Smtown NYC fanaccount: Seeing DBSK (Yunho and Changmin) for the first time

[ Really long and not DBSK performance-related stuff mentioned. Read everything highlighted in blue for a shorter fanaccount. No photos or fancams this time because I was freaking out too much to be holding a camera D: D: ]

I got to Madison Square Garden pretty late and there were already fans everywhere. I was in the 100 level seating, closest to the floor…and I’m not going to reveal more than that XDDD.

I got inside and there were these merchandise stands selling Smtown goods (shirts, fans, posters and lightsticks). Immediately my eyes zoomed to the Yunho and Changmin fans on the wall and I ran to one of the stands. I HAD TO GET THE FANS NO MATTER WHAT. Everyone was pushing and shoving and soon we were just a huge pit of human bodies pressed together. When I finally got to the front of the line, the staff selling was so angry he actually said that he was stopping right at that moment. I almost cried because it had already been an hour and the concert would start any minute. He finally sold the fans to me. I FINALLY HAD MY HANDS ON THE FANS. THEY ARE MINE!!! The fans are really pretty, good quality too and so worth being squished like a sardine before getting them.

Then realizing it was 7:00pm, I ran into the actual stadium area. The only areas that weren’t entirely full were the really farthest back seats (way high up). SM global audition videos were played on the giant screens and KYHD was the background music for it!!! Of course we were screaming each time it came on. BoA’s Cobu movie preview also played and everyone died when we finally saw JUNG YUNHO! It was only seconds of him dancing but WE SAW OUR LEADER. There was also a video to explain “SMP”, which I of course adored. It highlighted the uniqueness of the SMP style etc.

Okay, then the lights dimmed! Basically everyone performed for like 3 hours before my boys came out =.= but I was reallllllly happy when I saw Kangta and BoA.

Of course Kangta started with ballads and it’s been my dream to see him for so many years also. Even before the boys I was a fan of Kangta, so to hear Polaris and Pine Tree live was too amazing. Plus, Polaris was Changmin’s audition song. Kangta is an amazing vocalist, performs so well, like a studio recording. Because he was the first artist that night to come out that I wanted to see perform, it was completely unreal O_O. He also smiled just as adorably as he did in Candy…which was like +10 years ago T_T. His eyes sparkled when he smiled too. MY HEART!

BoA! She really is an amazing performer. Watching her dance sequences were like watching an mv scene. Her footwork is just jaw dropping and she has so much attitude. Her confidence really shines and I think that’s what I admire about her most. And I finally saw her dimple in life OTL. On top of being so tremendously successful, she is also incredibly pretty. I wished she did a medley of her older Korean songs too but she did not >_<.

Okay so at this one part when Suju was performing, I don’t even know what song it was, we thought we saw Homin popping up. This was absolute fail LOL and a huge false alarm. They were underneath the stage and we saw two heads for like 1 second and were like HOMIN??? And then it was like OTL NOT HOMIN. I guess we were too excited and anticipated them too much.

And the hours went on. I did enjoy Hyukjae’s solo(?) very much. But because it was getting later and more ‘signature’ songs were being performed, WE KNEW IT WAS ALMOST TIME FOR OUR BOYS. I kept staring at the ceiling because obviously they were going to ‘fly’ in like they always do for Smtown concerts.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED. THE MUSIC, THE BELL RINGING SOUND OF THEIR INTRO SONG CAME ON. AND I KNEW. THIS WAS IT. After like 8 years of obsessing over DBSK through the computer screen, they were going to appear right before me. I started shaking. 

