Yunho’s M! Countdown Congratulatory Message & 2U Memories

Translation: “U KNOW? It’s already the 300th episode! -The one and only 1st
MC of M Countdown, U-Know Yunho.”
Translation & Photo credit: enewsworld

Yunho’s congratulatory wreath is really meaningful because hosting M! Countdown was one of his first “outside” jobs as a rookie. Of course the many images of 2U immediately come to mind. I can’t help but wonder if Yunho thought of Yoochun too? But this is Yunho we’re talking about and there really is no need to contemplate an answer to that.

It felt as if Yunho and Yoochun were sent out into the big scary world when they became MC’s for M! Coundown and Show Music Tank. They were so new and still had everything to learn. Even back then I remember thinking they were just ‘babies’. I always felt comforted knowing that Yunho and Yoochun had each other. I have no doubt that 2U are grateful they shared such an experience together.

And now it’s a reminder that at the beginning, when all was unfamiliar, they were facing the new world side by side.


3 thoughts on “Yunho’s M! Countdown Congratulatory Message & 2U Memories

  1. i agree. i love those memories even though they hurt a bit too. but their love for each other and newness at starting out was and is a good memory. what they had was precious and a big part of who they are now. i am thankful to have those memories of when dbsk were together and had the magic of the 5.

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