Confessions of a Cassiopeia #26


I keep all their merchandise in the original bubble warp and plastic packaging, including in the same box or envelope it was delivered in. I am extremely paranoid about how all their precious merchandise can just easily destroyed, even by me! Whenever I return home for vacations from school, I have to carefully check each item. I’m the same with my posters, I try to get my siblings to smooth the posters and dust them because I’m not home.

(if i had more money i’d buy two of everything *shot*)


7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cassiopeia #26

  1. LOL! Awesome. I thought I was careful with my stuff, keeping it in seperate drawers and dusting posters (with a special soft cloth of course! xD) but you win – I don`t keep the packaging. We are so extreme, though, I love it. And like you, I don`t have money to buy two of everything…only of a few select items, sigh. Will you be posting posters of the collection babyredocean. ^^

    1. hehehehe we’re all the same! i’m so happy to hear about your poster dusting! we’re not extreme at all XDDDDD. i wish all cassies could have 2 or 3 of everything~~

  2. OMG!!! I thought I was the only one! My sister even told me to go to a mental hospital because I’m such a insecure person! I get it from my brother haha! We take a full 5 minutes just checking the alarm to see if it’s on at the right time, lock the doors at night and check it 3 times. Every time I buy a DVD or a collectible that has a tag, I keep everything. Even the random ads that’s not even related to it. xD I get really mad whenever my plastic rips!!!! It took me a very long time to carefully take it off, and then it rips. ;-; I’m a very careful person. Hahaha!

    1. haha too cute ^^. I used to also be like that about the outside plastic, had to sooooo careful. But i’m bad at it, so i always ripped them on accident. so now i save them but not in perfect condition. fangirl ways unite!!

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