AND THEN BAM! YUNHO AND CHANGMIN APPEARED.  They floated above like fcuking gods TTT__TTT. SUCH A BOSS INTRO SERIOUSLY. It was like, yeah they are the top of the top. And the music played and of course Yunho was nodding his head to the beat UNF. YEAH YOU ARE MY KING YUNHO! He did this hand pointing thing to his head that he always does and I was like omfg idek. idek. I was freaking out haha. I LOVE HIS COCKY EXPRESSION. Charisma while flying over me, he totalllllly owns me. Both of them put their arms out like angels TT_TT. Changmin was all posh and trying to be all non-expression LOL, but he was like a greek god, complete with curly hair and the legs…so long…so slender…so hot. AND I FINALLY NOTICED HIS CHEST. IT WAS NAKEDDDDDDDDDDD. Such a deep V cut top. I don’t think I can explain the feeling. I was trying to register that it was indeed Homin right there, that those were their bodies and those were their faces and THAT WAS YUNHO’S BULGE. I kept staring but it was like can this be real??? Am I really here right now? They came out in blue outfits, I believe these are new ones we haven’t seen before. Changmin had fur on his collar. They were floating above everyone and the reaction was so loud! Everyone who was a Cassie near me stood up. We were jumping and screaming. And I finally got my lightstick out! I was saving it for the boys T_T. Their entrance is really impactful and the suspense as they floated was almost too much. I was so fcuking proud already, it was like HELL YEAH THESE ARE MY BOYS FLOATING OVER YOU SO YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN TTT_TTT. Finally it was our time of the concert after what seemed an eternity.

The first things I thought of was that Changmin’s hair was huge OTL. I didn’t think it could get that big but it was really curly almost crimped. And his face was bigger than I imagined too, but maybe that was the hair. His cheekbones are to die for, they are so handsome and elegant, but you can reallllllly see them even when Changmin isn’t smiling. Every feature on Changmin’s face is prominent and like he should be a model TOT. And as for Yunho, his eyes are bigger in life! They always seem smaller than the rest of the boys’ in pictures but in life his eyes were actually big and even a little rounder. And those thighs, those steel thighs, I finally could see them. I compared them to Changmin LOL, and yes, Yunho’s thighs are bigger. Damn they seem muscular too, when he bent one leg, it was like flex those thigh muscles prease! 

They finally landed on stage. And the guy couldn’t get Changmin’s harness off, Yunho was pretty fast. I would kill to be the guy taking off Changmin’s harness. Imagine my hands being there for that long!

THE WAY U ARE. It was really quick, just a couple of seconds of the part right before the chorus. Really I wasn’t prepared for homin to start dancing, I was just like wth is happening right now??? Then there was a super fast dance break with Yunho in the front and then Changmin came back up and they pointed at each other right as the “oh whoa oh” part of Mirotic part came on!

MIROTIC. I finally registered they were about to sing Mirotic. “I got chuuuuuu under my skin”, at this part I was like I am seeing this in real life. They are really doing the ‘pointing’ part. And then THE CHIN PART. OMFG. This part I like SFM. Then Changmin did the YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH part. O_____O holy crap my behbeh has got some lungs. This is the first time I could finally feel what it is to be penetrated by Changmin’s lungs and vocals. It went straight through me *O*. So damn powerful.

MAXIMUM. I was totally unprepared for the hotness of Maximum. All of a sudden the beginning of Maximum came on and I was like OMG IT’S HAPPENING. It was like hold on, I’m still recovering from Mirotic. The first “HOI” JUST KILL ME. Finally I could hear Yunho’s sexy hoi voice. I couldn’t believe he was singing and dancing at the same time OTL. The first time he did the hip rolling part, he had this sexy smirk LET ME DIEEEEEEEEE. It was like fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk JUNG YUNHO IS THE REAL DEAL. And Yunho is so flexible!!! The part where he leans all the way to the ground right before Changmin pops out, omg, he’s such a pro. Then Minnie came out and he put one arm up and it was like omfg. His hair moved cutely even though Maximum is such a sexy song. And Changmin’s chest, CAN I EAT YOUR CHEST CHANGMIN? He did a ‘yeahh’ part and he leaned to the side a bit, we could seeeeeeeeeeee. THEN HE SMILED AND SMIRKED right before Yunho came back to join him in the center of the stage. IT WAS LIKE HE WAS TRYING TO KILL ME. He did this really cute pointing thing to Yunho right when Yunho walked up, like “here’s my hyung”. At Minnie’s “WALK THIS WAY” part, you could tell he was getting more tired but I loved it even more hearing his breathing OTL because it’s like, yes, they are singing live and this is pure hardworking talent.

