HEY Don’t Bring Me Down: pimp!post

Reasons why HEY! is so awesome AKA stage presence nearly kills me

1. Absolutely oozing of sexy-arrogant, hot, manly confidence–not just in the vocals but also in their dance and facial expressions.

1a. Please see exhibition, “Yoochun’s face” @:38. It looks like purple line I know you want to jump me. AND YES I DO PYC.

2. Execution is positively necessary: The boys seriously put the “perform” in “performance”! 

3. SMP style is an actual act and persona of the song itself; the boys are the song, thus the boys aren’t:

3a. Just moving their arms and legs because the dance routine requires it or

3b. Singing just to reach all the right notes or

3c. Wearing just any outfit that fits them, because

4. SMP requires all aspects:

4a. from the singing style chosen to very specifically fit the theme of the sound and meaning of the song,

4b. to the crafted dance choreography (single movements, formation and transitions),

4c. to what they wear (yes, down to the very accessories, fabric, stitches, seams and tailored cut)

4d. and most importantly, the ability to deliver while standing on stage to create the overall AMAZINGNESS effect.

5. Combination of all the mentioned elements + our talented Boys = DEATTM (DESIRED EFFECT ACHIEVED TO THE MAXIMUM).

6. Did I mention the I-know-I’m sexy-come-hither-but-you-can’t-have-me look that Changmin teases us with @1:03? DID YOU DIE? I DID.

7. Or what about when Junsu gets on his knees doing his sex face and sex voice at the same time @2:03. OH GOD SPARE ME.

8. HEY! causes loss of control of the presentable and composed self  e.g., Wild screaming, wailing, squealing and other random sounds.

8a. Listen to the scary and triumphant chant of “JUNG YUNHO” when he starts the song. Yep.

9. Fans must use all the sanity they have left to resist demonstrating their superhuman strength of leaping up from the crowd or through the computer onto the stage and … … … … … :X

10. How about Kim Jaejoong managing to look like a naughty kitten the entire performance and then perfectly flips his hair @3:18 and spreads his body open @3:24 while belting out adlibs at the same time. FLAWLESS. EFFING FLAWLESS.

11. And when Yunho cockily hit his shoulders @3:30 with the lyrics “namja”. HELL TO THE YES YOU ARE MY NAMJA. OWN ME PLEASE.

12. Heart beating really fast after the performance is over? Mouth open? Pupils dilated? Breath hitching? Immediately watching again? —yes, all are natural and normal reactions, no worries!

13. I NEED A GIRL/I NEED YOU GIRRRL *insert intensely synced hip thrusting to the beat here*

14. Lastly, @3:54 I’m just like FCUK. UNF. FCUK. UNF. 2U TOO MUCH.

15. The boys are actually tooooooooo amazing for me to list all the reasons why HEY! exudes so much power!


2 thoughts on “HEY Don’t Bring Me Down: pimp!post

  1. nosebleed!!! i really like this song’s choreo. one that can rival Mirotic.
    this camera’s angle for certain parts doesn’t totally capture the awesomeness of this choreo. that part when they lift their (long, sexy, ripped) arms straight up while pointing down, and then bring it down 90 degress, that is so visually stunning that is captured in other performances. and the hip thrusting…AAARRGGHHH. come and take me already boys, i’m all ready! :P

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