soompi dbsk/jyj forum: make sure you are a jyj fan or else!

Just today, I noticed a very frequent forum member has been “banned” from Soompi.

We all know this person has her share of participating, provoking and “not letting go” of fights/issues. She has opinions and states them. Don’t we all?

However, she posts abundantly and is quite adequate at providing updates for everyone to enjoy. Many people (namely, self-proclaimed JYJ biased fans) complain at her, to her and about her. But those people do not provide nearly as much for the thread as she does. Their complaining is probably the most they contribute.

It’s obvious that the thread’s mods favor JYJ biased fans. Does this mean the mods’ themselves are JYJ biased fans? I don’t know that myself but their actions speak very loud. Regardless of who the mods’ biases actually are, the decisions the mods have made have always been in favor of JYJ biased fans.

And now, the mods have actually banned a fan they deem to be “Homin biased”. As they ban this “homin biased” fan, they continue to ignore the equally disruptive behavior from “jyj biased” fans. Again, actions are louder than words.

edit: The member has since been un-banned.


9 thoughts on “soompi dbsk/jyj forum: make sure you are a jyj fan or else!

  1. Their complaining is probably the most they contribute to the thread.

    ^ you’re so funny and spot on! whut r we gonna do with u? u’re just 2 bright 4 these ppl.

    hypocritical people as always.

    glad some fellow cassies can still stand up for the cassie creed.

  2. ahhh.. i agree.. she’s been sharing a lot of good news, videos and all. she does speak her mind. and i dont think theres something wrong with that.. i actually like her a lot.. poor sheila.. thats why i often go to that forum nowadays

  3. Question: How come you only complain about JYJ fans when HoMin fans like Kinki_Lass and me1me2 and niki bash JYJ constantly? Don’t pretend to be an OT5 fan when you only care about HoMin-biased fans and never empathize with JYJ fans. And you even admitted that Sheilapiglet starts fights but say that she has a right to her opinion. Well, JYJ fans have a right to voice their opinion too right? If they’re voicing their opinion by saying they disagree with her, who are you to complain about JYJ fans?

    And I’ve taken a screencap of my comment. If you don’t publish, then you’re just a coward who doesn’t admit to her own hypocrisy.

    1. I didn’t yet have this blog when kinki_lass or me1me2 were ‘problems’ for the thread. This entry was written because I’m most concerned about the current situation.

      Let’s be clear, I’m not complaining about JYJ fans in regards to Sheila. I didn’t even say they couldn’t or shouldn’t state their opinions.

      I’m pointing out the unfairness of mod treatment towards Sheila in comparison with the history of actions taken by the mods. Obviously, JYJ fans or other fans in general can’t actually have the power to ban Sheila.

      I also don’t screen comments, so please feel free to comment some more, as you see it publishes immediately.

      I’m chdairkld ^^. Of course you didn’t disclose your soompi id. But I wouldn’t go so far as to threaten you with your cowardliness (as you have to me).

    2. lol u cant even spell my precious username correctly.but then u only knew 3 letters word in your life dont ya 8D

  4. I agree with this. I was so shocked when she was banned! What’d she do wrong? She shares both jyj and homin news. =[ Stupid people.
    Just cause she gets defensive about Yunho, doesn’t mean she’s a homin fan.

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