TVXQ TALK. They both stood with their hands on their hips hehehe. Then Changmin “signaled” for Yunho to go first. Then even though they were both still breathing so hard T_T, Yunho counted to three and they said “annyeonghaseyo”. Then they said “WE ARE TVXQ”. OMG. I ALMOST CRIED. I have always wanted to see them introduce themselves. Minnie totalllllly smiled/smirked, in a knowingly way >_<. I think Yunho said “Hi everyone *wave*, I’m Yunho.” OMG YEAH YOU ARE YUNHO. TTTTT__TTTTT. (Hi, Yunho, I’m babyredocean, you own me, now that we have met, please take me home!….) WE WERE SCREAMING SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOUD. Seriously, non-stop screaming. AND THEN SHIM CHANGMIN HAPPENED. He took a quick look around the stadium. Put his hand on his hips. And made his eyes wider. And did “wae you all so cray” eyes and nodded saying “I’m Changmin”. IT WAS LIKE OWAHJOFESOFJAOASJOFWGJSHGWESOATU-2084T8245R  . He could not stop smirking/smiling. I could see his beautiful teeth. Then he looked over at Yunho still smiling because to be honest, after those looks he gave us, we couldn’t stop panicking/screaming.

I think then Yunho said something like “We are happy here tonight!” AWWWWWWWWW. Leader speaking English. It’s a special ‘awwwww’ for all Cassies. He was nodding and looking around. This was the point where I looked at Yunho and was like …his eyes are so genuine. He really is thinking of his fans and being there on stage. Then he spoke some Korean but I did catch a super cute pronunciation of “Madison square garden”. I wish I knew what he said. There was a translator but we could not hear a thing she was saying. Changmin was so tired T_T, he put his hands on his knees. Yunho speaks really well and eloquently (even if I don’t know Korean >_<). He definitely makes everyone pay attention. 

Then Changmin’s turn! He tried to start but we freaked out again. Then he totally flashed a smile and THEN SHIM CHANGMIN DID THE ‘SHHHHHH’ SIGN. O M G SANITY WAS GONE IMMEDIATELY. OMG. AFTER YEARS. FINALLLY I SAW CHANGMIN DO IT. FINALLY, SHIM CHANGMIN TOLD ME TO SHUT UP. omg TTT__TTT that’s like my dream, for Changmin to act like this in front of me. He is suchhhhhhhhhhhh a tease. Of course we got 10 times louder after that. I was gonna cry. Then I think Changmin said “Thank you for your love and support”. His eyes got all round and big as he looked around. Then he nodded and said “Kamsahamnida all the way”. TTTTTTT_TTTTTTT MY BEHBEH INTERGRATING SUCH CUTE ENGLISH. Then he said “Continuing the show, next up is Before U Go.” As Changmin said this he kept making all these big eyes *my heart is squishing so much* and was all cute and KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love that he spoke comfortably even though he made all those eyes that told us we were craycray. I don’t currrr.  (the only reason I can remember their exact phrases is because I had my camera recording while hanging from my wrist >.<) but there are super good fancams on youtube! THIS IS A MUST WATCH.

