“JYJ fan”: The Dirty Version

uploader’s description: “I can’t say I have positive feelings towards HM, but this vid is not made to insult them nor to deny JYJ’s past. I’m just a listener who wants to hear ‘good’ things. IN SHORT, THIS VID IS NOT FOR OT5 and TV2Q fans (do I have to explain this LOL) so stop bashing all those vids and GET OUT♥ㅎ”

This is one of the most intolerable things I’ve seen in post-lawsuit fandom.

On youtube, videos titled: “JYJ Clean Ver.” have been uploaded. Watch “Taxi JYJ Clean Ver. w/ Lyrics”, to understand a JYJ fan’s definition of “clean”.

dhdhkpk, among other fans, cut Yunho and Changmin’s parts from old DBSK songs to create “clean” versions without the two’s vocals. It’s typical of hateful jyj-standom to say Yunho and Changmin pollute songs–that Yunho and Changmin’s voices make DBSK songs impure. I can’t tolerate this degradation and utter disrespect. Likewise, I am appalled these people think they are JYJ fans.

It’s been a repeated theme for such fans to try and strip Yunho and Changmin of their identities as DBSK. Whether it be JYJ Clean Ver. videos or on other online fandom platforms, they’ve tried to diminish the value of Yunho and Changmin as members of DBSK. I won’t quote the insults which have attacked both of them on human levels as well as their musical abilities. They want to justify that the two aren’t and never have been worthy of their places as DBSK members. As if to say since debut the only DBSK members have been Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong. Or that only those 3 have carried the weight of DBSK. This is not and will never stand true. The fact is, Yunho and Changmin have always been and continue to be DBSK.

Try as they wish but no amount of song cutting and botching will create a “new past” for DBSK, Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun or Junsu. It’s a past that involved Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho as DBSK. And a history that each of the 5 have earned equal rights to, regardless of the passing time.

In trying to reject Yunho and Changmin, they’ve actually insulted DBSK as a whole. Hence, “JYJ Clean Ver.” has insulted Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong too. I think it’s fair to say the 5 of them don’t forsake their past, obviously including the precious songs they’ve sung. I can’t imagine any person in any occupation who would appreciate the retrospective belittling of their finished projects. Even more, I can’t imagine JYJ praising a “fan” for this. What kind of fan distorts their own artist’s songs? I only ask, how is this loving JYJ? How is this being  a JYJ fan? Quite simply, this complete lack of respect is neither.

What about introducing the idea of a “JYJ Fandom Clean Version”? A clean fandom that doesn’t take every chance it gets to insult Yunho, Changmin and DBSK. Perhaps when “JYJ fans” stop focusing on the impossibility of rewriting history, they’ll realize who the real dirty ones are.

Lastly, I must point out the fail of cutting Yunho and Changmin from entire songs. In “그리고…(Holding Back the Tears) JYJ Clean ver.“, they had to sacrifice the essential start of the song because those are Changmin’s lines. It must be hard for them to swallow. They muted Yunho’s verse and filled it with an awkward pause plus lyrics to the silence. And at 3:11, they shockingly let Changmin keep major lines. Oh! Again at 3:28, they must like Changmin’s adlibs. Can’t forget to mention that they didn’t mute the chorus parts—frankly, because they can’t, what ‘song’ would be left?


13 thoughts on ““JYJ fan”: The Dirty Version

  1. Wow-loved what you wrote-and reading this breaks my heart-I dont follow JYJ because I couldnt deal with their fans in 2010-early 2011-I know I have mentioned here before, their fans dehumanized Yun and Min repeatedly and degraded their essence as TVXQ- Sometime I wonder what these JYJ fans will feel when they are older-after all it was just ” music” .
    I admire Yunho and Changmin for keeping a dignified silence but I wonder how defeated they must have felt to see themselves belittled as members of TVXQ who’s contribution to the growth of the group is as much as it was JaeChunSu’s- TVXQ worked because they were a well oiled machine, the songs then were made for the 5 and removing the voices of 2, just makes the song collapse on its own.Like always I really love your views about this fandom, sensible and to the point!!

  2. i love your comments and am glad you took the time to voice it so well. my heart hurts to think of this happening to ANY of the members. why can’t fans love the memories and let them deal with THEIR situation the best they can. what is wrong with just LOVING who they were and who the are now? my heart hurts so i can just imagine how they would feel to hear these things. its one thing not liking tnem but quite another to actually try to take away their history or dignity.

