“I am thankful for everything around me”: JYJ on Twitter (via DBSKALWAYS)

YunhoFan is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful fans I have met! Her dedication to DBSKALWAYS  is truly inspiring and I honestly don’t know how she does it.

With Jaejoong’s latest succession of tweets, as always, everyone reacted. YunhoFan wrote such a genuine post about the boys and fans on twitter. She really describes well and understands the needs of fans. Check out her post and blog!

I admit it – I am one of those self-proclaimed boring human beings who often find great pleasure in just watching my timeline on Twitter move.  And I will admit to another thing as well – I hang out on Twitter a lot waiting and hoping for Jaejoong, Junsu or Yoochun to tweet. And, as all fans know, they do – indeed they do. Scrolling through page after page of their translated tweets that have been posted here on this blog during the last year, I` … Read More



2 thoughts on ““I am thankful for everything around me”: JYJ on Twitter (via DBSKALWAYS)

  1. O////O Oh my gosh, I absolutely do not deserve such kind words and I never expected you to post a link to here…thank you dear, so much! You and the boys are Twitter for me…being a sometimes makes us crazy right…but you guys give me hope – !!

    **hugs you** Thank you and always remember that you are an amazing amazing fan as well, the best! <3

    1. omo a comment here too <3. I really wanted to do it bb, it made me reflect also. It's definitely a must-read for our fandom!

      nuuuu you are more amazing! *continues this* nuuu you are more more amazing! XDDD.

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