BUG! Finally during this song I realized the dancers were there! OTL OTL. I seriously could not ‘see’ the dancers before. I forgot they were there or something. That’s how strong the Yunho and Changmin effects are LOL. It was like wait…there are dancers too. My eyes could only look at homin. This song is sooooooo sensual. //dying// I totally did not expect BUG so it was such a sweet treat. Their voices are outstanding! Finally it was a slower song so we could really catch their voices. Nothing is a lie, how they sing is REAL. Our boys are so talented TT^TT. I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THE HIP GYRATING PART. Changmin realllly jerked his hips. omg. I can’t. I can’t. Throughout the song Yunho’s eyebrows were scrunched, he had such a serious sexy expression. AND THEN SLOW DOWN PART. O________O they are really flexible and at that exact moment, I got pregs with both their children at once. Also by this time Changmin’s chest was gleaming with sweat. After this song I was breathing really hard LOL. It felt like I exercised. Or maybe I was holding my breath the entire time. idek.

KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN! This was absolute heart attack time. It was like I knew it was coming but I still could not contain myself. I was jumping like crazy. This song means so much, it’s their comeback title after everything and of course it’s like the climax of their performance. I’m so proud of them for this song TTT_TTT. Yunho took his stage presence to the next level, at “you know what time it is?” and he does all this hand pumping and chest popping things, it was sooooooo powerful! I was like fuck. I love you. And then Changmin came out to the front and did his “naneun keep it low” part TTT^TTT MY ABOSLUTE DEISRE WAS TO SEE THIS. He long lithe body moving up and down while he remained so calm and cool. Only Shim Changmin has this kind of aura. Such a sexy and boss part yet he did it in this manner. Then little balls of fire lol flew up on the stage and kept flying out at the chorus parts. It’s weird but I could actually feel the flashes of heat as the fire came on. “Now I’m just chillin” part killlllllled me. DOES HE EVEN KNOW THIS? THAT HE KILLED ME. They project their voices so well too. Everything was perfect. Then they started running forward off the main stage and onto the middle stage. At Yunho’s ‘heh-heh’ part with the drum beating dance move, MY LIFEEEEEEEEEE. WHAT IS AIR?? SO DAMN POWERFUL. And Yunho grunted. DAMN. I LOVE IT. Changmin did his long “wae” part, it was even better than recording. I FINALLY GOT THE SMP EXPERIENCE I’VE BEEN CRAVING FOR. SMP IS GOLD. I knew the song was ending TTT__TTT and I couldn’t take it. Then the lights dimmed and they just got off stage. I cried TTT^TTT. It was like heartbreak instantly, how could it just end??? I NEED THEM. It was too fast.

I sat back down, turned off my lightstick and was in a daze. I couldn’t focus on whoever was next or anything else on stage. I just wanted my boys back. It was not enough, not by even a little bit. I really thought it was all over until…

RISING SUN! To be honest, I was so confused. It was like WHAT? THEY ARE BACK???? I couldn’t believe it. I jumped back up and freaked out realizing it was Rising Sun! They were in their suits and graphic tee. It’s very reminiscent of their actual outfits at the time of Rising Sun promotions. Rising Sun is my favorite era of all time, so to see it live is beyond words. The part where they jump up at the very beginning T^T, that is still epic to me. “now I cry under my skin”, how many times had I  sang along at home to that??? And Yunho was really singing it in front of me. Changmin’s “nooo” it felt so surreal..because I love this song much and it brings back every good feeling ever from 2005. Changmin’s expression in the second verse and his sweet gentle voice TT__TT so innocent sounding. And then he flipped his head to the side, shaking his hair a little and totally wanted to smirk. THIS BOY IS THE DEATH OF ME. Then the chest pop part, he threw his head back and all his hair flew and sweat flew out *O* HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. If only I was the stage so I could catch his fallen sweat. Hearing the chorus to this song I almost cried again. IT’S JUST I LOVE THIS SONG SFM. “waiting for the rising sun” TTT_TTT. And then at Changmin’s “you know whyyyyyyy” I was paralyzed OTL with his vocals just all over  me, it was like his voice was hitting me. Of course after he ended the note, he smirked, AGAIN. The small dance break part with the “nah-nah-nah”, Yunho did the shaking shoulders thing TTOTT. Then it was Changmin’s “ahhhhhh” long note part and it was complete ear-gasm!! AND TO BE GRACED WITH ANOTHER SMP SONG? MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. NO LIE. RISING SUN IS THE EPITOME OF SMP AND DONGBANGSHINGI STYLE. I’m a very content fangirl. Then it ended. Again, I was devastated.

