Continual Blame by DNBN on TVXQ5 (OT5) and Yunjae Fans as Reasons for JYJ Concert Cancellation in Indonesia


First, the tweets sent to Jaejoong from the DCI president were unprofessional and misdirected.


The latest DNBN article as distributed here attempted to defend Jaejoong against accusations that blamed him personally for the concert cancellation in Indonesia. Following a full review of the article, it is apparent that Yunjae and OT5 fans (as directly referred to by DNBN) have once again been unfairly mentioned. Although it appears the intention of this article is largely to defend Jaejoong, it is merely a mask so DNBN can shift the blame away from C-JES.

Pictured above is the first mention of TVXQ5 and OT5 in the article. The article makes it a point to state that “Cassination” is not for JYJ and instead for OT5. I presume this suggests DNBN thinks OT5 fans only support Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho when they are promoting together as one group. However, this is not always true. To clarify, OT5 fans may support all 5 members and not ‘only’ when they promote as a singular group.

Above, in reason (3) DNBN lists DCI’s choice of picking Cassination as a major contributing factor. Cassination is deemed an “inappropriate choice” for facilitating a JYJ concert. The first reason being they are OT5, as previously discussed. The second reason points to Cassination’s support of Yunjae fans.

Following DNBN’s argument, because of the above reasons, DCI should not have picked Cassination to help facilitate the concert. However, it is only briefly mentioned in reason (3) that it was in fact DCI’s fault in the first place for choosing Cassination. The specific explanations (a) and (b) focus only on the ‘flaws’ of Cassination as determined by DNBN. As if being “OT5” and “making a Yunjae banner” were the exact reasons why an entire concert would get cancelled. It is clear with the amount of elaboration DNBN makes about Cassination, that they want to shift the blame onto fans.

At the very end of the article it is mentioned that it is C-JES’s fault for not handling the concert plans in Indonesia more efficiently.  Discussion involving C-JES’s involvement in the cancellation of the concert is limited to one sentence out of the entire article. Immediately following that one sentence, DNBN concludes the only culprit to blame is DCI. In their words, DCI alone had “wronged” JYJ and the fans. DNBN explicitly concludes with DCI instead of Cassination to try and make their attack on fans less apparent.

This article fails to include obvious and essential points of speculation:

1) DNBN lists reasons (1), (2), and (3) to describe the ways DCI did not adequately do their job as the official promoters of the concert.

  • Reason (1) states that DCI failed to properly promote the concert through the media. It is common knowledge that promotions for concerts usually appear at least weeks if not months before a concert takes place. If it is true that DCI did ‘zero’ promotion, then it only makes sense for C-JES to have fixed this problem well ahead of time and never even have continued the contractual relationship with DCI up to the cancellation.

  • Reason (2) describes how DCI mishandled the sale of the concert tickets. However, the source DNBN gives is actually a DNBN announcement (tweet) for fans to be cautious of purchasing tickets. C-JES did not make any official announcements to warn fans that they did not authorize DCI to sell concert tickets. DNBN states DCI sold the tickets without authorization multiple times, giving C-JES multiple opportunities to at least issue an official warning in protection of the fans. It’s plain to see, C-JES didn’t do its job.

  • Reason (3) says DCI made a poor choice in picking a fanclub (Cassination). Obviously if there really was an official decision to associate with Cassination, C-JES would have already known. If so, DNBN’s concentration on blaming and criticizing Cassination is unwarranted because it is all after the fact.

2) It takes the actions of all sides involved. Clearly the disputes as presented by the official announcements from C-JES and DCI make it obvious that plans had been faltering but both sides could not save the concert from being cancelled.

Lastly, the severely unbalanced focus on fans instead of the actual dispute between C-JES and DCI is alarming. DNBN’s attempt to help clarify rumors is just a decisive move to blame fans for the cancellation of the concert.

*Both screen caps and the DNBN article are credited to JYJ3


6 thoughts on “Continual Blame by DNBN on TVXQ5 (OT5) and Yunjae Fans as Reasons for JYJ Concert Cancellation in Indonesia

  1. Reading comprension!
    1 _ DNBN only is stating a fact, Casination as OT5. Are you sure that this fanclub suport 5 as JYJ and HoMin? or OT5? Nobody is blaming it, well at least in that part.
    2 _ Casination was chosen by DCI as “ofical fanclub” why? because the conection between them (fans noted that there´re other fanclubs bigger and older than this Casination)
    3_Casination promoving OT5 events (or YJ events) Uhmm… this will be a JYJ concert, you don´t think that maybe it´s a bit rude to do that. And finally if fans want to organise it, ok! But why the administration should encourage them? As “the official fanclub” for a JYJ event, they should focus to promote JYJ.

    “They explicitly conclude with DCI instead of the Cassination to try and make their attack on fans less apparent.”
    Ok, who is paranoid here? I understand that you´re angry and want to rant about it, but suggest that DNBN attack fans, DNBN are fans, so what it is? fans attacking fans. And “the bashing fun” continues.

    Maybe you´re not aware but you are a influent member of the fandom, your words may cause more problem that solutions.

