[fanvid] HOMIN Comeback: i’ll support you

Unconditional support and love is something I thought all of Cassiopeia understood. Yunho and Changmin haven’t committed a crime worth testing our love–why are some people like this?

— edit 05/2011

I had to re-upload this because youtube suspended my other account. But for sentimental reasons, I want to re-upload. Time has passed since I made this video and Keep Your Head Down was a very successful comeback. However, the reactions from November still hurt me deeply. I’ll never be able to forget the insensitive and hateful words said about Yunho and Changmin (even before any comeback footage).

I’m so proud of them.


3 thoughts on “[fanvid] HOMIN Comeback: i’ll support you

  1. hehe~~ me too^^

    sometimes i feel like we’re Ninja, work invincible ~ support them in darkness, unknown yet we’re exists and our power is wow~~ *sound too much*

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