This is what ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH means: JYJ from 東方神起

Jaejoong changed his twitter profile to:


“JYJ from 東方神起”

Thanks Jaejoong for making obvious what your so called “jyj only” fans have vehemently protested. To think those fans spent all their time bashing “東方神起” and now it’s on his profile. Not to mention all their efforts trying to convince everyone that Jaejoong had so-called ‘moved on’.

As if the slap in the face isn’t enough, the laughable conclusion posted at JYJ3/withjyj that gives more credit to fansites for ‘giving’ Jaejoong this ‘name’ (JYJ from 東方神起) is ridiculous. Some even reacted by saying his twitter account was hacked. The reality is, this is Kim Jaejoong himself, representing himself. Take it or leave it but trying to make it something it’s not, is so petty. Do people like jyj3/withjyj regret having cursed TVXQ in every little way?

===== UPDATE

Jaejoong added “always keep the faith” to his profile. Ouch!


3 thoughts on “This is what ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH means: JYJ from 東方神起

  1. What? Jaejoong stated that “Always keep the faith” is a personal motto, (tattooed on his body, OT5 cassies took it and gave it the “meaning” that JYJ will go back, apparently JYJ can’t be hopeful or give a kind word to their former members without these morons thinking it is a “sign.”) and that DBSK is undeniably a part of his life. Never did he say he was going back. JYJ came from DBSK. No one can deny that. So why should he? He can’t pretend it didn’t happen.

    He is now in JYJ and it looks like it is staying that way. JYJ3 never posts any of this rubbish. You probably copied a comment from a visiting OT5 cassie because we are VERY happy with JYJ. They are struggling (and I hate their English album) to establish themselves away from SM/Avex. Deluded OT5 fans don’t give a fuck about JYJ’s struggles. They just want to see 5 guys prancing around, looking pretty for them, without caring about their personal happiness or the exploitation they suffered under SM.

    If any of you followed their problems with establishing themselves while SM used it’s dirty tactics you wouldn’t want them to go back. Avex is the same shit. The artists under both labels are popular so they rely on that to defend their behavior. “Oh, TVXQ-2 and SNSD haven’t filed a lawsuit…they aren’t suffering. JYJ are just being greedy, blah, blah, blah..”

    OT5 cassies are stuck in the past and JYJ (if they ever decide to go back) sure as hell wouldn’t be labeled under SM. They would have another label manage them, but that is only if SM allows them too and they already said no when JYJ tried to do that while they were performing under Avex in Japan. How come no one ever remembers that? It is always JYJ at fault, not SM/Avex right? Those numb-skulls make me sick.

    1. The talk of AKTF and signs is pretty funny… AKTF was present before JYJ split, but it was only used heavily by Yoochun and his fans (OT5 and JYJ supporters) after the split itself… Oh yes, I take that as a sign as well… a sign that AKTF symbolizes a lot of things for many parties. JYJ–as with everyone–knows that they are under a heavy spotlight. Their every action will be taken account of, especially ones in which they propagate themselves. Point in case, Junsu’s tweets to a “hyung” this past winter and Jaejoong’s switch of display names… Hmm… wouldn’t you be wise to choose your words and action carefully so that they would mean something if you knew that the media and your fans were watching you at all times?

      You as a JYJ, non-OT5 supporting person tout that it “looks” like Jaejoong will continue to stay in JYJ. “Looks” is just as hypothetical, just as hinged on faith, as any other interpretation made by a fan of any sect.

      Thus… you speak and believe in as much rubbish as anyone else…

      Also, from my observation, JYJ fans have a difficult time understanding that the past is a moving target. You too are old news. Your sentiments are old news. Your values are old news. But OT5 love itself? That is forever, regardless of how old it may be. Do not confuse news, long-tiime appreciation, and love and support for one another.

  2. @retrokim

    Yes, that’s what he said, it’s his personal motto. Has Kim Jaejoong said that his personal motto and values have nothing to do with reunification or OT5? He hasn’t explicitly said yes or no to that. So please don’t talk as if you are his mouthpiece. You and I, and other fans only know as much as each other. The whole point is he added “TVXQ” after jyj3/withjyj and other jyj fansites have crudely bashed TVXQ.

    Pretty sure we can all agree OT5 fans certainly haven’t denied Jaejoong of his DBSK past. Also, I never even mentioned SME or JYJ going back to SME. Yet you felt the need to explain yourself to me. Is there no one at JYJ3 to talk to so instead you are crying here?

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