  3. Only ifans Support OT5.
    ifans don’t wanna know what Jaejoong feel, why Yuchun cried, where Junsu want to go.
    ifan don’t wanna know what happen to Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu.
    Distance is not matter, ifans just enjoy pretty boys. It’s not a fan.
    OT5 think just “Happily Ever After”
    You lack reality, OT5. This is not fairy tail.
    Homin abuse JYJ.
    Homin betrayed JYJ.
    This truth never changed. (oh, yeah you don’t want to know about this I understand, you want to living in a sweet dream)

    1. Next time, leave a relevant comment–don’t copy & paste your youtube comments here. Clearly, you’re upset ^^.

      Also, this isn’t about “Always Keep The Faith” or about anything “ot5”. Vent your misguided anger elsewhere.

    2. I’m sorry but I have to call bs on you being Korean. Either that or you are one ignorant, out of the loop KJYJ fan. It’s true there is no love lost for Yunho and Changmin but KJYJ fans are not delusional like you. They know exactly what happened, who is the one that did the betraying or the abusing. Is it any wonder they will go through lengths to deceive gullible IJYJ fans?

      And taking the voices of Yunho and Changmin out of their old TVXQ songs is so hilarious and counter productive to what that anti is trying to achieve. It just magnifies how really lacking the three sound without Yunho and Changmin. Oh, but the delusion of the 3 being the only singers of TVXQ must be proven, I suppose.

  4. Yes, I understand.
    I’m Korean.
    You guyz use foreign Language.
    So you can’t understand what homin said to jyj easily.

    But you didn’t care about what homin said to jyj, aren’t you?

    Do you really wanna know, why did SM attack JYJ so easily ???????
    There was homin’s help.

    I can’t see Homin’s face, now.
    I can’t hear Homin’s song, now.

    They make me sad.

    (well, I know you guyz don’t want to know this truth)

    Always keep the faith in JYJ ^_________^

    Jaejoong and Yuchun’s words! “Always keep the faith”
    don’t use this sentence for 5. I beg you.

    1. wow, this is funny. just where do you live exactly in korea girl O_o?!! plus, I don’t need to know korean to understand, actions can tell me enough : o!
      so again please,….. who abuses who?!?!?!…… who betrayed who?!?!?! I don’t want to say that the three “betrayed” the two, but one can name it like this, since it was the three who LEFT first, not the two! second: it was the three who STARTED their own JYJ without waiting enough for the two, and it was the TWO who actually WAITED and continuously asked for the three to come back to them, before they decided it is time to move on and continue with TVXQ.
      and what with the “abuse”?!! sorry O_o?!!
      ok, a simple solution: show me one single proof, please! I don’t want fanaccounts, nor rumors please. I want video, audio, official statements or signed papers that proves that Yunho and Changmin abuse any of the three!
      just because you are korean yourself doesn’t mean you are credible in any means!
      I only agree with the use of “Keep the Faith” that it is about JYJ themselves, and has nothing really to do with the five’s reunion or whatever!

    2. Don’t underestimate ifans too much, there are a lot of girls speaking and reading Hangeul and there are tons of info all over the net. Each fan decide to herself/himself how and who to support. There are personal fans, JYJ fans, OT5 and so on (Japanese Bigeast is mostly OT5 ….are you saying they also don’t get info?) Personal position depends of the persons experience and views ^^ Saying that this group is delusional, that group is “stans” is insulting firstly the person, who said that, that person’s fandom and damaging JYJs reputation in general.
      About song…. I just don’t get it? If the person who created it, could really only listen to JYJ voices -> she/he has a lot of beautiful songs to choose from! JYJ as trio created a lot of very beautiful songs!
      This video on the other hand is blatant disrespect and firstly this disrespect is pointed to the boys musical past. To cripple song like this…. cut out not only voices, harmony, but the feeling of the song, lyrics of the song is just…….. No words…
      What next? Acgae fans cutting out and deleting one voice from JYJ? Just OTL at this situation….

    3. Please come out of this cult like mindset-just because you are Korean doesn’t mean you know anything-there are a lot of Ifans who who know more and who are sane-Its pretty much a matter of time before i see this kind of language being used by the individual fans of the three for each other!!

    4. No, I don’t want to know your truth. Keep it to yourself please.

      And oh you are korean, you aren’t a ‘ifan’ so you don’t understand how we feel, how we think, how we see things. Stop underestimating us only because we think different.

  5. To see this post and realized that it’s written by a Yunho biased, I can see exactly where this post is going.

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