our beloved soompi dbsk thread

They say being JYJ biased doesn’t mean they aren’t fans of HOMIN—yet one of their reasons for wanting a separate thread is so they don’t have to see HOMIN related posts. Even non-fans can tolerate seeing news related to any of the boys. I don’t see how they can’t. Especially if they are so hurt that our thread apparently assumes that they don’t like HOMIN just because they are JYJ biased.

But no one even has to assume anything anymore about the  “JYJ biased-but don’t call me JYJ biased-I still like HOMIN-but I’d rather not see updates about them” people. They have clearly already stated who they are.

They further complain that our thread has had too many unsupportive comments about JYJ so they would like a separate one. Because our soompi thread is smaller in terms of who actually posts there, I can very confidently and proudly state that our thread has been the most supportive of JYJ compared to other popular international sites.

And lastly, this person had the nerve to post this today:

forum member (name removed) @ soompi DBSK thread:

“Well it seems that this argument will never stop until they allow JYJ to have their own thread. Count me in on it.

This thread has been so awesome before but after the lawsuit the athmosphere here became really hostile. I didnt really have anything agains HM but after the lawsuit it just became different I think it started from constantly defending JYJ against certain people here before..”

Let me kindly remind this person, and others who are agreeing with her right now, what this person has also said in our thread:

forum member (name removed) said @ soompi DBSK thread:

“…Maybe Jae never wanted it or maybe Yunho really has no backbone to decide on his own and instead agreed to tramp his friend.”

I guess this person forgot they also bash members and not just ‘defend’.


3 thoughts on “our beloved soompi dbsk thread

  1. i’m not sure why such people call themselves fans in any respect… they shouldn’t be in any threads in the first place since they are so fickle hearted. watch them change their minds later on. i bet they’ll just deny they were ever wrong (yet again). i wonder why they know no shame.

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