Junsu tweets Don’t Say Goodbye

9/24/2011  || “Don’t Say Goodbye” is track 14 on Mirotic album (version C)

(Junsu, 4:37am KST) Don’t say goodbye…

(Junsu, 4:46am KST) Not letting go of each other’s heart, we’ll overcome everything.. Cause you are my everything to me. I used to like this song so much.. I happened to hear it by chance for the first time in a while.. But this song feels unfamiliar now… And that breaks my heart..

Source: [Junsu’s Twitter] Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net

When Junsu first tweeted “Don’t say goodbye…”, I immediately knew he was talking about the song itself. I want to say I understand Junsu, that I sometimes feel heartbroken when I listen to old DBSK songs…but I wonder what really goes through his mind.

I guess reconciling the past with his present is proving to be harder than he had thought? For fandom, it certainly is an ongoing challenge but one day I hope everyone can listen to Don’t Say Goodbye with peace.


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