Yoochun’s lovable messages to fans (in English)

As a rookie, Yoochun posted messages for fans in English and Korean. All his messages were written extremely cute. It’s also really touching to read in his own words about his and DBSK’s feelings regarding that time having just debuted. Though his posts were written in chungrish mixed with slang, it was very sincere and earnest of Yoochun to think of foreign fans as well.


(^^ click each one to  make it readable/bigger)

**[Credit: As tagged+soompi dbsk thread 4 //I don’t have the name of the person who actually posted these. Please leave a comment and  I will properly add credits. If you get these screencaps from my blog, to avoid trouble, please don’t re-upload to tumblr etc., Thanks!]


3 thoughts on “Yoochun’s lovable messages to fans (in English)

  1. Hi been reading your posts lately. Is it okay if I blog about these?? I’ll be posting the pictures there too. But I’ll make sure to put a link back here so that they’ll read about your note. I’ll put proper credits as well. Thanks~
    AKTF ^___^

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