Yoochun High Cut Magazine: believes in DBSK resolution with time

[— When asked about the still on-going problem with DBSK, Yoochun said, “There are so many things to think about and also many things to sort out that it’s no longer a problem a single person’s big heart can solve. Whatever the future outcome, I believe it will be solved after some time.” ] *originally posted & credits to: writer_girl @ soompi

It’s been rare for Yoochun to comment directly about the group split and lawsuit saga. I think Yoochun really put everything into perspective. He isn’t overly sentimental or dramatic in any sense. What I get from Yoochun is that he wants a resolution but at the moment it’s just not possible.

I agree with him. It’s obviously a complex situation that naturally acquires complications on all ends. Since there are so many issues that have to be considered, even if one desperately wants to end all of this, the problems by now are bigger than human feelings.

Time can pass slowly but I’m waiting with Yoochun and the boys for a deserving resolution.


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