Finally it was the end song with everyone. I spotted our boys finally entering the stage together. They changed into the smtown pink shirts. Thanks to Changmin’s big hair, I could find both of them. But then Changmin stayed behind on the main stage with 4 girls (can’t tell which girls they were, I didn’t really care LOL). Yunho walked to the middle stage, with Suju. I was like omg, my baby all alone. He was so cute though, clapping by himself and he was smiling. Then it was like a whirlwind because I kept trying to focus on Changmin and Yunho. Finally though, Changmin moved up from the main stage so he could walk around with everyone else. And he was glomped by Minho =.= ….me no like. me no curr. Minho ran to him literally and Changmin opened up his arms..and Minho just jumped on him. I remember that Yunho said “I LOVE YOU” and my heart was totally crushing TTT__TTT. When Yunho said that, he was so loud and clear and no one else had said anything to the crowd like that.  And honestly, I did feel so loved TTTT__TTT, thank you Yunho, I love you too!! Changmin had this really big part where he held on the longest note ever O_O, everyone else stopped on stage to let him sing it, he was standing by himself just belting out this note and then when he ended confetti fell down *O*. I was so proud TT_TT. Later, Yunho said “kamsahamnida” again. Once more, he was clear and the only one who said it. I know it was his voice, even though I was still trying to frantically spot him. He just has so much genuineness to him, even in his voice and his actions towards fans. I was so happy…just so happy to be their fan. It all ended after that..they were waving goodbye and I couldn’t help but wave back to them…even if Yunho and Changmin couldn’t see me.

The entire time Changmin was smiling, and I’ve been a fan long enough to know that if he doesn’t want to smile or do aegyo, he won’t. Actually, Shim Changmin won’t speak at all if he doesn’t want to. So it made me so happy he was happy T_T, truly happy enough to smile and smirk and even ‘play’ with us with his “shhhh”. Since he first did his “shhh” sign in 2004, I have been dying to see him do it in life. I’ve also been jealous of Bigeast fans since A-nation this summer when Changmin was so cute for them. And Changmin decided to be cute with us too, I feel this kind of honor? OTL I can’t explain but you all know what I mean. And we’ve all praised his epic long notes but really in life it’s like you’ve never heard him before T^T. Changmin’s sheer vocal ability alone is breathtaking. Throughout all the songs he sang so strong, never missing a single second. Thank you Shim Changmin for gracing me with your everything, your cuteness, your smiles, you round eyes, your talent TTTTT_TTTT, I love you.

Yunho did not smile as much as Changmin. But he has a different feel that made me also feel so happy. It’s in the way he looks at the audience, his eyes like I said are so genuine, the looks he gave. He was more serious but it’s in that seriousness that I know he values performing and being on that stage. The way he bowed multiple times to the crowd. Just like Changmin, his vocals didn’t waver the entire time, I don’t know why I’m just in awe of their abilities T_T. He’s really perfect and just this wholesome feeling coming from him. Not to mention JUNG YUNHO IS FIERCE. No one else performed like him. He owned the stage completely. CHARISMA is his biggest stage charm. He’s definitely the commander OTL…the boss? *O* The Leader of course. He’s so forceful and powerful when he performs, it’s what gives me the feeling of “yeah, that’s who I am a fan of, and that’s why I’m so proud”.

They are both phenomenal in all aspects. When I say it’s like they are super-human, I mean it! Their vocals, their dancing, their presence, it’s really like that, almost can’t believe two humans can have so much talent and skill. Even though I knew they were performing right before my eyes, it was still hard to believe that as humans we have so much potential–that Yunho and Changmin are actually using their potentials to the fullest. Definite “quality” stage. It reminded me again why I’m a fan of only DBSK! The rest of kpop cannot compare to this kind of quality. Also they are extremely tall and well built *O*. Their statures towered over everyone. I keep saying I’m so proud but really I am so proud!! They are still standing here, standing their ground as our beloved Yunho and Changmin who work so damn hard to bring us their stage, their performance, their songs. I have even more appreciation now for who they are.

