings. You would think they’re the fans who unshakably believe in a reunion and don’t need to rely on false associations.

On a related note, this irony is why allkpop can capitalize on baseless rumors and why ot5 fans are ridiculed.

Believing that DBSK can or will reunite as 5 is not all about blind aktfaith. It also requires accepting things as they are. What is a show of faith if fans don’t or won’t even accept the circumstances?


14 thoughts on “JYJ lawsuit is not the decider of ot5 reunion

  1. i agree. but, its enevitable for this to happen. time will be the real teller of events for all to see. let’s be patient a while longer.

  2. Hi, well said. I like the last paragraph the most : )

    Having said that, I would like to say that I look forward to your new post since I discovered your site barely a month ago. I’ve read each and every one. It feels like you’re one of the most calm, rational and balanced DBSK-related sites i’ve read so far. And, I appreciate it a lot.

    Brace for what may be a very long and rather boring reply because you might have read/heard it before. But I need to say this. I’ve been meaning to leave a message for a long time already. So, first I apologize in advance if I am being so “whatever….!” here. None of my friends like Korean music, so I need to vent this out somewhere who would understand, and I’m really really really sorry for doing it here. You can skip to the last paragraph, I don’t mind (not that I know if you do) : )

    I’m a new DBSK fan (i hate saying that i’m a new fan because it almost feels like i’m admitting that i know them less than others, when i actually feel like i’ve known them forever thanks to all the videos, fanaccounts, countless websites etc.) I truly discovered them on 13 April 2012 accidentally when I listened to Love in the ice. It was a short version, but enough to make me love them right that instant. Someone probably posted it on facebook, so I might have downloaded the song from there. Apparently, it has been sitting in my music library since June 2011 and been ignored until that fated day. My life is not the same since. I’m exaggerating, but it truly feels like it is. I was at school when I listened to Love in the ice. Their voices are so…….. No word to describe them. After, I went home and download the full version, and a few weeks later I have altogether close to 1000 DBSK songs. It was crazy! I bought their CDs, shirts and whatever I could afford. Listened to them everyday, read their news and past stories everyday. It feels like I spent my every waking seconds on them. And, I bought CDs! I never bought CDs, at least not since years ago back when I was in high school and BSB was still cool. I am so screwed! I listened to Korean songs occasionally mainly songs that I discovered through dramas, and I like FTTS, Clazziquai and Bobby Kim. But my obsession with DBSK is totally on another level. It was all weird to me. The whole fandom thing. The strange words. The crazy fanfictions. I took awhile to understand it all. (I used to have a rather negative view of KPop mainly because of the seemingly over exploitation of pretty girls/boys who can’t sing. And, I am dead wrong. Now my friends think I am weird)

    I wasn’t feeling like myself. I was happy, sad, miserable, happy again everytime I watch their videos. And of course I discovered that they’ve separated or been operating as subunits (to lessen the blow) soon after I knew them. It was heartbreaking to see them like that. It was more heartbreaking for me for I discovered them too late. After I watched more videos and read more stories, I realized that I’ve seen their faces before. Although I’ve read their news and watch their dramas before April 2012, they never registered in my mind because back then I was never into the whole KPop scene, I just listen to songs that I like. I couldn’t control the obsession at first. And, until now it is hard not to check their stories or watch their videos for hours everyday which is so not good for me because I’m a grad student, going to be in my 3rd year in less than 2 months. So I can’t afford to be distracted especially by this rather selfish and unhealthy obsession. I really need help, I think… Haha! Wonder what the grad school psychologist would think if I met them saying I can’t concentrate on my work because I am under a mirotic, drowned in a red ocean of DBSK awesomeness and dream of spotting the cassiopeia in the night sky one day. They must think I’m weird too.

    So….. all those long winded story that I actually could sum up with “I breath, drink, eat, sleep, think, dream, study, walk, run, cycle, shop, ride trains and buses (and, sorry… poop) with DBSK” is to say I WANT TO KILL THOSE WHO START THE RUMOR AND SPREAD IT! Though, I have to admit I need to kill myself too because I tweeted it after I read it on AKP. Ok, I save myself for last because I need to kill everyone else first. Urghhh! I shouldn’t have gone to AKP in the first place. I don’t like the site. It’s bias and full of antis.

    But, seriously.. My stomach churned so badly and my heart beat so hard I was paralyzed for a few minutes enough to recover in time to tweet it. I was practically doing a backflip and multiple cartwheels in my head because of the news. So cruel! After the excitement settled, and reality sinked in, I felt so sad. So sad for it may never happen when I really really really wish to see them together again. That I never got the chance before, and might never gonna get the chance is heartbreaking.

    Sometimes I feel like a reunion is almost a little too late and maybe a little too soon. Too late because it should have happen back when things are not so messed up as now, when a lot have been (allegedly) said and done. And, too soon for after they have achieved and done so many great things as they are now, I wonder how they can fit and fix everything back together again. But, the thing that I’m scared of the most is that they will not be the same five as before. It will be more heartbreaking to see that.

