I refuse to pick between jyj and homin

About JYJ: They deserve everything that they’ve worked for and all they may dream of. There’s nothing wrong with trying to live the life you want, in the way you want. It’s a type of humility that is probably unknown to most of us because we don’t live under the microscope of fans and media. It’s like their album title, a beginning, a break away from what they had established. Even though they now have expressed their disagreements with SM, it was still the environment they called home. By leaving SM, they had to leave a place where they knew how things operated. On the more complicated level, they left knowing the long drawn process of a lawsuit and the arguable shortfall of labor regulations. The unwillingness of promotion by the media is something they must have contemplated before the lawsuit. Because surely, they know firsthand what it had been like to be promoted with SM connections.

They stepped into the foreseeable opposition hoping for a change they feel is right. Fans can try to make this transition work—because unlike other factors effecting the lawsuit, the support from fans is truly up to each fan.

Having said all of that, I would like to convey the same exact words about Homin.

I don’t know how to stress this enough but I want to very strongly emphasize that Changmin and Yunho made the decision to stay because it’s how they want to live their lives. If it means to stay with SM, regardless of alleged lawsuit labor issues, that is their choice. It too, means separation from the life they used to live. Yunho and Changmin have to re-learn how to function in SM as only 2 of them compared to them collectively as 5. Homin start a beginning as well.

Undoubtedly, how SM treats Yunho and Changmin will change. I can’t say this modestly, but our boys have dominated SM priorities since their debut. The way things ran were in their favor in terms of marketing, promotions and even as to how they were regarded as people within company relations. Their status in the company has been inevitably altered.

Some can say it is the company they are already used to so it can’t be that much harder. Or that SM has got their backs so they are guaranteed success. But imagine how it feels: they had made it to the top of their company through years of hard work but now, SM will question the profitability of and direction to take for just two members. That itself, is unknown and challenging territory which has already led to various consequences, most notably the absence of official music activities since the lawsuit. The attention they once received from SM, which in turn promoted them will struggle to regain momentum. They may still be under the media influence that SM has but it is with difficulties that they had not seen before.

But despite all of this, our boys chose to stay. Although they have not directly stated reasons for staying, it can be understood that staying is their belief of how to keep their dreams alive.

It may be hard for many to understand why Yunho and Changmin stayed with SM. Perhaps we’ll never know the specific reasons but I humbly want to state that the sheer power of SM is an obvious factor. Will some say this is selfish? That it is selfish to pick a company because it is already powerful and influential? But is it really selfish or not brave? I think, it is a genuine human quality to make decisions that you see will benefit you. And if that means staying with SM, then yes, they are human too.

Yunho and Changmin see SM as most beneficial to them. And Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun see leaving as most beneficial to them.

As for me, their decisions are inherently equal. Purely based on the fact that they have made the decisions, all the things that come with their decisions, I can look past—because they are who they are and I can accept them, all baggage included, no questions asked.

It is not conflicting for me to support Yunho and Changmin despite SM.

I do not see supporting Yunho and Changmin as contributing to the “oppression” of Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun.

When I support Yunho and Changmin, I am simply and purely as a fan, supporting them.

If I don’t support Homin because of SM…then how can I justify myself as a fan for not supporting them? What kind of a reason is that?

It is not my intent to provide SM with more financial power. I am a consumer but I am first and foremost, their fan.

And yes, it will inevitably support SM but I think the boys, all five, very well know that in order to survive as artists, we buy their merchandise. I’m sure the boys can see it from this view—that we as fans, buy things only thinking of them! When we get a CD or a photobook, we’re not thinking, “wow, I just supported the company!”…

If just to show SM we will not support their “unjust ways” against Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun is at the sake of not supporting Yunho and Changmin, then I cannot and will not do it.

For now, I will continue to support all five. Speaking in fandom words, even if others oppress them, I will not be another force of oppression. Using fandom proposed oppression (boycott) to stop oppression is not the answer. Support is the best we have right now.

It’s so strange to say all of this because I honestly have not changed, no memories feel different to me now, I’m not re-falling in love or re-becoming a fan of the boys…they are still the same to me—but I can see the distress in some fans. Perhaps in my long rant(?) there were helpful thoughts?

I acknowledge you don’t have to be a fan of all five. But I guess, I’m just posting for those who are conflicted because they are fans of all five in this very complicated situation.

— reposted from soompi as usual. in response to questions raised about whether or not to support Homin because of SM’s position in opposition of JYJ.


2 thoughts on “I refuse to pick between jyj and homin

  1. i understand because that’s what i’m thinking too~

    it doesn’t matter anymore because the most important, i will still support and respect their decisions..

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