A message to ‘fans’ who can’t see the difference between HOMIN and SM

Ways of thinking change and decisions obviously differed in 2009 but Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho understand more than any of us who DBSK and Cassiopeia have been. Yet some argue that because Yunho and Changmin have kept silent, we can’t be sure if they will respect ‘DBSK’ and ‘Cassiopeia’.

I’ll argue back that none of our boys have ever indicated they would forsake all that has happened to them as DBSK with Cassiopeia. Just as we have been heavily marked with memories that were made with 5 members and 1 united fanclub, they undoubtedly have too.

If you cannot support Yunho and Changmin any longer due to SM’s official 3rd term Cassiopeia announcement, then it is NOT because you believe in protecting DBSK and Cassiopeia.

If you think that Yunho and Changmin want to change and erase the meaning of Cassiopeia and DBSK, then you are “siding with SM”, not JYJ or HOMIN.

“SM’s decisions” are made without you as a fan’s consent.

But your decisions (to not support HOMIN) are your own.

Take responsibility. If you hate Yunho & Changmin, own up to it.  Don’t blame it on SM.


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