And what would happen if we supported all 5?

I guess I am really sad reading such feelings about wishing Homin or JYJ to do better than the other. It’s not disappointment or anger…just sadness.

And really, we can’t make everyone, old fans or new fans be supportive of both sides…and I am still trying to get used to this.

I’ve heard this question: how can it be possible to support both sides? In a small voice I always want to ask, but why must we pick sides at all? (And I have read eloquent, reasonable answers but to me it still does not settle comfortably.)

I have also read that “ot5 fans” are the delusional or blindly following ones. I will say that I do read all the articles posted, all the opinions, all the updates and consider them carefully too. And maybe to some it’s too conflicting to give understanding to both Jaesuchun and Homin.

Tragically, we can’t even test that option (supporting both) with the state of our fandom. We’ll never know what happens if we do support both sides.

I do not mean to put the people who have chosen sides down. It’s become enough for me to know that all 5 will be supported even if by two different camps.

But what if we had been able to support all 5 from the start? How beautiful would that be?


4 thoughts on “And what would happen if we supported all 5?

  1. those who support JYJ, thank you… Those who support HoMin, thank you..Those who support all of them, thank you…

    i have read before on some discussion, it’s not possible to change the all things, if all the 800,000 of DBSK stay together…

  2. so sad…
    i’m a new fans of DBSK.

    but well, since the first time i fell in love with the performance consisting 5 of them. now it seems not right when see them in a different stage. i don’t know too, which side should I support? JYJ, HoMin, both, or what…? personally my favorite member is Junsu. but still… for me it seems not right to be separated like this.

    and after all, they’re crying a lot at their stage. how could i blame any of them or just choose to support one if all of them in pain? :(

    #always keep the faith~! DBSK hwaiting!

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