The race to gain Bigeast and international fan support

DNBN and DC TVXQ Gallery have recently announced they now support only JYJ. Bigeast and international fans definitely aren’t incessantly insisting for them to stop supporting JYJ.

So what’s all the noise then? Why do they think that ‘Hotel girl’ rumors are going to seriously convince Bigeast and international fans to stop supporting JYJ?

Give us more credit than that.

Just as they have made the choice to support only JYJ, we can make our choice too (whether it be OT5 or homin or jyj).

We too have brains, we can read articles, look for more sources of translations and for consensus before believing rumors. Don’t treat us as people who just open our mouths and let rumors be fed to us.

Stop screaming war at Bigeast and international (Homin or OT5) fans every single time a rumor spreads about JYJ. Go correct those rumors with that group that started the rumors.

Be rest assured, we are also capable of thinking through things. We will inevitably read rumors about JYJ (or Homin).

If every single time a translation is released from someone other than a ‘pro-JYJ’ site, they go into a frenzy about how they must ‘save’ Bigeast and international fans from becoming convinced…Then it leaves me to think, what do they make of us? What are they so afraid of?

Why must they so aggressively want to address those rumors to Bigeast and international fans? Instead of saying, “Those are rumors”, their messages are more of, “OMG you’re going to stop supporting JYJ, please don’t stop supporting them please please please”.

Why assume we would just drop JYJ like that? It’s patronizing, to say the least.


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