    I think I’m fortunate that I can still enjoy their presence as they are now with open mind… I know it’s harder for others. I’ll wait for them for as long as I live (well, I hope it’s not too long…) I just wish for them to be happy in no matter what they do. I believe they have good reasons for staying and for leaving. It must be very hard for them and we’re in no position to judge. I wish for the fans to unite and show Yunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin that we are all behind five of them and DBSK equally and faithfully. Until they are together again, I’ll always keep the faith…

    If you read up to this, I appreciate it a lot. If you don’t, I still want to thank you for writing all those you’ve written. You seem to be able to put things into perspectives that helped me to understand all the madness and issues better. And thank you also for the stories you’ve shared about DBSK throughout the years since they started. I’m happy to read about them. It helps to lessen the sadness that I wasn’t there before to experience it :)

    Aahhh..now everything is out of my chest, I feel so good! I am sorry for babbling on end like this as if this is my personal space or something. Keep on writing and sharing your stories, please. I wish you could update regularly, though :D

    I’m sorry again for the long and rather off-topic reply/message/essay and for the time that you have to suffer because of my reply/message/essay.. I wish I could feel the same emotion and excitement when writing my thesis, like I feel when writing this. Haha!

    1. i read every word and i think we have all gone thru this in varying degrees whether you are a long time fan or a new one. the bottom line is we love them all and wish for all of them to be happy and successful whichever way their careers and lives go, and that they will be able to put the past hurts behind them and love each other with respect for their respective decisions. the past is the past, now let’s see what the future has for us and for them, and remember, we have tons of awesome things and music of the time they were the ever awesome DBSK.the best thing we can give back to them is to love and support and respect them any way we can. its kind of like having kids of you own for me, you don’t always like or agree with what decisions they make, but you LOVE them forever for being who they are.

      1. Thank you for reading it : )

        I really love them. Love them for their voices at first, then fell for their craziness and their attitude. Even after all the mess, they never give up but keep on showing us how strong they are. There are so much we could learn from them. Some people like to say that so many became their fans because of how they look. While this might be true, there are also others who are not that blind. It’s hard not to love them for who they are.

        And, yes..I’m happy that I have so many songs to listen to. It’s hard to find a song that I dislike. Even if there is one, I will end up liking it after seeing it performed live. That’s why I have so many of their songs now because I like to listen to their live performances.

        I never got the chance to feel what it feels like to wait for their new song release, until Tarantallegra and Android. It felt so good to watch the MVs and reading all the chart breaking news. And, Android was released on my birthday, so it was a very nice birthday gift : )

        So, yes..I love them so much, words can’t express it.. Will keep on standing behind them and their decisions, it’s the least I could do.

    2. Hello there, I read every bit of it ^^. Don’t be embarrassed or apologize, I think your reply is so genuinely revealing and could help other fans realize we all share a similar ‘story’.

      I was totally smiling when I read how you discovered them and the immediate ‘cycle’ that happened afterwards. I still relish in the memories of first becoming a fan!

      It’s nice how sensitively you put it, “I think I’m fortunate…”— I’m happy to meet a fan who sees it this way. It’s refreshing! I also agree with your thoughts of a possible reunion. As the years of separation go on, it’s hard not to contemplate such things. It does take an open mind in our fandom to see it like that and even more to admit it online :)

      About the rumors, it takes getting used to and learning from. It’s hard to not instinctively react with hopeful excitement.

      I’m a bit embarrassed but glad you find this blog helpful. haha, I’ve never had specific plans for this blog so that’s why it’s sporadic.

      Work hard at that degree!

      1. Thanks for reading everything and for being so understanding! And I’m sorry for taking so long to say my thanks, i forgot actually (probably was too excited preparing to go home for summer holidays at that time) -__-;

        I really feel that i am fortunate to know them.. While i really want them to be together like before, I like the current DBSK soooo much as well. So, I don’t wanna cause myself ‘unnecessary stress’ by trying to figure out or speculate or interprete the meaning behind their every move, word or action. The best thing to do is to treasure the past, enjoy the present and hope for the best in the future. TIME will tell :D

  3. Oh, God! I’m so embarrassed. It really is an essay for a why i love DBSK or something. I’m sorry m(_ _”)m

    1. I read your essay… thanks for sharing it.. I can relate to it because I am a new super fan also. The only difference is that I love their voices since 2008 but I wasn’t a super fan compared to now. I started to be a super fan around April 2012 also.

      1. Thanks a lot for reading it ^^ almost forgot that i wrote this before.. it’s nice to reflect on this amazing journey now that my 1st year ‘anniversary’ of knowing DBSK is approaching. I would probably write another essay to celebrate :P

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