Junsu tweets Stand By U picture

Stand By U at Tokyo Dome, all 5 members on stage. (Junsu's last tweet)
July 20, 2011 – from the last of Junsu’s successive tweets

(Junsu, 1:44am KST) It’s okay to cry when you want to cry.. just don’t push yourself too hard.. When the tears dry, you will be able to smile.. See, you’re smiling already [Lyrics from ‘Begin’ by TVXQ]

(Junsu, 1:51am KST) The long shadows that are cast on the hill.. The touch of your hand as I hold it tight.. It felt so soft and warm.. that it was as if my sorrows were being washed away.. What kind of future are you picturing right now..[Lyrics from ‘Forever Love’ by TVXQ]

Translated + Shared by: dongbangdata.net

I can only guess that this must be because Junsu’s feeling pretty down about the Jeju ambassador and KBS issue? “Begin” is extra special in my opinion because it was an early THSK ballad during a time when they were still struggling. But the Tokyo Dome picture is the real shocker. I remember how Junsu’s face lit up as the stadium turned blue. It’s as if we’re sharing the same bittersweet thoughts about the 5 of them on stage together. Most importantly, I believe that this hard time will pass and Junsu will no longer be in pain. He will embrace the path he has chosen (JYJ) and remember the past with only happiness.


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