From fan of avex to I hate avex

A little more than a year ago, there were many people in this fandom who praised Avex, sent Avex overly enthusiastic supportive messages and even personally wanted to thank Avex for tweeting. It was extremely important for such fans to show appreciation for Avex and defend Avex. It was apparently not enough just to support JYJ alone. For them to so vigorously vouch for Avex and Avex tweets was shocking to me. If anything, their behavior encouraged me to take a step back.

Beyond their outwardly display of affection for Avex, were their reasons for actually doing so. They were head over heels for Avex because Avex had offered to shelter JYJ in a time of desperation. Relief and graciousness somehow translated into blind ardor. And with that blindness they took off and ran, posting their feelings for Avex everywhere in fan communities.

Now let’s fast forward to the present. The very mention of Avex seemingly makes fandom cringe—including the very people I described above. How ever did their passionate feelings for Avex suddenly reverse? I wish I could empathize with their sudden reversal but they really set themselves up for this one.

With the same vigor they had in 2010, they now aim their words against Avex and Avex tweets. Just like old times, they passionately post across fan communities but now, about how evil Avex really is. I read it, see familiar names, familiar loud mouths and think, really? So here we are in 2011, the same Avex crusaders now on the crusade against Avex.

It’s nauseating that they even have face to be this loud when they know firsthand what happened the last time they were equally noisy.

Classic example:


2011: Avex is the mob, cowards, money dirty people, they should never tweet again, how unprofessional of them to tweet in the first place.


3 thoughts on “From fan of avex to I hate avex

  1. LOL! Dude I so agree~! it’s hilarious isn’t it? I was never into the whole,” I love max matsurraaa!!~” fab with everyone else. He’s just a business man, I don’t care about him. And I’ve always disliked him because he tweets.. as a business man.. that’s just wth. xD SORRY I HAVEN’T BEEN TALKING TO U SINCE FOREVER!!! I am Koozysakura on twitter!

      1. Ah, just going through your site for a little, Sis ^^

        Yeah, I wrote about AVEX & SME in my blog entry yest.

        This whole thing sounds like the stans to my: first loven with all extremes, then hate because they are butthurt over something…
        Wae praising AVEX so much first? We are not praising c-jes only for being with JYJ, don`t we? oO at least I don`t do. I wouldn`t know wae to do so. We aaaall know: The past taught us one thing-> companies can`t be trusted. I don`t even fully trust c-jes.
        At least AVEX & C-jes are not as worse as SME, but to prais one of them so extremely is kinda… ridiculous.

        And you know for yourself: The mood of fans these days changes easily. one day they love, the next they hate.
        It`s too much for me, though. I can`t handle such a behaviour, so I ignore these ppl.

        The real “mob” is not AVEX here… *rolleyes* And I`m really tired of this mob -.-

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