Homin and JYJ have spoken: Is it enough for you?

This is a time for us to try our best to give understanding to both sides.

It boils back down to understanding that the decision to go or to stay are equal to each other. Neither decision is less worthy than the other. Of course they are in disagreement, obviously standing on two sides opposite each other and feelings are very clearly hurt–but it’s painful because they shared a life together as brothers. I would be more alarmed if they weren’t so hurt.

What I got from the interview was the confirmation that Yunho and Changmin too have hurt very much just like Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong. Many people have wanted to hear them verbalize their hurt and here they are, admitting it.

I was delighted to see that the message of intent to keep all 5 of them together is evident. Both sides at the very least had started out wanting to find a solution so that they can be together again. But time has passed for both sides without resolution, both have now promoted with separate albums and frustrations from being apart create miserable conditions for both JYJ and HOMIN (and fans). I see 5 very broken boys who are trying so hard to live their lives.

One issue from the recent interviews that needs to be addressed before it spreads like wildfire: Yunho did not call anyone a liar. He did not use the word liar. He simply said that to him, no, he did not receive phone contact from JYJ. This certainly disputes what Jaejoong had said–but Yunho does not call Jaejoong a liar. Please don’t put words into Yunho’s mouth to make it more justifiable for you to hate HOMIN. (Let’s be honest, if you were already a non-homin supporter, whatever homin says would be lies, right? Why even read the interview at all?–Did you read it so you can pretend that it’s the reason why you are reacting with more hate comments?) Please consider Yunho’s full response. Just because JYJ said their statements first, does not make Yunho’s statements automatically untrue.

It’s not a “whoever said it first is right” game nor is it a “I already only support jyj so now everything homin says I’ll not even try to understand” game.

Did people expect them to say exactly what JYJ have stated in their interviews? How can HOMIN possibly repeat word for word what JYJ have already stated?

HOMIN and JYJ made different decisions, obviously with separate reasons.

When HOMIN are asked about the lawsuit/current status of 3 vs 2, of course their stance is not identical to JYJ. If it were identical, they wouldn’t have made separate decisions in the first place.


— this is a repost of my comment at soompi.


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