Fail fandom or I only care for my 1 bias (jyj) standom

As predicted, “JYJ fans” are beginning to claw each other’s eyes out. Why? Because to them, they love all of JYJ. However, to outsiders it’s easy to see it’s actually the opposite. Many of the loud mouths (thankfully not all) could care less for JYJ as the actual group of 3. They’ve all picked their single “bias” and no, of course that’s not a sin.  The real ticker is that wearing a “I love JYJ” mask has thus far been the easiest route–easy to put on and just as easy to take off.

Should I really be laughing at this sad, sad situation? Probably not but I am very highly amused and want to take out the popcorn to watch it all unfold.

This Nature Republic Yoochun fans versus Jaejoong fans versus “JYJ fans” thing is fortunately just one incident. But could it be the tipping point? Is it just the beginning of the end? Will their true colors show? Will they turn their backs on the two out of three that aren’t their bias? Judging by their temperamental and often times impulsive behavior (example: Nature Republic cat fight via twitter), it’s more likely than not going to all shatter soon.

Will they learn from this incident? Can they prove themselves? I’m going to guess they’ll try really hard. Keeping up appearances does get tiring though. And as we saw today, it really does shake their little world despite the JYJ Vancouver concert. What a pity.


3 thoughts on “Fail fandom or I only care for my 1 bias (jyj) standom

  1. All fandoms have these same situations and there is always competition between members. No one is united in anything other than following who you like the best. All fandoms are like this in kpop/pop groups in general. This isn’t singular and it’s not something to be happy or sad about. It’s just a reality that all fans like to sugarcoat be it about Shinee, bigbang, 2ne1, Suju,Tvxq, jyj, or even fancouples, etc.

    There is no suppossed “unity” to prove or disprove. You may like the music of a group, but that does not equate to liking all it’s members, and that’s not a bad thing. Every kpop fandom or niche I have encountered is delusional on this front. I find that the word “unity” is only broken out when you need to get something done or want to keep something in it’s place/original state.

    There is nothing to pity in my mind and I doubt anything will shatter. As long as JYJ is a group the fans of individual members will have to put up with each other. They will have fights, break up, and then make up again, once they have something miniscule to spazz over. Fandom is like a cut-up pie chart. Individual fans combining to make a whole.

    1. Of course, I never excluded any fandom from this type of problem. However, I do believe unification is possible and that this kind of inner popularity scuffle is quite pitiful. Especially when JYJ are in a very tight situation.

      I’m not proving or disproving, I’m just describing the Nature Republic incident via twitter yesterday. I didn’t even use the word ‘unity’. But it would be nice to have a united fandom.

      Fandom is like the red ocean, we swim freely amongst each other because we’re for all the boys. Not because we’re each individual pieces of the pie, easily cut out and merely just seated next to each other to make a whole.

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