JYJ3, JYJ19, JYJ1,000,000 to infinity and beyond!: standom eats itself alive

It’s not a secret that turmoil exists in JYJ standom about whether they support Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong equally. Perhaps the international fandom does not actively acknowledge this “issue” but it’s become more and more evident. A prime example is the Nature Republic Yoochun versus Jaejoong squabble. It seems that proclaimed JYJ-only fans persistently question each other’s support for all three members of JYJ. They apparently cannot be reassured that everyone in their JYJ-only fandom actually wants to support all three members (meaning actually support JYJ as a whole). Obviously these insecurities that they have will cause problems.

The latest and most prominent (although I’m betting the worst is yet to come) problem to arise is with their beloved motherboard site: JYJ3. Word has it that JYJ3 and the Korean fansite JYJ19 have historically not been on good terms. Fan consensus concludes that it’s perhaps because JYJ19 believes JYJ3 is way too “Jaejoong biased” and that doesn’t settle well with JYJ19.  Of course everyone, even fansite admins are free to have their bias. But as already discussed, determining whether or not Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong are equally supported is a very sensitive issue for these people. So naturally it escalated to the point where JYJ19 has banned JYJ3 from re-posting JYJ19 material.

JYJ3’s post regarding JYJ19’s ban explains that it is actually disagreement over how to properly credit material from JYJ19. JYJ19 claims JYJ3 does not properly credit when they re-post JYJ19 material. And of course JYJ3 claims those accusations are not true. Assessing their unfriendly history with each other, as well as the through the grape vine knowledge that in general some Korean fans are not so fond of JYJ3 either, it seems the “proper credit” issue is an easy tipping point. Instead of confronting their insecurities over supporting JYJ as a whole, perhaps this was the easiest and least outwardly controversial way for both sites to part? I speculate of course!

Lastly, as usual JYJ3’s typical hostility and pretentiousness is all over their enormous JYJ19 post (Yes, I read it! It’s that enjoyable for me to watch karma at its best). JYJ3 included a whole essay about their established ‘place’ in the fandom: how they are hated by other fansites/fans and included a little history of their rise to popularity. It would be professional to simply state the situation and dispute it. Instead, they added pity points while boasting all their good deeds to clearly illustrate how faultless they always are. Despite stating their deep desires to just ‘freely’ spread the JYJ love for fans, they ended up showcasing how fandom politics-squabble cannot be resolved amicably for the sake of spreading that JYJ love.

At this rate, how long can the JYJinfinity standom keep going?


32 thoughts on “JYJ3, JYJ19, JYJ1,000,000 to infinity and beyond!: standom eats itself alive

  1. I cannot stand that site. I literally read one article, last week, and I decided I’d never go back there. I’m getting used to the BS bias that all stan sites (HoMin stans included) adhere to but JYJ3 not only lacks professionalism or purpose but they’re incredibly nasty and immature with it. I can’t remember the article I read (it honestly wasn’t important) but the one impression they did leave me with was: study our propaganda like it’s your Bible, follow us like we are your God because if you don’t stand with us, you’re against us and if you’re against us, you’re stupid (their word, not mine).
    Well, color me stupid cuz my mother didn’t send me to school for 20+ years for me to become cattle to their baseless, inane, idiocy. I used to say I hate all stans equally but after months of this pointless warfare, I understand why JYJ stans are ahead of the pack.

  2. I’m a JYJ fan. JYJ3 was pretty hostile regarding the situation. While they are in no way wrong about verifying their stand in terms of crediting, they could have written it in a less hostile way…

    Instead they were basically turning all the hate to not only JYJ19 but to Korean fans in general. (I find many readers of JYJ3 jumping to quick assumptions. While JYJ3 doesn’t explicitly say negative stuff, the commenters do the rest of the work (Intentional or unintentional I have no right to assume) for them. There are the haters, the bias fans, etc, a fair mix of all kinds of people in every fandom. With that one post, the unknowing mix of readers of JYJ3 are led to dislike Korean fandom (and I believe in a perverted way, that i-fans have higher EQ than korean fans, just like how JYJ3 seems to be implying that they are more gracious than JYJ19)

    Thanks for the post.
    (Your blog is rather insightful^^)

    1. I definitely agree that the blame was pushed onto JYJ19 as well as korean fansites in general. If it were less hostile of a message, I’m sure it would have actually made their point (verifying their stance in terms of crediting).

