JYJ Stan’s goldfish memory VS Jaejoong’s tweet

Last night while I sorted my picture files I came across an old screencap that I made of Jaejoong’s tweet. I decided to share it with my tlist.

The screencap I uploaded:

Little did I know someone with the memory of a goldfish would soon find my tweet.

1) This person RT’ed me:

2) Apparently, she also came across my comments at dongbangdata :

3) And then re-uploaded my screencap and tweeted:

^I don’t know why she had an “ah!” moment? I guess it dawned on her that she had RT’ed ‘babyredocean’ (the same ‘babyredocean’ she saw at dbdata)!

4) Upon her realization, she revealed that she highly doubted Jaejoong ever tweeted what I screen capped and implied I was lying:

5) To rebuttal such unfair doubt, I had to tweet an article from koreaboo to prove Jaejoong had indeed tweeted it:

I learned that a person who disagreed with me about a fansite would just throw Kim Jaejoong under the bus. This crossed the line for me. She can call me all the names she wants and say I’m a liar about what I tweet or what I say about jyj3. But when she insisted mockingly that it was not a ‘real’ tweet from Jaejoong, it opened my eyes.

It showed me that her defensiveness for jyj3 overshadowed her ability to remember that Jaejoong did really tweet it. Her desire to protect jyj3 (little to do with her being a fan of JYJ or Jaejoong), actually fueled her to discredit Jaejoong of his actual words. She could have saved herself the embarrassment by simply searching google. However, she was so worked up about  jyj3 that she acted so rashly.

It’s indeed a sad moment when a person becomes a bigger fan of a site than of Jaejoong.


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