Maximum TVXQ “OT5” version

Yes, proof that they recorded this song together way before KYHD comeback in January. It’s only logical to think that perhaps other songs on the album must have also been recorded too. Please stop your KYHD album, lyrics and dance choreography conspiracy theories now. Thanks ^^* (as now you are even more irrelevant than before).

But more importantly, YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? SPAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TIME!!!! It feels so good hearing their voices together again.


5 thoughts on “Maximum TVXQ “OT5” version

  1. GAHH!! TIMES LIKE THIS I WISH I HAD MORE FRIENDS!!! I’ve been spazzing to myself! LOLOLOL

  2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It`s not only spazz time it`s also “trolling the stans” time! XD *LOL* ah haha! This is so great! This just made my years!

  3. loololololol!!!!! ^ trolling indeed! I just want to laugh in their faces. I’m surprised they’re so quite lately. ;B I’m still playing this like crazzzyy. ^^ Biggest shock in my life. I love it. Whoever leaked it.. I love you. LOL

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