  3. not surprised at this drama tbh..even at the busan concert korean jyj fans themselves were throwing hissy fits at each other over biases.

    as an OT5, my pov is that if the ex-5-now-jyj-fans can look upon whatever the 5 shared and doubt any of it is real/can last, then it’s gonna be equally easy for them to look at jyj and doubt whatever they have is real. in the end they’re just gonna tear their own fandom apart.

    enjoyed reading this lol, it’s funny in a morbid way

  4. You must be have too muxh free time to stalk JYJ fans and sites. Prove how bored your life is. Poor OT5, pls go mind your own business. Your fandom not 100%pure or mightier than evryone.

    1. ^ lol you smell so butthurt on so many levels. plz troll harder, it’s pretty amusing ^^ & wouldn’t it be said of you too? you apparently have no life either because here you are stalking ot5’s website as well :P

      babyredocean: Ty girl for this :) I never laughed more in my life lol brb stalking your other posts

    2. I never comment on these things usually, but I agree with jaemazed. LoL When you point fingers about how boring someone else’s life is…using the same reasons as those you are practicing yourself…you have no room to talk. :)

      Like she said…please troll harder. Your attempt here was a sad fail.

      Nice article, btw. I enjoyed it. Glad to know I’m not alone in how I’ve always felt about JYJ3. I have my Jaejoong bias but I still support JYJ as a whole. If I can do it, so can JYJ3.

      …Or can they?

  5. ^ one does not need to “stalk” said fans/sites to see the hostility in it. They are pretty apparent with how they feel about anything and everything JYJ related (even when we don’t really wanna know tbh)

    Anyways, this article was interesting. Finally someone has the guts to show that the standom isn’t so perfect after all. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!

  6. Lol butthurt jyj fan popping up.
    Anyway, I agree with you. I’ve been reading jyj3 since it first started, but the more I read, the more I can’t stand the site. I mean, adding personal comments on the article itself? And that one time where they had to go all the way to explain JJ’s tweet. Lol I can only laugh. No wonder that site isn’t that favourable, even towards other fandoms. It is manifested with jyj hardcore stans whose living in their delusional world.

    1. Oh I remember that article! The one where they broke down Jae’s tweet (a freaking tweet) word for word. Like dude, relax~ Lol.

      I stopped going to their site a long time ago cos it’s too dramacrazy over there. I bet even Darth Vader wouldn’t be able to handle it.

  7. I must admit I had never heard about JYJ19 before this. ^^ I don`t read Korean and I think crediting is really complicated even though I am supposed to have learned it properly xD Something like this will probably happen to me next!

  8. OOOO MYYY GOODNESSSSS!! imma i-fan and this just blew my mind!! i just learned about jyj19 today! i’ve always posted on jyj3 and have never seen anything negative about jyj19!! i am Chunnie bias, but i love all 3 from their heads to their toes!! i’ve always thought we were 1 big happy family and this really breaks my heart!! i know if JYJ realized how their fandom is acting, it would be totally hurtful to them!! they’ve shown nothing but love and understanding to EVERYONE!! how can anyone separate any one of them and still claim to be JYJ fans~~this is totally depressing u_u

  9. Hahaha, JYJ stans will never be perfect. So much drama. I don’t even know why. They have too much love for their bias, no wonder they could choose sides so easily.

  10. LMFAO. omg, i haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!! haha.
    I didn’t know that JYJ3 and JYJ19 were having these…”issues” ? LOL.
    Heck, i didn’t even know JYJ19 existed. ‘Til now. Not that I cared.
    But wow, Bravo! This posttttt. Glad to know i’m not the only one that thinks they’re gunna destroy eachother one day. :D

  11. “Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony this life”
    “my deepest dreams on TVXQ are flying high”
    “I can’t find the way to make them reunite”
    “so now I have to take revenge on JYJ supporters”
    “cause their actions are in my way, I can’t stand them”
    “they’re preventing my TVXQ from reunite again”
    “those witches with their true and trustful love for JYJ”
    “make my life miserable and meaningless”
    “turning it into a bittersweet symphony everyday”.

    1. Look, I understand you have a lot inside you (many issues) that you need to let out but can’t seem to find a place to do it at, so you chose my blog ^^*. Do you feel better now? Letting all those confused butthurt thoughts out? Please be more relevant next time to the original post.

