“now that you know the ‘truth’, please don’t support HOMIN or JYJ” agenda

When rumor dispelling sites are opened in this fandom, there is always a “now that you know the ‘truth’, please don’t support X” agenda.

Let’s say the sites don’t have such a motive. They’re just trying to spread the wealth of information to the best of their ability. Information of any kind, even inaccurate information is in a sense valuable to all fans. The reality is, anything ever posted is as good as the truth. That is until there is dispute, discrepancy is discussed, and corrections are re-posted. But the damage has already been done, that twinkle of truth has already gained belief in the minds of fans. The new corrected information then fights for it’s title as the truth. The battles usually ends where the new, more accurate information gains a good amount of fan support. But even then, if the “new” truth doesn’t fit a fan’s bias, its value can be diminished–despite that fan accepting it as the truth.

With that said, rumor dispelling sites present information to enlighten fans. But who are these sites really targeting? Let’s use the example that it’s a site that wants to clear up rumors about Homin. The traffic of fans going there are firstly going to be fans of Homin, who then might pass on the site to others and it’ll reach the fandom as a whole. The site may have wanted to reach anti-fans and prove to them the actual truth. However, the site manages to mostly preach to the choir. After visiting the site both sides believe even more that they are right: the Homin fans see evidence even clearer now and the non-homin fans see how false the evidence is, even more spurred by anger at such a site for existing. Both sides walk away, nothing has changed them and perhaps they are standing even further apart than they were before.

These sites may not reach their target audience (anti-fans) but they do revitalize fervor for the side they do support. The revitalization results with comments from fans stating how thankful they are for the evidence that reaffirms their beliefs. But here is where comments from fans interfere (or perhaps even fulfill) what the site had intended.

Let’s use a JYJ site as the example this time. Some fans will feel the need to use the information at the site as justification for why they can’t support Homin—instead of justification for why they support JYJ.  The tragic reasoning here will lead to comments about how they don’t understand why other fans still support Homin. In return, Homin fans will barely be able to absorb what they read at the site. They’ll instead focus on defending Homin and defending why they support Homin. More discussion ensues, spiraling away from whatever rumor or proof was presented in the first place. The  extreme JYJ fans will read the defensive comments as deliberate ignorance of information that obviously make supporting JYJ the right thing to do. The fans supporting Homin will read comments as aggressive sabotaging of  Homin and their fans. All sides no longer even discussing the information but instead getting at the deeper rift of fandom as a whole.

Perhaps that was the point of the site all along. Or perhaps the site really did want to just share objective information for the fans to decide themselves. However, the latter is near impossible when the site is purely dedicated to one side. Being dedicated to only one side doesn’t mean information posted necessarily bashes the other side but the site doesn’t need to do that, fan comments will do it.

I wonder if we can ever go back to a fandom where fans aren’t preoccupied with dissuading other fans.


2 thoughts on ““now that you know the ‘truth’, please don’t support HOMIN or JYJ” agenda

  1. Personally , fans are free to support artiste/s they love in this case, DBSK, JYJ or TVXQ. Circumtances might have turn unexpectantly the way it is now for these boys. Circulations on facts or rumours are widely seen on websites these days. So called ‘fans’ should use your eyes to read these articles from reliable source and not jump into any baseless conclusions.

    I am not a fan of any Kpop artistes but I do enjoyed their music and stagemanships.

    I got to know DBSK through watching their performances online after reading JYJ lawsuit with formal agency, SME. I came to understand how/why large fandom of this size, worldwide was recorded on genius book. These five youngsters first started off as regular teens who passionately enjoyed music and love what they can contribute in Kpop music scene. I believed these five boys shared their dreams in their music career and their goals in life. They stay and work as one through their five plus years together as DBSK and they come to an agreement that they are going to serve the army when time comes(Yoochun must have love his members and country enough to be able to give up his US citizenship ) .Base on this ,I see that the bond they have must be special and close as they are not even blood related. As I mentioned earlier, they always think as one even they go their separate paths two years plus ago . Circumstances might have change as we can see now, with lots of ugly comments, accursations and fan wars going on.These five young men in their 20s are having a hard time as they have passed their teens and should be in their prime years to have a ‘proper’ income as a grown-up to bring bread home ( Asian family responsiblilty).JYJ will be the worst hit as the lawsuit drags on. Korean Justice ministry should make hearings as transparent as possible.

    Every ‘events’ take two hands to clap . Obviously, there is someone out there to “stirred” their brotherhood bond and what make things this far is some cassie fans actually fall into this designed plot .Truths from JYJ lawsuit will definately comes through to the public (even its not possible after Korean Justice court hearings this March)

    I am impressed by DBSK’s asian manners towards their seniors and also their well behaviors given their young age. All cassies should stop swearing online and enjoy DBSK, JYJ or TVXQ for their music and talents . Your speeches online represent yourself . Why not your parents? Coz, almost all parents don’t teach kids bad behaviors.

  2. i dislike them at the first…..rather than to fall in love with their singing ability, good looking or dancing skill , i fall in love with their humanity….. they’re so real… judging by that, is hard to find any groups that are just like them~

    reading this, i believe that there are a lot of misunderstanding and maybe some of anti fans using this to separated the fans… it’s hard to stop all childish behavior and i just can only pray things would get better for them and all of us..

    because losing such talented group just like DBSK, HoMin or JYJ, is a waste for Korea and the world.. we may create many talented groups but to have a group that are talented inside and outside, is hard to find…

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