Happy 8th Anniversary DBSK

It’s now 8 years since 5 lovely boys stood on their 12.26.2003 debut stage. It’s also the third anniversary with the boys apart. This year, I’m relieved that Yunho & Changmin can comfortably celebrate DBSK’s anniversary. Despite all the changes, celebrating DBSK’s anniversary also means remembering how they came to us.

I call them our ‘boys’ but they truly are men now. They performed on 12.26.2003 wide-eyed, with chubby cheeks, round chins and shoulders that still needed to be grown into. I’ve been a fan for about 8 years too but every time I look at them, it’s still hard for me to believe how much they have grown. I ask myself, did they really sing all those songs? Or did they really go through that many album concepts? Have they really performed that many concerts? Done all those photoshoots?

I want to thank the boys for giving so much over the years. Year after year they’ve given me reasons to laugh, spazz and cry. And yet for 8 years all I have been able to do is support them from far away. Sure, I buy their albums and merchandise but I often think it must not be enough. All I know is, with this and every anniversary, I’m reminded that I’m so grateful to have been their fan for another year.


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