I’ll never forget this concert. I kept having that “it’s too unreal” feeling the entire time so I think I couldn’t actually enjoy it enough. How pathetic is that? I wish it could have sunk in more so that I could really comprehend what was happening. I felt extra happy because it was like finally I could do this for them…finally I could support them from the crowd they were performing in front of. I was one of the cheering voices they could hear…that was me in the crowd holding my red light stick for them. I say I’ve been a fan for so long but never ever could support them in this way so it was just… TT__TT it meant everything to me. I know they can’t tell who I am from the stage but it’s the closest I’ve ever been to giving them my love directly. They always say to meet them when they are on stage but I felt so guilty I could never do it. I’ve fulfilled a fan wish after almost 8 years. And I did wear my red DBSK World Cup 2006 shirt, it’s the shirt I always planned on wearing when I would finally see the boys in concert. Wearing the shirt at last T_T while representing myself as a fan because it is an official DBSK item and it’s red means a lot to me. Yunho and Changmin, thank you for giving me the DBSK experience.

**extra: Was there a “red ocean”? No, there was not a collective red ocean. Why? I’m guessing it’s because American fandom has no experience with concerts, we are definitely not prepared for this kind of thing. I wish we could have organized at least a section for all Cassies to sit in or something. However, there were red lightsticks  spread out everywhere! Red was glowing from every single section/corner/row of the stadium.

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17 thoughts on “Smtown NYC fanaccount: Seeing DBSK (Yunho and Changmin) for the first time

  1. THANK-YOU so much for your very DETAILED and entertaining account of the TVXQ-focused concert! Just reading line by line allowed me to relive the night again! :)

    Mind if I shared my fanaccount with you? :)

    My heart practically STOPPED when Yunho pointed at me!!! Well, more so my light-up red TVXQ sign! haha, my heart felt like it was about to explode with so much happiness for him to acknowledge it! He flew right above us (section 118 row 9) – radiating handsomeness, reeking kickass confidence and emanating that calm coolness that one could only interpret as “that’s right, I AM Yunho biooaches” lol, stared down at the crowd, saw the oh-so-familiar red texts, raised his right arm and POINTED! Unless there was someone else in that section behind me with lighted red TVXQ signs, which, I don’t believe there were (but who knows, I was too excited and crazily jumping up and down and screaming at the top of my lungs to care about my surroundings! lol). Even the people around me (who were Shinee and Girls Gen fans) turned to me and was like “He’s pointing at you, he’s pointing at you!” muahahaha….That about made my entire day! I hope he and Max could feel the love we have for them! Yunho and Max were EPIC *fangirl squeal*! I was getting frustrated waiting for them to come on. I mean, all the other bands had like duets, singles, one after another, making me even almost doubt if HoMin would ever come on, but they stole the whole show away with their arrival!

    Once I saw a handful of people from the GA area starting to scramble toward the end of the extended right stage in the dark with their white-screened cameras while Girls Gen were still performing at the center stage, I KNEW. My eyes followed their direction, and I immediately saw Yunho’s silhouette as they started hooking him up at the end corner, and everything else ceased to matter (haha yeah, the all the glitz and glam from the girls on that stage didn’t matter a bit once I caught sight of Yunho!). All hell broke loose after the lights went out and “Tong Fang Xing Qi” was announced. *sigh dreamily*…..BEST part of the entire concert. PERIOD.

    1. wahhhhhhh thanks so much for sharing here! I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your fanaccount. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY. omg and you survived?? Jung Yunho graced you with a special moment. I’m living through you right now TT_TT. thanks for making him notice you with your sign, it makes me happy he saw someone and identified you as their fan. You got me all excited again too!

