Confessions of a Cassiopeia #43


It’s been 3 years since the announcement of the lawsuit, 2 years since Jaesuchun started promoting as JYJ and 1 year since Homin started again as DBSK. At the end of last year I came to the peaceful realization that DBSK as 5 will always be precious to me. I should continue to enjoy the happiness they gave to the fullest. This doesn’t mean the heartbreak is gone, it’s just that now I hurt less and savor more when watching old videos/performances.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cassiopeia #43

  1. agreed. hopefully more fans will come to a similar realization. we have to cherish what we were given and find the best in what we have now. things always change, its just some things change too soon. there’s no dispute how awesome dbsk was and the memories are many which we can cherish. i think the hard part is that watching a video or listening to a song brings up emotional feelings and memories that hit us each time we listen or watch. but, these memories will be good and fun and strength builders for us and confirmation of the love we had and still have for them.

    1. T_T Yes, it still hits me so hard, but i’m just content that I can look at it as you said, strength builders and confirmation that I really do love them.

  2. It’s really unbelievable that it’s been 3 years since they haven’t been together anymore. I could never forget them. They were the first group of people that I had ever loved and cherished. I still cry when I listen to their songs, partly because I miss them, and because their voices are just so beautiful. I held them all close to my heart, and I still do to this day. I decided on a whim to search “DBSK legacy” today and I came across your blog. You really wrote all my thoughts out in your entries and I just wanted to thank you, for being a wonderful Cassie.

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