JYJ New Jersey Concert fan spazz/fanaccount

To be honest I cannot remember the song order or anything else in order. I really just remember flashes of the concert. Also, I do not know any of the 4 new songs.

We arrived at Prudential Center at around 6:00pm and there were already fans inside the venue and the ticket box area. The big screen said JYJ and instrumental was playing. There was a lot of chanting of “JYJ” and attempts by our section to sing Chajatta! I could tell the arena would not be a full house but this was expected. The stage itself was also smaller than I imagined, and the extended stage didn’t extend as long as I thought it would.

First song was Empty! Junsu was dancing so hard and it was like he was almost bouncing haha off the stage! At this point I was just amazed they were moving in front of me O.O and then I think it was I.D.S?? Junsu starting the song~! I thought I was dying, so clear and loud, “I want you in my plans behbeh~~~~~”. I finally could see the colorful suits closely, they were so sparkly. Junsu kept dancing so hard. And after this I can’t remember anything in order, sorry!

But suddenly NINE came on. Honestly, Nine was basically 50% of my excitement for the concert. They stood so far from me at this point though, but section B got a great view the whole time, they didn’t move from there TT___TT. I could only see Jaejoong’s profile and back.

And then they finally greeted us in english! Yoochun shouted something like “yeah what’s up(?) New Jersey and said “Welcome to the JYJ’s worldwide tour!” we went crazy! He was speaking english LOL. And then Jaejoong said “We hope you enjoy the show!” and then Junsu said “How are you doing tonight?! (?) For coming today thank you!” HIS VOICE IS SOOOOO ADORABLE. I felt like a Bigeast fan LOL, all the times they heard Junsu speak English, I could hear it now.

Be My Girl! This was the most memorable performance from the showcase so I was looking forward to it. Yoochun came to stand like right in front of us! I could barely focus on the song and all I could do was stare in all the glory of PYC. Then finally Yoochun did mini hip thrusts XDDD.

The solos were all in a row. Junsu came first I think with I Can Soar. We could hear every little note, he does not skimp at all singing with every detail. I couldn’t understand a single word he was singing besides “I”, “soar” and “anything” but I didn’t care.

Yoochun’s solo…I don’t like “I Love You” but to see him perform it live made me appreciate the song  a little more I guess. He didn’t sing this song that well but he did still have some good “I love you” parts despite how high he was required to sing for those parts. All I can remember is looking and suddenly, the girls hand had somehow reached underneath his crotch to cover his butt from the other side?? O.O I lost my voice screaming at this point…it was so scary. Still in shock from seeing her hand like in that spot…

Still In Love…I….am still recovering. When the veil thing came up I panicked lol. Just knowing he would be ‘moaning’ made me want to hear it live. This time the girl was really near him, kneeling to take his tie. His legs were so thin that all I could see was his crotch. And Jaejoong kept doing this leaning back thing, so that his hips were jutting out AND OMFG DON’T BLAME ME FOR LOOKING OK? I noticed how small his waist really was because he wore a belt and the shirt was so thin, so you could really see how thin he was.

Chajatta Crowd favorite. I’m kind of embarrassed now that I think about how loud the crowd was singing along so obnoxiously O_O.

They did a small talking part where Yoochun asked Jaejoong and Junsu to talk but they refused him and drank water instead. I think Yoochunnie didn’t know what to say either LOL. He thanked us for being there. Then he said, “Jaejoong is hot…very very hot!” because Jaejoong kept drinking water. The combination of Yoochun’s casual, yet deep voice and the teasing “Jaejoong is hot” OJSOIFAWOSEFJOSAZJL and I don’t even like “jaechun”!

OOH in Be My Girl flashmob, Junsu finally came over to our side and did massive hip circle and thrusting. I feel so lucky LOL. He was just round and round and damn, Junsu you are so round!

Junsu is meatier than both Jaejoong and Yoochun. No, not just his butt, but it’s just Jaechun were so paper thin so I was thankful to see Junsu at least had arms and a thighs. The mirotic hair cut on Junsu, although he’s had it for so long now, it still suits him so well. Especially when he leaned his head the same way with his bangs and showcased his neck. When Junsu danced, no one else shined.

Jaejoong really is beautiful, not so much handsome or pretty. I was alarmed with how thin he was close up, his thighs are so little T^T. When he moved it was like a piece of paper just floating in the air. I was so sad he didn’t come to our side more, so I never got a close look at his face. But I got a good look at his profile. His face is more petit than in a lot of pictures—and he’s always saying how he has a larger face but really in life, it was not so. His mouth is so small when he’s not singing.

Yoochun…Yoochunnie I saw him so close, it’s still so surreal. SO DAMN CLOSE. Was this real life??? I kept scanning from his calves up to this face and back down again LOL. His face is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo milky white. NO LIE. He actually has like white milk colored skin. His cheekbones are also so prominent and he literally smiled the entire night while standing there. Section A, do u feel blessed?? haha. And he even flirted with us several times XDDD, like he peered down and smiled and EYE CONTACT was possible.

Honestly, I can’t say much about the other 4 songs because they were the first time I heard them. It was kind of a strange experience to hear them for the first time, like a true live experience…can’t explain it well. In Heaven (haha not unexpected) became my favorite of the new songs. Really felt that they were singing their hearts out in that song, all 3 really sang to full capacity. I felt Jaejoong might break his voice, he was so forcefully belting out.

Also Yoochun said “Always keep the faith” and it meant the world to  me TT___TT. They were standing in the middle of the stage at this time, so I could only see his back when he said it, but it made my life.

When the concert ended, it still felt unreal. The whole concert…really I felt it was so surreal. I sound like a broken record but really still in shock that they are are real human beings who stood in front of me. Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun, you’re real after all!

towards the end, these confetti streamers were released from the stage.

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