JYJ3 is Anti-Homin (it’s hard to be real fans of ‘only JYJ’ with so much focus on Yunho & Changmin)

I am receiving a lot of traffic from my ‘deleted’ reply at jyj3’s article so I will clarify myself here. (the original post: jyj3)

I want it to be clear that I did not even speak directly of JYJ. I did not bash JYJ. I did not bash JYJ-only fans. 

JYJ3 posted an article under the pretense of “defending” the 3hree Voices staff writer. But what JYJ3 really did, was bash Yunho and Changmin. I commented stating the obvious and JYJ3 was very offended.

Forgive the lack of foresight to screencap my comment before JYJ3 deleted it. To the best of my memory:


“Right, and this is just an innocent entry to defend the staff writer? If the ‘denigrating’ last line of the ‘article’ was removed, the point of the article can actually be made.”

Following my post, 2 people responded to me:

Person 1:

“only someone with no seems would have a hard time understanding >.>”  [and then that person replied again, correcting their sentence by adding “brainless”.  However since then, the “brainless” post was also deleted]


“No sweetheart, I understand very well that the ‘article’ was meant to defend the staff writer. However, that’s not all the article did.”

Person 2:

“Actually the post was to remind the self-proclaimed loyal OT5ers that felt that the blog poster was denigration TVXQ’s memory by suggesting Jaejoong was a leader that the real denigration of TVXQs name and memory is actually being perpetrated in other arenas. The last line sums it up very well, although I think adding JYJ antis and SME minions to the list would have made for a more balanced post.”


“Perhaps adding a ‘Homin anti’ disclaimer to the top of the article will make it a more balanced post” —> I am positive that I suggested ‘homin anti’ be added to the article.

I tried to comment again but they already banned me within those few minutes. However, it is less urgent if I can comment nor is it even about having my comments deleted.

It is about JYJ3’s brazen intent and glaring anti-homin statements. This was not a simple supportive post for JYJ. This was not a post that defended the 3hree Voices staff writer. This was not a post advising fans to stop bashing the staff writer. This was but a malicious post meant to discredit Yunho’s role as the leader and homin’s places as TVXQ members.

I read the article and like anyone else who read it, saw the backhanded statements. Apparently JYJ3 and those who responded to me refuse to acknowledge the blatant ‘extra’ agenda.

I quote the final sentence of the article to highlight the true intention of JYJ3. If this isn’t bashing homin, then I don’t know what is.

“We ask you to please examine yourselves and come to terms with the fact that the only persons denigrating TVXQ5 are 2VXQ.”

edit: Read [this] translation from the 3hree Voices staff member about why he really deleted his post. I don’t expect jyj3 to apologize for their harsh and false accusations. Irregardless of jyj3’s acknowledgment, the updated reason exists. JYJ3 will jump at any chance they get to take a shot at Yunho and Changmin–even if it means making up shit.

edit 2: jyj3 deleted their false ‘article’. IT MUST BE PRETTY EMBARRASSING. I did manage to save screencaps of the ‘article’. Look at how jyj3 bashed Yunho, Changmin and even fans, with no legitimacy.


11 thoughts on “JYJ3 is Anti-Homin (it’s hard to be real fans of ‘only JYJ’ with so much focus on Yunho & Changmin)

  1. it’s really a lost cause to have a say about this matter to JYJ stans.. because the only opinion they actually accept are the opinions of the people like them.. it’s so sad they they actually close their minds to hearing the other side of the story.. or even just acknowledge that there are people who actually don’t agree to what they write/post or whatever..

  2. what always gives me great entertainment but also calls for great concern at the same time is that such blogs always feel the need to interpret others’ words and actions as if blog readers/”fans” need help… do you have no faith that other individuals can make judgments and interpretations on their own?–and that their judgments and conclusions will be the same as yours? are you too afraid that they will think otherwise and therefore differently? it must really suck to have such a strong bias that you feel like the only way to make others believe what you have to say is to spell it out for them in such a blatant fashion. though the blame cannot be put on such bloggers alone; the blame must also be put on “fans” who are stupidly “vulnerable” enough to blindly believe others… what a shame! but i’m happy you’ve caught them time and time again in their faults babyredocean. although they’ve tried to ostracize you like this, they can’t deny the facts like you said. and they can’t deny that there are others who are way beyond their intellect and bias like the rest of the fandom… what a shame!

    1. it’s not nagging. it’s pointing out what they did. this is a mere observation. they don’t have to stop what they’re doing. like right now, they’re not even acknowledging what they’ve written in that ‘article’. they can continue on, as i will.

  3. This has happened to me as well. Thank you for this post. And thank you for creating a space for the five. You will always be welcome at our place. :)

  4. Yeah, well, we`re pressing on, right? Thank you for saying so. I can`t take credit for the design though!
    Thank you babyredocean, take care ^^

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