    1. 1_DNBN states “TVXQ5”, as I assume you also know this fandom very well, and understand that when someone states “TVXQ5”, they mean they support all 5. I also assume that you are well aware of the OT5 stance in our fandom. DNBN does criticize Cassination for being who they are, and if it is like how you said, then they are blaming Cassination without even knowing if they do support JYJ and Homin at present time.

      2_Even so, Cassination was the fanclub that was picked, it is not their fault for being who they are as a fanclub. Why is DNBN even focusing so much on Cassination at all (as I already discussed in my original post).

      3_ Exactly, they are fans organizing things because the administration had presumably already ‘chosen’ them to do it. If administration was not okay with them (DCI and C-jes), then as I argued, DCI and C-jes should have taken action and stopped Cassination’s plans (or even mention Cassination in their official statements about the cancellation). DNBN’s tries to make Cassination a large part of the blame but it doesn’t make it fact or “official” at all. If the official statements didn’t point to Cassination, who is DNBN to say so?

      4_DNBN didn’t attack Cassination? That is exactly what the DNBN article did.

      This is my personal blog and I know that I am not influential. I am not DNBN or any other prominent blog in this fandom. I believe what you said should be said to DNBN instead. What I say on my blog is not even comparable to the damage that DNBN or other very influential blogs/sites do.

      1. 1. DNBN’s post was NOT “a decisive move to blame fans for the cancellation of the concert.”

        DNBN has already explained in the screencap above, Tita Ardiati is DCI’s president AND also the administrator Cassination (a small OT5 site). This particular fan spearheaded the effort to bring JYJ to Indonesia and was picked as the promoter. This fan then abused his/her position as the president of the company to designate his/her own fan site as the “official” one. DCI then proceeded to sell tickets without prior C-JES approval.

        DNBN is pointing to DCI’s lack of professionalism, it just so happens that DCI is run by an OT5 site administrator. Fans can fail in their professional life. That has nothing to do the their value as a “fan.”

        2. It is BEYOND disrespectful and shows an appalling lack of basic decency and compassion for YJ “fans” to chant YJ at a JYJ concert, JYJ media events, JYJ fanmeets, etc.

        In the past 7/8 years, neither Jaejoong nor Yunho have EVER publicly stated they are homosexual nor have they stated they have dated each other. If those two were ever in a relationship, it’s pretty clear they don’t want publicly acknowledge it. So what on earth gives YJ “fans” the right to forcibly out them? It’s their lives and choices and careers, not ours, and certainly not YJ “fans.”

        So I for one am glad that DNBN and others have called these YJ extremists out for their selfish and disgusting behavior.

        3. C-JES bears serious responsibility for how poorly this handled this cancellation. DNBN itself clearly states this in the same post:

        “We believe that C-JeS gravely erred in not monitoring Indonesia closely earlier. It is our sincerest hope that C-JeS will pull its weight on organizing these tours which are momentous occasions for fans. Nonetheless, the above events cannot be excused. ”

        It even explain in the beginning that this post would be one sided because it was explaining the situation around a unilateral rumour:

        “Because this rumor is being spread unilaterally by one side, we want to provide the other side so that you have more complete information.

        This writing is not to argue that the cancellation is the fault of one side or to criticize the other. ”

        4. I don’t trust your intentions. I think you’re deliberately and selectively picking a small portion out of a much longer DNBN post regarding the Indonesia cancellation and blowing it entirely out of proportion because you don’t like that DNBN has taken sides and you don’t like some of the other things DNBN has done and written. In fact I’ve seen you leave random troll comments on JYJ sites that offer no refutation but instead are personal attacks on the admins.
        It’s your blog so you can write what you want but now I know not to ever come back. /Peacing out

  2. @ fannypak

    1. If DNBN was not criticizing or meaning to highlight Cassination for being OT5, then why bring it up multiple times? DNBN explicitly pointed it out that Cassination was not fit to be part of the concert plans because they were OT5. As I already discussed, DNBN focused on Cassination instead of DCI’s ‘unauthorized selling of tickets”.

    2. You missed the point I was making. DNBN’s article pointed to Yunjae planned events as if that was a reason why the concert was cancelled. This is absolutely ridiculous, and has nothing to with the concert being cancelled–unless of course you don’t believe in C-jes’s official statement about why the concert was cancelled.

    3. I also pointed out, DNBN spent only 1 sentence out of their entire article that said Cjes directly held any responsibility. How many times did they say DCI instead? They concluded that DCI was the one who ‘wronged’ fans, Cjes wasn’t even in that sentence. Isn’t that a bit unbalanced?

    4. You don’t have to trust my intentions. I think DNBN deliberately sought out fans instead of Cjes, for what reasons I don’t know. It’s quite surprising you would even notice me, out of the hundreds of comments at these popular fan sites. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog entry and probably will read the response also.

  3. Psh, I bet the ones yelling “yunho!” were the JYJ fans. It’s a event that has Jaejoong in it, wouldn’t the audience be 70% JYJ fans? hahaha.

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