Fandom continues to use Truetvxq 6.25 meeting translation

Although the international-fandom had been aware of the “6.25 meeting” prior to early 2011, there were no English transcripts.

An English transcript eventually became available from Truetvxq. Coincidentally, Dctvxqgall posted an English transcript at the same time. All “sides” (ot5, only-jaesuchun and only-homin) read the transcript from the fansite of their choice. I’ve recapped these events once before (6.25 meeting: dc tvxq gallery VS truetvxq).

The question remains: Are fans aware that dctvxq/dnbn lifted the transcript translation from truetvxq?

Dctvxqgall advertised a transcript to fans as “full transcript-unedited”. I tweeted dctvxqgall for clarification after reading their noticeably manipulative transcript. Here is our conversation from February 2011, in which dctvxq feigned they weren’t even sure of the ‘source’ or content.

February 9th, 2011

I’m willing to guess that many fans overlooked this not so little detail.  But in a fandom where there is paranoia over “who” and “which side” is the source of information, this is certainly not a detail that should go unnoticed.

Furthermore, dctvxq later released their own follow-up “6.25 summary/analysis”/”full transcript” which placed great emphasis on anti-jyj fansites for misleading fans about the 6.25 meeting. Was dctvxq even in a position to talk about distortion of the transcript or misleading fans? It was dctvxq who stole Truetvxq’s transcript, modified it to be anti-homin and refused to admit it was from Truetvxq.

Interestingly, JYJ3 recently re-promoted that transcript in a petition post at their site. Say what? JYJ3 would continue to use a Truetvxq translation? No, not JYJ3, who are expert translators as made obvious by their numerous “T/N”! Oops, I digress…Apparently JYJ3 means to enlighten its readers about 6.25 meeting misconceptions by using said transcript. Certainly JYJ3 must assume (as always) that Truetvxq has botched the 6.25 transcript. I generalize but the typical JYJ3 fan (reader) distrusts Truetvxq very much. I guess it’s okay to trust the transcript as long as it’s read at the JYJ3 site–especially when the credits are “DNBN” or “dctvxqgall,” and not Truetvxq.

Would it have hurt to add “Truetvxq” to the transcripts they redistributed? Why was it so hard to admit? An obvious point is that dctvxq/jyj3/dnbn couldn’t possibly credit Truetvxq (a “pro-Yunho & Changmin” site) because they used the transcript as a tool to blame Yunho and Changmin.

This is bigger than an issue of giving proper translation credit; it’s also food for thought for the i-fandom.

Some sites post their own translations, some sites re-post translations and some others creatively take translations.


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