      1. No…I died and temporarily went to blissful U-Know Heaven lol. The funny thing was, well, it wasn’t funny at the time, but now it’s funny. My silly bf, though I love him to death failed to record the part where Yunho pointed at me -__-‘. I had been doing all the recording for the bits and pieces of the concert that night, and specifically asked him to help me record Yunho’s and Max’s part so that I could devote 100% to watching and cheering them on. As you well know, one can’t fully experience and enjoy a show if they’re busy half-a$$ing with the recording (pardon my language lol).

        So yah, just when I realized the boys were about to come on, I turned the camera over to my bf, pointed to the far dark right corner (where Yunho was getting hooked up) so he could start the recording. I’ll admit, it was initially my fault for his confusion. Prior to the concert starting I had complained to him that our seats were on the wrong side, that Yunho is usually on left side of Max when performing. Though I love Max, Yunho’s my all time fav. Anyway, so I was really in for a treat when it was Yunho who got raised up to the ceiling on our side. I was beyond ecstatic and screaming like a banshee with happiness. My boyfriend leaned over and shouted “do you want me to record just Yunho or Max too?”. I screamed back “Mostly Yunho, but if you can get both, that’d be great!!!”

        Unfortunately, my earlier complaint that we were on the side closer to Max stayed with him, and so he thought Yunho was on the farther side and focused the majority of the intro recording on Max! Even would THINK you could tell the two apart once you see them! -____-. I mean, Yunho was flying right over us!!! I wanted to CRY when he later told me after the show that he’d missed recording Yunho during the intro, because he thought he was recording Yunho (who was really Max) ~_~. Fangirl experience of a lifetime for me and my dear camera man failed to capture it!

        …Luckily, I found a really good quality fancam on youtube that captured that exact moment clearly and up-close. Boyfriend thus was saved from further crying and wailing from me haha lol.

        On another note, my Tone cd and dvd came in the other day and I can’t stop listening to their songs! It’s AMAZING! I can’t wait for the day U-know and Max can hold their own concert!..and maybe even have “JYJ” guest appearances…blaaaaah…what a fanciful dream eh? AFTK!!! 

        1. you are tooooooooooo cute. maybe when i see them next, i’ll also get to go to yunho heaven T_T. your boyfriend is a trooper, even recording wahhhh, i’m jealous ^^. lol even if he recorded changmin instead of yunho. but i’m glad we both enjoyed the concert to the fullest haha without bothering with a camera.

          enjoy your Tone! all the songs are so amazing. <3 and I agree, we can dream!

  2. Thank you dear for taking the time to write such a detailed and lively account of the concert! I read and read, squeal, laugh and cry…I absolutely love this. This made me feel as if I were there, really. It couldn`t have been done better! I can only sense how devastating it must have been to leave after this and return to “normal” life T_T. Please keep loving them and supporting them and…please keep writing!

    Thank you <33

    1. YF <3 you replied here too. TT__TT your reply makes me emotional. Thanks for your description "lively account" lol but it really doesn't deserve that. I'm glad it made you feel that way, but i totally understand the feeling of not being there bb <////3. You too YF, continue being who you are.

      ..and u know how i feel about our 'thanks' XD

  3. Thanks for sharing this FA dear ^^
    so envy you, I must say that your FA made me feel as if I were there
    I can feel the joy you’ve got when watching them live, If I were on your shoes maybe I’ll pass out LOL…I can clearly imagine how EPIC Yunho “RISE UP” and Changmin scream “YEAAHHHHHH…” on rising sun and mirotic..How I wish they would be here for another SMTOWN or solo concert it would be dreams come true XDD..

    I’m so frustrated when JYJ cancelled their concert in my country, but I’m still hope they will consider again to hold a concert here..

    anyway AKTF..!!!