      1. LOL, no, you’re wrong. I only want to bother you. ¡Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  12. I always read posted articles on JYJ3 but never liked the site nor commented simply because if I said one wrong thing, it was crazy how fans easily accused me of being an anti. And commentors often subtly bashed other groups which really made me sad cause I’m a fan of one particular group which I probably shouldn’t mention. They would say things like “I don’t want to be mean but how can other artists be so rude and insensitive…” without naming the artists but it was obvious who they were talking about. I’ve come across many other fansites and the sense of community that they have is unbelievable unlike readers of JYJ3.

    Anyway, I’d really like if someone could post a site for internal JYJ fans to stay up-to-date with JYJ. :)
    Please don’t suggest http://www.dbsknights.net though; I’ve found that despite the site being “…a place of love, not hate…”, it seems to be acceptable to bash artists (including whether it be HoMin or JYJ) in severely hurtful ways, but it’s not okay to speak up for other artists and people such as LSM.

    1. Definitely! I’m a supporter of JYJ AND HoMin, but because of what I’ve experienced on JYJ3, it’s come to the point that I’m so afraid of mentioning HoMin to some JYJ fans..

  13. Hmm… interesting to read about JYJ19 and JYJ3 conflict from other point of view. I am new JYJ fan myself and at one time was glad to find site dedicated to JYJ. I am thankful for the info, they are posting, but have to say, that some comments there are making me sad. I still visit it and read articles about JYJ, but stopped commenting, because some visitors are making fun of other artists, saying, that it’s only opinion.

    I understand that JYJ are in difficult situation right now, but still, projecting disappointment on other artists (HoMin included) is not acceptable… It’s a bit better situation on sharingyoochun.net I think, so am visiting this site too (reading translations from different point of view also helps^^). Just wanted to say, that not all JYJ fans are JYJ stans, so I hope cassies will not think about all JYJ fans badly^^ Thank you!

  14. in my opinion, the reasons behind all the dramas happen in JYJ fandom is because JYJ cannot have their right as artist and singer.. that condition somehow leads some fans to be over sensitive toward issues.. I believe that if the lawsuit has come to its end, JYJ fandom will be more peace and less dramatic..
    seriously, this kind of condition is not what we are expecting, but it naturally happens.. JYJ’s condition hasnt been settled due to the lawsuit and that’s why fans also cannot have their mind settled..
    I’m a JYJ fan, and I don’t agree on every single action related to hatred.. I’m open to all Kpop songs.. I’m OK with OT5 or Homin fan, as long as they don’t spread hatred.. I have my own words “Loving someone doesnt mean to hate the others”.. if only all JYJ fans have this kind of logic, fandom life will be more great..

  15. Hello, as JYJ new fans from beginning of this year, I start with loving Jaejoong voices, and he active in group JYJ, from that i like yoochun and junsu too. And the only fandom for I-Fans according google only JYJ3, so I start spazz over there until i realize to many member easily ban, and Jaejoong fan club always dominating on GAPP, they have aliance outside (twitter). And flooding GAPP with their never ending unrealistic love. This attitude causing bash each other because Jae fan is the holy saint and smart chicks among JYJ fans. So start yesterday I leave JYJ3 and living as independence fans. Btw i love old DBSK music too and i hope the best for JYJ-Homin even thougt separate, and i believe “To much love Will kill you” very true…

  16. I didn’t knew about the issue between JYJ19 and JYJ3, but unfortunately the problem could have been resolved in other terms without so much drama. The truth is, JYJ3 isn’t that great in terms of receiving new people … they usually ban people without real reason, and even accuse one another of being an anti just because they have changed they’re username O.O(check the odp post- but be aware that you need some headache pills after reading that lol); or if someone comments differently from the whole crowd the bashing starts…I gave up visiting that fan site long time ago. It is not reliable, and sometimes I got the impression that it looks like some kind of an worshiping -sect…no offense but that is how I see things. Even thou I love JYJ, it doesn’t mean I have to overly analyze every words they say, everything they do…Chill and support but not like that! Being an old fan (since 2005) at least I know that jyj won’t be happy if I bash they’re long time friends which they went thorough thick and thin together. JJ has stated numerous of times, that it is not/wasn’t a problem within the group, and yet on that fan-site they call Yunho ( he who shall not be named) lol Harry Potter anyone? People should learn to respect their history because it can never be erased! I agree smilejyj , being an independent fan it’s so much better. Peace (^.^)v

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