Don’t try to support Changmin against AVEX

To all those fans who believed in AVEX and gloated about Max Matsuura:

1. I want to scream out of frustration at the top of my lungs!

2. I will hold this grudge until the end.

3. Lesson learned? I sure hope so.

4. You’re crying now but some of us already have been. Too bad just a few months ago you shot down our ideas.

5. Most importantly: Don’t try to suddenly support Changmin against Matsuura and Matsuura’s tweets–it’s really, really embarrassing for you!

5a. It’s even more pathetic when you write up all the reasons for why you now “hate AVEX” and include that “AVEX bashed Changmin” — remember how you bashed other fans for even suggesting Matsuura badmouthed Changmin?

5b. Just really, why was it so hard to consider Changmin good versus accepting AVEX as good?

6. I guess AVEX didn’t “cry” for the boys and AVEX isn’t like “heaven” and they just aren’t that friendly, are they?

7. But this isn’t just about how wrong you were about, well pretty much everything (this is about the larger picture).

7a. Next time be a bit more modest in boasting just how right you are

7b. and at least consider the perspectives of other fans.

8. Damage is done but better late than never.

9. You owe yourself an apology for failing to brace for the possibility that AVEX is not so nice.

10. Our fandom is still standing despite your large error of blind belief and in the end we need everyone regardless.

11. To everyone who tried to their best to help the AVEX believers see from another side: Sadly, we were right but personally, I wished that they were right so that the boys would not get hurt.

extra: I wanted to title this “I told you so!” but we’re all fans after all so I refrained.


2 thoughts on “Don’t try to support Changmin against AVEX

  1. actually AVEX were bashing Changmin and theyr the ones who were not ‘playing nice’! but you probably know that by now! so i guess i should be saying… I told you so!

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