Jaejoong misses Yunho and Changmin

July 25, 2011

(Jaejoong, 12:27am KST) I don’t know if I can say this or not.. but I miss Yunho and Changmin too.. No matter what anyone says, they’re our members and because I know them better than anyone else.. Though people may say that I’m speaking nonsense.. It’s been a while, but I miss them. *dongbangdata.net

I’m practically over the moon that Jaejoong said so directly that he misses them. The clash of reactions to his tweet across fans only further validates his weariness of tweeting this at all. Have I been waiting for words like this? Yes I have (from any of the members actually). Is it that I expect for the boys to say things like this or know for a fact they feel this way? No. But I interpret Jaejoong’s tweet as at that moment he “missed” Yunho and Changmin.

All I see is a rather universal sentiment: to miss someone.

It isn’t about ulterior motives or hidden implications.  If you can only see it that way, then what does that say about how you read Jaejoong’s tweet? (Have you ever missed someone before?)

Lastly,  I can’t leave out how this makes me miss the 5 boys together so very much.


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