6.25 meeting: dc tvxq gallery VS truetvxq

[Chronological events thus far]

  • truetvxq released a translated (English) transcript of the infamous 6.25 meeting
  • dc tvxq gallery posted a 6.25 meeting English transcript too and labeled it “full” and “unedited”
  • dctvxq’s transcript’s left column: a word for word copy of truetvxq’s translation
  • dctvxq’s transcript’s right column: “commentary/summary” alongside truetvxq’s translation
  • dctvxq explicitly avoided crediting truetvxq as the source of the translation
  • dctvxq’s transcript contained a link to the audio file — which in actuality led to truetvxq’s upload
  • dctvxq released a second 6.25 meeting transcript — apparently with their own translations
  • dctvxq’s message with the second transcript: “…compare it to other translations/transcripts, and decide for yourself…do not be swayed by the words of others and use your own judgment…Please give us credit when you move this pdf file”

In short, dctvxqgallery approved of truetvxq’s translation but to remain credible, purposely didn’t credit truetvxq. Their right column “commentary” (reinterpretations of the translation) was a tool to sway fans away from Homin. Dctvxq had the audacity to use a translation from a pro-homin site to turn fans against Homin. Or in dctvxq’s point of view: use a site that is anti-jyj to make jyj fans understand the reasons for the lawsuit. Dctvxq was so panicked fans would read truetvxq’s transcript (there was no prior english transcript) that they resorted to manipulation on all sides.

By distributing the first transcript, it’s fair to say dctvxq agreed that the translations were not too inaccurate or biased. JYJ3 also posted the same “transcript” but magically added their own tag,”credit: DNBN”. They all refused to name truetvxq. Hence, it’s hilariously ironic dctvxq asked to be properly credited in the second transcript.

Further more, many fans who follow dctvxqgall are active advocates against truetvxq. Maybe fans could care less as long as it appears to be ‘from’ dctvxqgall. Are fans (ot5 and jyj-only) really this blind?

This incident certainly demonstrated the power of having the first word and the thirst of those who want to be first.

—————– end note:

First, I’m not criticizing the translations of the ‘second’ transcript. I am criticizing their choice to and manner of which they distributed the first. Dctvxq answered [here] my tweet asking about the first transcript. Of course they failed to mention “truetvxq” in our conversation.

Second, I am not endorsing truetvxq’s blog.

Lastly, why would I even care about how all of this unfolded? Or who am I to criticize anyone? My answer is, fans are easily swayed, myself included. That’s why it’s essential that we discern the information given to us by influential fanbases.

Mentioned sites:  http://dctvxqgall.wordpress.com/ and http://truetvxq.blogspot.com


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