Fandom pet peeves: how “dbsk” is used

• dctvxqgall should at least have the decency to drop ‘tvxq’ from its name. They clearly have chosen to support only Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun, and have no problems putting down Yunho and Changmin. In the words of many JYJ fans, stop wearing this ‘mask’. Why keep the ‘tvxq’ at all? Obviously being anti-homin doesn’t make you even near worthy of using ‘tvxq’ in the site name. But go ahead, keep flaunting ‘tvxq’, it’s not like we’re all blind.

• DNBN. See above.

• Referring to ‘homin’ as the two people (Yunho and Changmin) does not necessarily indicate disrespect of their identity as TVXQ. But refusal to use “TVXQ” or intentional use of “homin” instead of “TVXQ” is utterly disrespectful.

• “DB5K” and “TV2XQ” etc. We should never have to add the number ‘5’ or ‘2’ to DBSK. Only DBSK exists, not DBSK + #.

• “Act 1 and Act 2” terminology is widely used by JYJ fans in place of “DBSK”. ‘Act 1’ meaning before the lawsuit and ‘Act 2’ meaning after the lawsuit. Again, terms meant to demean DBSK.

— tbc


3 thoughts on “Fandom pet peeves: how “dbsk” is used

  1. Really happy for them that they still have plenty of die-hard and mature fans/cassies like you :)

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