  4. I’m happy i found these place… i needed. I was longing for a bit of OT5 if you know what i mean :P
    I enjoyed a lot your fanacc and the way you described it was funny :D
    I wish I had a boyfriend I could bring to their concerts ><
    Last saturday I went to JYJ concert in Barcelona (still can't believe it) and it was awesome, such a great experience. They're indeed great artist but mostly great people.
    All thats left for me is to watch Yunho and Changmin live. I was shh by Jae in BCN and if Changmin did the same I would die in happiness(LOL Jaemin shipper over here :P) I don't know when I would be able to attend one of their concerts but little by little kpop is getting popular here in Europe and I'm hoping for the best. :D

  5. Heeeey GF!!!

    Will you be going to the SM-Town concert in Anaheim, CA 5/20/12??? :) I am yet again ‘dragging’ the bf with me to root for HoMin :)

    I had an ambitious project planned to make a truly rock-out LED lighted TVXQ fan board, but after all the wiring and soldering (melting the wires together), I learned I was sold faulty LEDs (some worked and others didn’t). Sigh, there’s not enough time to order a new batch and recreate everything, so, I’m left with using my sign from last year’s NYC concert for this coming one. Regardless, I sure hope U-Know/Max can see it again this time!!! :)

    I just thought of you, and was wondering if you were going too; cuz I’ll be looking forward to hearing your fanaccount if you were! :)

    1. Hello there~It’s a nice surprise to hear from you again. Unfortunately I can’t make it to Anaheim T_T. I’m so jealous! But I’m so happy you’re going to go support the boys again. Please scream loudly for me and give them my love. I look forward to your reaction *O*.

      Aww, sorry you new LED plan didn’t work out. But I’m pretty sure your old sign already does the job! They’re going to be so delighted to see dedicated fans in America.

  6. Hey thank you so much for sharing this! You really made me feel like i’m watching them right now!!! Really don’t know when I’ll be able to catch them live because i’m at the other side of the globe :/ but this account and the fancams I’ve watched are good for now! Hopefully I’ll get to see them in person one day!!! Thanks again for this, you lit up my day!

    1. No problem ^^*. I waited so long before I could see them, so I know how you/other fans feel, just wanted to share the experience with those who couldn’t be there. Have hope! You might be writing your own fanaccount someday soon!

  7. T_____________T always soooooo envious of people who r able to meet and see these boys on stage and in real life!! GIMME A BOTTLE OF UR LUCK OMG!!LOL..u guys r lucky that u were able to see yunho’s genuine eyes & changmin’s cute smile & ayego..yunho’s sexy thighs & flexibility and min’s high notes..congrats…:’) all these fan accounts made me believe that the boys makes the best live shows r really true..thank u so much for keeping our belief alive..:’) <3

  8. aww, realllllllllllyyyyyy… I also want Changmin to tell me to SHUT UP! Hahaha

    AWW! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It meant a lot to me.

    While I was reading, I also listened to the song (that was performed during that time) you were giving means to, so, it is as if I was their with you.

    I haven’t attended their concerts, I hope/wish to attend their concerts soon! I hope it will be as amazing as this, or more amazing as this. I know it will be because it’s TVXQ who are performing, of course it will be much more than amazing!!

    I am going to buy concert tickets and attend their concerts someday, I am also goint to buy their goodies someday (I am ready for the sardined part HAHA), scream til my voice cracks, and I would be able to use my red light sticks that I have been keeping..HAHA!!

    I am securingly keeping my fingers-crossed for this.

  9. Hi! Thank you for the detailed account. I actually read the whole thing; it was worth reading haha. Your account gave me hope that I can also see TVXQ in person someday and scream my heart out for them (just for them). I’ve been a fan since 2006 and it’s my greatest wish to watch their concert and be able to support them “directly.” Like you, I am also just a TVXQ fan and no one else. I can’t really say that I am a K-Pop fan because I only listen to TVXQ but hey TVXQ is the K-Pop, right? Haha! Again, thank you for the account; it made me feel that I was you even for a moment and was able to experience the DongBang effect! :)

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